The Suffering Within

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Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



I watch from inside

This hollow body that i assume

It dying so long ago,

So full of hope and

Full of promise.

Then they came,


It corrupted the body

Killed the soul

And left the remains to

Scatter in the wind.

I am nothing but shit,

Scum to the scum that

Infect the good earth with its evil.

To lie down there and take

The beating like a sick dog,

A dog who wags his tail no more

For it only brings back painful memories

Of the good old days when he ran free

And no care to worry about.

Alone and unhappy i am

Waiting for the day when peace falls onto me,

But it is hopeless

I will live the last of my days alone




To die a most painful death

And to have the elements rot my corpse

For no human soul would dare to touch my body

Out of fear of the curse that may befall onto them.

I am an outcast,

To wonder this green earth without companion

To see it for what it truely is

As a horrible place

That only kills dreams

Shattering them into little chardes of glass

So that they could be used again and again

To slice at the wrists of dreamers who daren't give up

For they only fail,

Time and time again.

And i am one such dreamer

Who cannot take it anymore

So i scream and scream

My cry echoing,

But only i can hear it

For i am alone in this darkness

Within this head of mine

Trapped for all eternity

To rot away

And to never understand another.

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