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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl recounting her life thus far to a stranger on a website. Not knowing what was to happen only moments afterward.

Submitted: August 11, 2015

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Submitted: August 11, 2015




We gladly welcome you , UNKNOWN PROFILE , to our chatting room. Please remember all rules and regulations as your conversations progress. Revealing your true name and information is highly discouraged. If said information is given or handed out then our site will not be held responsible for the actions that may fall unto you. With this in mind please enjoy and have a warm and friendly time. Any sad stories shared will be removed as will be the user.







TUO: Hey there
TUO: So I hear it's your first time on this thing huh ?
TUO: don't get too hooked. This isn't therapy.
TUO: I'm going to tell you my name, okay ?
TUO: They say I shouldn't so the database won't find out.
TUO: weird the way technology turned out . . . anyways, I'm Emillia.
TUO: And before you ask. Yes, that's really how it's spelled.
TUO:My parents were weird. And also, I am really a female.
TUO: . . . .
TUO: I wonder if you're even on here.
ME: I'm here.
TUO: wonderful, thought I was typing to no one for a second.
ME: sorry
TUO: it's fine. Now, you wanted to hear a story?
ME: that is what this place is for, right?
TUO: right, well . . . I'll tell you a story.
TUO: Though I warn you. After I'm done I won’t be able to answer any questions.
ME: . . . okay.
TUO: Then here we go.

The story starts when I was in high school; the campus was big. Our main building had three floors and was painted a creamy white. It was the last day before spring break was going to start. The air was cool and calm; the sky was lightly clouded and gray. I had been walking with my two closest friends at the time. Their names were Miranda and Ashley. It's funny looking back and realizing how long we were all able to last and stay in contact. We all made it a habit to walk to school together and debate out future along the way. The school day felt short and the sky had gotten darker and darker as it dragged on. I ran across another friend in the halls; her name was Rachel. She told me how she was positive it was going to rain, and that it would rain hard. Rachel hated storms, for the fact that the storms had begun to hold more and more acid and chemicals in them, and so I always took her warnings to heart. The day ended and I waited outside the entrance doors for Miranda. We would walk home together since both Rachel and Ashley had clubs and rides home. Being with Miranda alone was the best feeling I could ever enjoy. She would let me say what I liked and wouldn't mock me for it; I could be myself and she would accept me and even enjoy it. I felt free whenever it was just us. We walked along the canal and I leaned against her complaining of being tired and not wanting to walk anymore. She'd just giggle at me and say I was being dramatic. Only a few minutes past and the rain began to fall; it hissed as it would come into contact with anything. It stung when it touched skin and so we ran to a small house on the edge of a trail to take cover. The house was more like an old shack with what room had been available. The floors covered in what appeared to be sand making every footstep that had been there marked. There was a living room to the left with a large wide window taking up most of the wall, though it lacked actual glass to keep out any weather conditions, it was refreshing. A beaten up sofa lay beneath it, it's original color long since been lost and worn away with time and water damage. On the right lower side of the wall opposite the window was a small doorway leading to an ill equipped kitchen with a yellow flickering light that seemed on the brink of going out. In the left corner of the kitchen was the only other exit, an open door frame that substituted for a back door; it lead to a big, bare open field. We then traveled through the small hallway to find the only two other rooms located in the house. There was a bathroom which lacked a toilet and harbored rats in the tub and a mess about the floor. The last room was a bedroom with a small browned twin bed and a worn out wood dresser. The owners of the house were taking refuge in the farthest corner away from the doorway. They granted us permission to wait out the storm with them so long as we tell no one of their location and have everyone take the precaution of skipping formal introductions. Thus with the knowledge that the owners of the area were comfortable with our presence; we went back to the living room and sat down on the sofa lazily. Within moments our positions switched to a calm warm cuddle; my head resting against her chest as she calmly hummed and pet the top part of my hair. A cold breeze made its way in through the window above our heads nearly chilling us to the bone. I held onto her tighter hating the cold sting while she just giggled at my actions. “ Hee hee hee Emillia the strong and stubborn can be taken down by a mere gust of wind ?” “ I can handle the wind just fine. Ever think maybe I just don't enjoy dealing with the cold when there is a perfectly soft and warm Miranda here to warm up to instead ?” “Heh and too stubborn still too admit she has a weakness in her armor.” “I do have a weakness I can admit to, there is that much.” With that said I lowered my eyes and buried my face into her chest feeling the heat grow at my cheeks. A few long moments passed by but of course, with the mention of a weakness, her curiosity bested her and she began to probe for more.

