Cuisine Of Romantic

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This is an introduction of the story.

Once upon a time, a girl. She was very quiet in class, but the results are very good. Another teenager. Handsome, He cooking tecnic is very good.
A telphone...Change a person.
Next, what would happen to them?

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012




Minamoto Momoko

-16 Years old

- Gets very good result all years. A top student.

- She always show a stink face, so that's why no one dare to speak to her.

- She is a beautiful girl before her ge 13. Her parents divorced since the age of 13, she was not chosen on both sides, she choose to leave her parents. She stay under the bridge of the road. From that day on, she earns money very hard for herself.


Tsukishima Hiyoshi

-17 Years old

- Gourmets

- The Number One Gourmets in the world, Besides cooking tecnic is good, he is also a very handsome boy, his attitude is also very good.

- The first time he heard the sound of Momoko, he fell in love into her.


Fujino Katsuro

-20 Years old

-Minamoto Momoko's stepbrother.

- Lost his jobs, cannot find any job, and no family, no money to pay the rent of house. He became a beggar since that day. He had to find a place to live, he decide to live under the bridge. He met Momoko under the bridge.



Minamoto Momoko and Fujino Katsuro

One day, a 20-year-old beggar, to the Momoko let him impersonating her brother to let her go to school. Momoko wish to go to school, but there is no one help her complete the procedure, she so thankful to Katsuro. From then on, they were like brother and sister, they help each other and earn money together.


Minamoto Momoko and Tsukishima Hiyoshi

One day, Momoko's Phone carelessly forgotten at the sit in Hiyoshi's Restaurant. Momoko call her own phone by using the phone at home. Hiyoshi after work that time. He answered the phone that ringing. He fall in love with Momoko's sound in the phone.


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