I Am Alice, she is Me

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Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Any time I feel like this

I hold my head up high.

And I don't let it bring me down,

Because I know the end is nigh.


There are times I fall and cry,

and it almost keeps me down.

But in the end I'm helped back up

by a face that never frowns.


They've helped me through so many things

They've taught me how to stand up straight.

I've learned from them a multitude

I've learned how to create.


There's times when even melodies

Cannot raise my head

Times wherein I've nothing more

Than bitterness, and dread.


Uselessly I drift through seas

Of endless pain and drought

With only vague, dull memories

To carry me throughout


I've been to your doctors, I've seen your shrinks

I've been told time and again

That I've nothing wrong with me

That I've dreamed all where I've been.


Now I doubt if I will hear

Your calm voice speak to me,

I'm so far gone, so out of reach

So far I cannot see.


I take pills and liquid meds

To relieve myself awhile

But soon I wake, I cannot take

One more baseless trial.


I tumble down the rabbits hole

I am Alice, falling free

Eating shrooms and drinking tea

I am Alice- she is me.

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