“ Really ? You've never admitted to one before . . . “
“Somethings can change you know” I gave a muffled reply
“ Hmm . . . I guess so . . . then what is it ?” The question sent a warm chill through me and and I began to panic.
“You want me to just tell you my weakness in a time like this ?”
“ If not now , then when else would you say it ?”
“ . . . Fine.” I sat up and looked over to the hall as I spoke my face growing even warmer and my stomach churning. “ My weakness Miranda . . . My weakness . . . You wanted to know so . . . My weakness is . . . “
“Stop trying to stall, you said it was one you could admit to.”
“ I did say that , didn't I ? Well, Miranda my weakness is . . . you. You are my weakness Miranda.” Her face showed she was confused and didn't understand what I had meant.
“ That's not a really good joke. What do you mean I'm your weakness ? Are you trying to say I'm bad for you ? Is this your way of trying to admit you don't really want me to be your friend ?”
“ No, that's not what I meant at all !”
“ Then what did you mean ? I don't get it.”
“ Isn't obvious by now ? “
“ Well then I'm just too stupid to have noticed ! What do you mean I am your weakness ?” The tensions rising our voices and the fear being replaced with an aggravation that made my already warm blood boil.
“ What I mean is that . . . that . . . Miranda I love you !” There was a silence that followed and the only thing making noise was the storm. My heart was beating so loud I was worried she could hear it , her being only a few feet away. The silence was nearly deafening until she finally spoke.
“ That . . . that can't be. You can't love me. That's not right . . . you're not funny. That's a really horrible thing to lie about.“
My heart fell to my stomach and my eyes welled with anger and sadness. I couldn't believe she thought I was joking. Worst still, I couldn't believe I finally admitted it , to myself either, and I ended up being accused of lying. With that I stood up and I looked at her with hurt in my eyes.
“ I hate lying. But I never lie to you. And I'm not lying now. Believe what you want to. I . . . I have to go.” Before I could really process what I was doing I was already out the back door running to the forest. The rain stung at my face and the cold bit harshly with it, but the pain was nothing to what pain I felt on the inside. I made it to the forest where the canopy of trees protected me from the rain. Oddly enough, Though the rain was filled with more and more acids and chemicals, mother nature continued to battle against it in her own way. Those old trees that surrounded me while I silently cried had adapted with time, and so now once even a drop of the substance touched a leaf the toxin within the water would be absorbed making the tree stronger and the water purified. This purified rain was no longer harmful or dangerous but very beneficial, after going through the leaves it could also purify anything else it came into contact with making the grass and all below it grow fresh and strong. The process also assisted the trees in their fight against lumberjacks. So that when an axes or any sort of weapon is plunged into the wood a toxic sap will ooze out and destroy what ever touches it. Also, leading to how most house are made with synthetic wood based on previous designs.

