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I am bored, thus I write, I will not be held responsible to any adverse reaction the reader has to this piece. This is my disclaimer. This is to say that, if you develop emotional instability, or stability for that matter. I can not be held responsible. Forgive me for my rambling, hopefully someday it will make sense. I can not be blamed for opening your eyes, making you think or causing your brain to malfunction at ideas that don't agree with your references. If you develop any multiple personalities, personae, characters or imaginary friends. I am not responsible. In short. Don't blame me.

Submitted: May 24, 2007

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Submitted: May 24, 2007



The dredgery, the slow skulking, seemless thread, day to day grind of a lowly working class man. The trudging, the dreadful step of father time, heard through all your years. Not bothering this man, when this man is known as youth, but as these years tread on, growing, older as he seems, in body, maybe in spririt. These steps, start echoing in life, calling forth memories, of a time, a better time. Time, time, time.... A most feared word. An awful rat race, spewing forth the norm. Norm being midlle-class male, with two cars, a wife, 2.4 kids, a house, wife and a dog. The dog and the wife not being related. Thus the dog can not be blamed for any marital inconveniences, unhappiness or fights for that matter.Fights, the reason some people live. The screaming rage of tires, fists, tongues as sharp as swords. Two-sided blade that is. Words hurting, emotional suffering, the crack-down on the spiritual body of a person, disagreeing with the realities set forth in this menial, boring, life that is theirs. Flow the river flow, crashing forth. And the fish swim, the sheep trudging along in this emotional river, that is life. The easiest way to get away from any obstacles, any challenges. Just keep on following the river. The yellow-brick road, laid by the society. The rich inducting the poor, keeping them under thumb. Making them feel like they do have a say, in this aristocratic democracy.It is a free world. Capitalism rules and any man can get rich. These are the beliefs of the uninformed sheep. The mindless mass, that believes what is fed to them, in a world where the press is owned, by the decision makers. The people who control you, your job, your house, they own your voice, your ears, your module of reference. Think for yourself, swim upriver. Get stronger and smarter. Question society, the community.

“It is normal to do it that way.” Why is that normal? Because everyone does it that way? If eveyone does it that way, does that not just mean, that it is the easiest way to do. The least possible way of having trouble. Hard-work, emotional challenges, intelligence challenging obstacles. It is just too hard, so they follow and follow. Never reaching anything, never leaving a legacy.

A legacy, a calling of life. This person was an opinion leader. Not a sheep. Where they went, people followed. The charisma of a persona, so involved in this world. Doing what the sheep dream about. Legacy, generations look back, wishing to be... To be a legacy leaver like that. Old names, men of men, men that has left their mark on this world. Be it in ways that are good or be it in ways that are bad.Doth thee judge? As thee judge, so wilt thee be judged. Judge and jury, the man taking the law in his own hands. Does he really take the law in his hands? Is shooting someone taking the law in your own hands? So the gun is the law and if the gun is the law and we have to live by the law. Is this man then really taking the law in his own hands or is he keeping by the laws and thus is justice done in your eyes, mine eyes.Eyes, eyes are everywhere. Staring, leering, oogling, looking. Spaced out in a timezone of space in a fourth dimension that can not be proven by science in our age of new technology. Proven by the Greeks, the ancient civilizations believing in what can not be seen.

Faith, the belief in something that can not be seen. So our 4th dimension, becomes a faith, a religion, a belief system. Yet another controlling system running through the ages, of gods, godesses, ceremonies, protected, encrypted, secreted, behind these closed doors, darkness fears to wander the earth that has been enlightened.

Hmph, enlightened? By what? The church, mosquee, buildings, trees, statues, mountains, nature, earth, space? The mind is a powerful thing, believing, contradicting, creating what is here, not here, was here. I can see, what is not here, but can not see what is in front of me. My opinions, beliefs, ideals, circumstances, making me blind to the realities, that is this life. This ultimate creation, calling forth a symposium of ultimate uncontrollables, living large. Screaming my name. I am a mountain, a rock that shall not be moved. You cannot control me. I live for me, I live for love, I live cos I am.What am I, this carbonated, elemental mix, subjugated, to the forces of nature. Created under pressures on a world, a world that can support life in a multisphere, a platitude of others not being able to do what has been done. What is my soul, my spirit? How were they joined to this casing?Doth this casing produce which is righteouss. Is there an ideal, a mission which this casing was meant for. Even before it arrived. Why are we here? What are we here for?Questions, Questions, an inquiring mind. Question all. Leave nothing to doubt, speculation/ Know what it is, what there is, why there is.Know, knowledge. Knowledge that gives power, but money is power. Is knowledge then money? Does riches make you clever? No it is not, but you can buy knowledge, knowledge to gain power, power to corrupt. Power corrupts you or the power to corrupt your world, your sphere of influence.You are taught to bow before influence, in your youth. You are not allowed to stand up, to challenge those that have influence. They have the influence and are thus above you. There is nothing that you can find out, learn, that they don't already know.Our societal hypocrisy is SHIT, is is the combination of ages of indoctrination , driven down in generations, spewed forth, the PUKE of out community. Our world, an excremental picture of well-being, the fluxes, hidden in the bowels, constipation the normal behaviourial rights of passage. The circumcision done when you are young, old enough to know that it is being done, but not old enough to stop it. Follow the rabbit Alice, down the hole you go. Into a new world. Of possibilities. Think, do, feel, touch, breath, LIVE.This is not an order, a request. It is a suggestion. Now take your blue pill. And join the salmon, the ones who swim upriver. Yes, this life is hard. The rewards are there to reap. The abundance astounding. Swim forth...Remember little cricket... Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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