The pens' voice

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My feelings on a pen

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



My voice is gone

With society ripping at my throat

To conform

To be one of them

To have no mind

Stripped of freedoms

To have someone think for you

To have no feelings or emotions

It is a tragedy

But i havethis pen

Which weighs ten tons

To struggle with

This struggle is worth it though

For i am free

For my voice is heard

For i can truly be me

No hiding a voice

A name or a person can hide

But the voice can echo for miles

Or be heard around the world

This pen of mine

Is my voice

And knows

My dreams, my love, my thoughts

And it can speak

On my behalf

And scream when i suffer

Or cry out of joy

My classmates do not know

They find it weird that i value a pen

But they do not understand

It is me

It is my life

My past

My present

And is ready to write the future

So value it

And ignord the ignorant

They are but fools

Of knowing the difference between gold and a pen's true value

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