I had made it a good distance into the forest until I let my legs give out and fall to the ground. The light drops of purified rain falling onto me and blending with my tears making the salty sting fade. I lied there and closed my eyes, after what felt like hours, I could hear footsteps coming my way. I half expected it to be officials coming to take me away to a high monitored prison for being in the forest. It was illegal to be there after all, unless you were given the right by law and had papers to prove it. I had given up on everything and didn't care if they found me lying in my own quick paced misery. Then I felt cold hands lift my shoulder so that I sat up leaning against someone as they pet my head. I opened my eyes and saw a worried looking Miranda, gazing at me with her beautiful green eyes that matched the trees around us. Her brown hair was a mess with small leaves scattered in it here and there. Her pale skin seeming to slightly glow as she looked at me. I realized that she wasn't a figment of my imagination and moved away as quickly as I could. I rose to my feet and began to try and run again but she was to close and caught my hand and held it firm. I tried to yank it away from her refusing to let her see my face as the tears welled up once more. Though, I tugged and fought, my energy had been used up when running earlier and my strength was low, even if it hadn't been, I could never be too harsh with her. I cared too much that I'd hurt her on accident if I ever used my full strength against her. And so, my resistance was futile as she pulled me close and forced me to face her. I still avoided her eyes by looking downward , I wouldn't giver her the satisfaction of seeing my tears over her. But then she did something she was always good at. She surprised me. She pulled me closer and wrapped her arms around me. It was warm in her arms. I still tried to resist against her but in return she held me tighter and put her chin on my head. I've always been a very short person, having been under five feet while she always reined a head or two over me. In that moment her height helped to consume me in a warm unavoidable embrace. Finally, after time passed I gave in to her, my weakness, the one thing I would do anything for or give anything to. The one person I ended up giving my heart to. I gave in and held her close. I could feel her chin leave from my head and then I felt her warm breath on the right side of my shoulder. She put her nose to my neck and then gave me a light kiss there. I took it as a sign of reassurance, and then I let down my guard, I put my pride aside, and I cried. I held onto her and cried hard into her warmth that surrounded and comforted me. She was the cause and she was the answer. She was always everything to me. Finally, I couldn't hold myself up anymore and I slowly slip out of her arms onto to my knees on the soft damp earth. She slowly sat herself beside me and leaning against me. Only a few yards away from us there was a small stream flowing downhill of purified water, so we moved over to it and put our feet in. The rain still came down on us, though the stream water our feet played in was warm with a light steam rising from the things being purified underneath. Miranda let out a peaceful sigh and then stretched, I sat admiring her face as she smiled at the nature preserved around us. Then her nose scrunched up as she became restless in the silence.
“Ah, it's too hot out here now.”
“It's just the steam, lie down and the temperature will cool you off. ” We stretched and then slowly laid ourselves down. The dew on the grass was cool and refreshing after the light warm steam. I let my hands stretch out beside me until I felt hers. I took her hand in my own and she intertwined our fingers.
" I'm sorry, I was just shocked. I really like you too, I just don't know what you'd be willing to do about it."
" We'll do what nearly everyone else does . . . "
"Hmm ? What does everyone else do ?"
" Lie to the public so that they avoid punishment and continue to embrace what they love and care for " The sounds of the forest were quiet and peaceful. The event of dating a person of the same sex who also attended the same school was highly against regulations at the time. It was seen as ill-mannered to date someone from the same school, but to be of the same sex brought even worse of damage to the school's name. The solution agreed throughout our community was that if you were caught showing signs of a relationship on school grounds then one of you would be transferred to a different school. It made proms and the end of school days all the more merry to couples. Miranda frowned.
" Are you sure ? Isn't that kinda dangerous ?"
" if we're caught I'll request that I be the one transferred."
" But . . . You're always saying how your family is so happy you were assigned this school for free . . . Otherwise you couldn't afford it. Then you wouldn't be able to learn from Mr. Stratkins " Mr. Stratkins was pretty famous for being one of the best Teachers in any subject. Though he taught many subjects, all of his students of whom he deemed had enough potential graduated with high honors. I had been selected as one of his students at the time. I let out a long thoughtful sigh.
" Well, I think you're worth possibly losing his teachings. So, it's okay "
We stared at the sky and held hands till the storm had passed and the sun was going down. I walked her home and contemplated the situation at hand. I told my crush my feelings . . . And she didn't reject me after all. When the reality of it all hit me I was both excited and terrified.

ME: is this a forbidden romance Thing ?
TUO: Yes and No
ME: I don't see why you were making it sound so
ME: . . . .
ME: dramatic
TUO: Well, I wasn't exactly finished
ME: A cheesy romance isn't really what I was hoping for
TUO: what were you expecting ?
ME: something interesting
ME: besides two girls having the hots for each other
TUO: well I wasn't planning on giving you all the gory details of my failed love life
ME: failed ?
TUO: would you let me finish ?
ME: fine.
