The Hell Forest

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Another dream i had inwhich i was attacked in my backyard.

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



Guns shoot off
As the suns sets.
The game is racing off into the darkness
So let the hunt begin!

Hell hounds unleashed howl at the moon
The demons dance around the forest
Which is aflame
As the game tries to escape.

But there is no hope
All of hell's best hunters
Have it's own forest encircled
The game now in the center of it all.

He see's horrors of unimaginable terror
As sinners peel layer after layer of skin
While others are pecked at by hundreds of ravens
He even see's things so sick, twisted, and vile, i dare not write it.

The game cannot hid
He can try
But to only fail
And to fall into the green flames.

The demons consume him
As they rip him apart
Limb by limb
Savoring the smoky flavor.

Suddenly, the sun rises
The demons freeze
Stuck in my backyard
So now i tell friends before coming over to fear the trees

They do not like to be messed with

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