The Journey to Avalon

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My grandfather recently died and this is my experience as i carried his casket to his final resting place

Submitted: September 09, 2012

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Submitted: September 09, 2012



I walk with he who lost his breath

I watch as those who loved him cry

I hold my hand on whose soul now is mine

I burn for I am one who isn't holy in this sacred house

I, who is cloaked in darkness

I cry not for him, who is happy to be free

I feel bad for those who have lost today

I,who never cries for the loss of another

For I know the truth

This isn't the end

Another chapter is waiting to be writen in his story

And I am a main character in this chapter

For I am the guide to Avalon

Where one can finally rest

AsI hold the casket

Holding his earthly bond to this hollow ground

I feel his soul being released

So that his pain may end

And with one last moment

I remember all the times he has lived through

The good times, the bad, and the funny moments

But now his loved ones shall never see his smile again

Even though he smiles

As he floats on

Heading to the final resting place

That we all shall one day drift off to

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