ME: sorry for interrupting I guess
TUO: now, back to where we were

It only took about a week for the school to figure it out. I was the one who transferred and with my move my relationship with Miranda became turbulent. My new route to school and back left me too exhausted and short on time to do anything else. So, I wasn't able to meet her very often when school was over. Along with this my family was infuriated that I would let such an opportunity of being a prized student for a simple relationship. Due to this I was forbidden from going out on weekends and holidays. All that was left were phone calls to one another. Phone calls were no substitute for actual dates or bonding time. A few months passed and Miranda couldn't take the distance anymore. She let me down as kindly as she could. Of course I was crushed and nothing seemed worth living or feeling for. The only thing that kept me from doing something drastic was my friend Rachel, she kept in contact with me out of everyone else, and reassured me through the phone. With contact from Rachel now and again I continued my days slowly. Finally graduation came and I was forced to move out of the house. Rachel and I had been planning on this for months and so the move was quick and the apartment already picked out. It was a reasonable apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A small conjoined kitchen and living room and a tiny porch. We had two other roommates Rachel's boyfriend Devin and Ashley . Devin was an ass half the time and we got in many disagreements over time. However, he was with Rachel and so I bared with him. We all lived together for four long years. Then I got a phone call from a familiar deep voice. It was my family's lawyer Jonathan Spade.

He had been used in the family for years and his visits with me became less and less humorous as our meetings continued. We set a time and a date in order to discuss a topic that he felt needed to be done in person, this was never a good sign, the largest and most visually pleasing park in the downtown area was agreed upon. On a brisk Sunday in December I woke up early and headed to the park, enjoying the scenery along the way. When I made it to the park and sat at the bench we had agreed on I took in my surroundings and noticed just how bitterly cold it was. The air presented the breath I had just exhaled in a brilliant fashion, it was mesmerizing. After what I assumed was an hour or so he arrived with a grim looking smile. We exchanged short greetings and a short discussion of our personal lives and accomplishments we'd achieved since our last encounter. Then finally the mood of our conversation came to the serious topic of his business. He looked to me with sad eyes and said, “ It's good you've kept yourself well all this time . . . but the the thing is, your parents have agreed that you will no longer be a benefactor in their final will and testaments. They are disowning you and too make matters a bit worse . . . “ he took a long pause trying to word it perfectly before continuing on, “the debt you owed to the hospital that your family was willing to cover will no longer be paid by them due to this new development.” Everything went still and I could feel my heartbeat resound throughout the whole of my body, and yet no warmth from the blood circulation could be established. Everything went into a whirlwind as he continued on in his informative legal jargon and regulation. By the end explaining how he also, could no longer represent me from this point on. As I sat there like that of a concrete statue, he bid me a farewell and hoped the best of luck headed my way. Then he left. I sat there for hours till I realized I should go home. I made my way back in a blinded haze, not able to fully process where my feet were taking me or what had just taken place previously. Finally I reached the apartment and walked in to find Rachel and Devin dotting on each other in the narrow kitchen. They only broke from one another to acknowledge my presence only to deliver more unexpected news to me. Rachel smiled wide, the smile oozing with sympathy, “ hey there sweetie, I need to tell . . . “ she stopped to go over to Devin and hold onto his arm as she continued “ WE need too tell you, that we really have enjoyed this whole living together situation but, it's time that me and Devin lived alone. Just me and him and our love, in order to create that family I . . . we've always wanted.” I swallowed and then took a deep shaky breath, “ oh ? Your going to find your own place then ?” I had asked praying she would say it wouldn't be for another few months or so and that she wanted to hear about how my days been now that her news was said. Praying to hear that question she'd never fail to ask every day for the past eight years, the one thing that reassures me someone cares, the phrase that can calm me in the most pressing of times. Instead she winced still smiling, “ heh, well . . . yah see . . . actually, Your the one who's going to need to find a new place. I'm sorry to add onto that but you kinda need to leave today. But hey, it's not totally bad. We took the liberty of packing up your stuff into bags” she smiled