The Last Day of Earth

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Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



She has been finished

Fried and burned to a crisp.

Roasted alive in agony

Quietly waiting for the end to come.

It taking so long 

For humanity struggled

With it struggling to the bitter end

Not wishing it to be over.

It can't be

We have so much to offer her

As we promise our mother

So stay with us

Your children who walk all over you

Abuse you 

From the fruits of your labor

Where we only gain

On this one sided street.

Father comes by

To wash away the tears

That make up most of you now.

So burn now you hag

Freeze in your bitterness at your children

Who lied to you

Claimed to have cared for you

But when you needed them in the final hour

Abandoned you to pursue their dreams,

Even though you want them to

And for them to reach the stars

But all is too late

Now that Mother Earth

Has given up this fatal battle

And so shall we all fall with her

In her mossy arms

That cover us like a coffin

Tucking us into eternal slumber.

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