To All Those Opressed

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Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Why try any more?

Who gives a damn?

For they care not

At what we say

Or at our poems and writings.

They don't care what threats we claim

As if it were just dust in the wind.

They are powerful

They fear nothing

Including death

And will do whatever they please

'Til they fall harder then Kronos

Did when he tumbled down to Tartarus.

The youth with their claims of 

One life to live

Well, so do we.

But as we whine this to our jailers

They only grin at us

Rising their whips higher and higher

'Til we turn white

And breath escapes our lips forever.

So bear it

Grin them down

For reason is unreasonable

To those with power.

They are blind,

While the blind can see them clearly 

As a symbol of Hell itself.

Only Death is the just

In any and all cases

For he is fair

And kills us all

Claiming us all

Into his boney arms.

So child fall silent

For silence is bliss

'Gainst those who have evil in mind

All hope is lost

As thy minds already made up

With murderous intent in mind.

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