motioning to the pile of trash bags in the corner of the living room. I blinked a few times processing this new information, “ what about Ashley ?” this time Devin spoke, “ Ash has been spot on every time when it comes to paying the rent, and if you both left me and Rach wouldn't be able to afford this place. So, she gets to stay while you need to get your shit and leave now. You don't do anything around here and your always behind on the rent. Your practically a freeloader and I've had enough of putting up with you for Rachel's sake.” I felt my blood boil and tear sting my eyes, “ IM THE FREELOADER ?! At least I can keep a job for more than a week. Instead of what you've been doing, lying around the house, not bothering to look for a job or even pick up after your damn self!” the tears boiled over and I could feel a sting go across my face. Rachel had slapped me, “ DONT YOU DARE TALK TO HIM THAT WAY! I love Devin and can support the both of us so he doesn't have to work. You aren't Devin, Emillia. You don't have anyone looking out for you or supporting you. Devin's been talking with me and he's right. You don't serve a purpose. No body cares about your stupid problems anymore. Your not the center of attention anymore ! Your nothing in this house. I love Devin and Ashley has been more than sufficient in playing her part around here. Emillia, I don't love you like I love Devin and in a Comparison of better friend Ashley wins by a landslide. Your right Emillia, your not enough and will never be anything but a waste of time. So please, just get out.” I was frozen in place, unable to keep myself from shaking. Ashley stared at me with cold eyes and raised her voice, “ I said GET OUT!”. With that I ran to the door, closed it, and leaned against the cold wood. I could hear Devin tell her how proud he was and how it was the right thing. I could hear her give a small chuckle and agree, then Ashley's voice was added to the scene. Asking if it had finally been done and once they told her that it had, I could hear a cheer of joy and then Devin suggested they celebrate with wine. I couldn't take it all, I ran back to the park I had met spade earlier. Letting my legs carry me to where ever they could think to go. Finally they stopped at the bench and I collapsed next to it before I could properly sit myself down. I held myself in a ball and cried till my coughing wouldn't allow anymore. As I look over my knees that had been shielding my face from the freezing air, I saw an old man shivering across the path from where I was at. He had only a long sleeved shirt decorated in patches and a poorly knitted cap to fight the cold, his frame shaking violently with the wind while his lips were practically blue. I decided that he needed the trench coat I was wearing more than I had, and so I stood up and walked over to him and draped it over his shoulders, “ there you go. You need to stay warm or you'll get sick” the old man looked shocked but smiled shaking his head, and tried to give it back. I insisted he keep it and that I would be fine with my thin knitted jacket and scarf. He slowly smiled and accepted my gift, then he began to walk away towards the city. I went to the place where I had sat earlier and re curled up into a ball hoping to vanish into thin air. A few minutes passed and I heard heavy breathing a few feet in front of me, there was a young boy running about in only a green short sleeved shirt with blue jeans. He was no older that six years and had tripped in front of my spot next to the bench. I noticed how red his nose was and how pale his skin looked, also adding the fact that he was panting. He was shivering and started his own coughing fit. I stared at him and handed him my scarf, “where's your parents little one, you could catch a cold running around in only that around here.” he smiled at me and before he could answer, his mother swooped in and hurried him away from me worriedly. Treating the situation as though I was the true danger to the boy. As if I was a monster trying to steal him for my own. They left in a hurry and didn't even bother to give me my scarf back at the least, if not give me a small thanks for caring about the boys health. As they left I could feel the myself become even more hallow and it went well with the cold surrounding me. I sat myself down on the bench and closed my eyes and let the sorrow and the cold take over my body. I had no where to go and the last few people I trusted admitted to basically hating me. There was nothing left to do but sit and let my body be embraced by the numbing sting of the winter's wind. Slowly I slipped into unconsciousness and everything faded into a dreamless sleep. I was woken up by warm hands lifting up my shoulders and an all too familiar voice call my name worriedly. I opened my eyes to meet that of the radiant forest green eyes I had once been so captivated by. I told myself that we had finally been able to start a dream again and of course she is there. But as the environment around me intensified I realized I was still on that cold bench in the park. I also noticed my hands and most all my body felt numb and I was shaking as my breath appeared in puffs of clouds above me. Beside me however, was a worried looking Miranda shaking me to wake up trying to reassure me of my safety, “ Emillia ? Emillia, what are you doing here ? oh god,  please stay awake. Don't scare me like this, I-I'll get you somewhere warm and you'll be just fine, okay ? You’re going to be just fine. Just don’t close your eyes. stay awake ” With that last word of urgency I felt myself lifted into the air and carried off. Sadly, I wasn't able to follow Miranda's instructions and keep my consciousness, I slipped once more into a black dreamless sleep. When I awoke again I found I was inside someone's home and wrapped in blankets. The air smelled of incense and the walls were decorated with artwork. Yellow walls with a large window beside the front door and beige carpet all around. A coffee table stood in front of the sofa where I was trapped and wrapped in blankets. Finally, Miranda appeared again, now holding two tea cups in her hands. She smiled at seeing I was finally awake, “ Hey there, how are you feeling ?” she asked with concern in her eyes. “ I-I’ve been better. Where am I exactly ?” “ I took you to the closest and warmest place I could, I took you to my house heh Ta da ~ ” she exclaimed as she gestured to the space surrounding us. Taking pride in what she was showcasing to me. “oh, I umm . . . I’m sorry to intrude “ I responded looking down at the blankets covering me. “ It’s no intrusion at all ! But . . . Emillia, why were you like that in the park ? “ she asked worry remaining the heavy constant on her face. “ I . . . umm . . . well . . . I took a nap and must have forgotten my coat ” The lie slipped out of my mouth as the words cracked. “ You know i can tell when your lying. “ she replied frustration shining lightly through her words. “ I . . . I . . . “ the tears welled up in my eyes and slowly started to fall as my mind panicked not wanting to tell her of what had happened. Not wanting to be weak and vulnerable once more and especially not in her presence. Allowing her to find out and shattering, once more, the image of the stubborn but strong Emillia she had once known. However, the tears could not be contained to light streams. Instead they rained down and sobs escaped my lips along with disoriented words forming the situation i had been through previously before being found. Relaying the facts of being homeless and abandoned by both friends and family. Not having anywhere else to run to and how even going to my siblings wouldn’t prove any worth as to one was out of the country and unable to be reached. While the other had made it clear that she’d prefer to never be in my presence again, as she blamed me for her relationship ending with a man I had discovered to be a crook. I retold my situation and went further and further into my view of finding no reason to carry on or move forward when there was no forward to move to. Somewhere along the line of my blubbering she had retook me into her arms and cradled me. Slowly she moved us back and forth and allowed me to cry into her chest. She was warm and the room’s smell was calming. After the sobs faded to nothing more than sniffles she re-offered me the tea she had made earlier. By the time i took it in my hands it was warm instead of hot, I didn’t mind as i sipped it slowly and patiently. As I drank the tea she smiled and made an offer to me. “ You know, this is a big house and I’d really enjoy the company. If you want to, you can stay in one of the empty rooms. I’ll make tea in tea mornings and can practice my cooking skills on you. I’ve gotten pretty good if i do say so myself.” she smiled confidently giggling a bit afterwards. Then her facial features relaxed and became genuine and kind once more “ You can stay with me till you get back on your feet. I’m always here for you when you need someone, I always have been. You’re not alone Emillia, I still care about and I want to help you. So, would you like to stay here with me for a while ?” Her voice was earnest and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. So i agreed, only after another hour or so of me checking to see if she meant it and understood the situation we would be in. I would live with her and would be unable to pay her back or help in financial matters till all of my debts were paid off and my savings were stable. She continued to insist that she didn’t mind and would still prefer if I lived in her home till i was financially sound rather than out on the street. She wanted to watch out for me and keep me healthy and safe. She made it sound as though I was an injured bird she’d taken in and was caring for till my wings were healed. I finally accepted it all and made a note in my head to make it up to her one day. The days past on and we were both happy with the arrangement, then a week past by in a joyous haze. We sang and danced and painted and enjoyed one anothers company. Then one day while we were setting up the living room for a movie night she began to mention old memories we had shared. “ This is kind of what I imagined our life being like” she admitted as she brought out the blankets while i popped popcorn in the kitchen. “ What do you mean ? I would be penniless and you’d have to save me ?” I asked poking fun at our situation, now that it didn’t sting as much. “ No, not that. When we were still dating in the beginning, I imagined our life begin like this. Sharing a house, watching movies side by side, you being happy for once.” “ Hey ! I was happy when we were younger !” “ oh of course, how could i forget ? with all the smiling and laughing’ she paused with  a mischievous smile crawling onto her face “ that you never did.” she finished with a laugh. “ I smiled on the inside and I was modestly happy okay ?” this made her giggle a bit more before letting out a sigh “ you know, I missed being so close to you. Having you nearby like this. It’s really nice” “ yeah, I can’t exactly disagree with that.” I smiled thinking of how she was right. The light atmosphere was pleasant and reminded me of the earliest days of our relationship, when we were both still in love with one another, before I was forced to let go. “ The popcorns done “ I smiled at the scenes my imagination took off with of us, should we not have left eachothers side. “ I hope we can stay like this forever” her smile softening as though she were actually wishing for something “ Stay like what forever ? “ I ask coming back from my run away movie theatre in my head. “ Us living together side by side being happy” she responded looking at me with pleading eyes and a hopeful smile. “ Well, i suppose we’ll only be able to find out as time goes on, but if I have anything to say in it, I’d love to stay with you forever. I’ve always wanted that anyways.” I told her trying to keep my thoughts from flowing out into a desperate rant of a love since passed and a possibility of ever re-igniting it again in our lifetime. “ heh then it’s settled. you will never leave my side so long as we both shall live !” she declared in her royal mocking voice. “ If you say so your highness “ I responded playing along with the act and giving a polite low bow. I then brought over the food and we cuddled as the movie continued on. More days past by and with each day more things as such were said. Also with each passing day the closer, within physical affections, were displayed. More hugging and cuddling and friendly pet names. Until one night it happened. We had set up the back porch of her house with chairs and blankets and hot tea in order to watch an incoming meteor shower, all of the previous ones i had missed viewing in my past. Bright white christmas lights were strung along the rafters of the gazebo as we turned off all the other lights in the house. We sat side by side holding one another’s hand in anticipation for the shower to begin. The conversation light and casual lacking and specific  memorable topics that have stayed with me. Once the shower started I couldn’t help but look at her and her soft lovely features as she smiled in wonder and contentedness. After a few moments passed she looked to me and caught my stare, and instead of questioning me or looking away she stared back. My heart skipped a beat as our eyes gazed into each others. She then slowly moved closer and leaned over to me and before I was fully aware of what had begun we were wrapped in each other’s arms in a passionate kiss. Once aware of the situation I didn’t end it, instead I continued to hold her and kiss her and embrace each touch gasp and giggle that she sent to me. My body on fire and my heart beating faster than i thought it was capable. It didn’t take long before it had escalated and we were placed in my bedroom, clothes no where to be found, and the sheets loosely draping the both of us as we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning I had awoken to find her smiling at me lovingly, the sun casting a warm and soft light upon her. It made me question whether i had woken up at all from my dreaming state. I petted her arm gently to find she was tangible and warm. Our conversation from there consisting of the events from the other  night and what exactly “ it meant” to us both. She admitted that the feelings of long ago had creeped their way back into her heart as well as mine. The next few days preceding that were heavenly. I was filled with happiness and warmth again and a new striking fire to find work and become stronger if only to play a better role within our relationship. But those days didn’t last long. It was only five days after the meteor shower that she said the phrase in return to mine. She said “ I love you ” back to me once more. Then two more days of bliss past till an unexpected . . . an unforeseen event came and brought reality back into my life. That morning had started wonderfully, we had woken to one another again sharing the same bed. I had made breakfast as she took a few more minutes to wake up completely and join me. We ate and then planned out the day full of outdoor events and activities. It was a long and cool temperature day as we went about. We came home around sunset and set out the groceries we had chosen for dinner that night. In the middle of melting butter on a pan as she chose music to play in the background the front door opened and a scream of pure joy erupted from Miranda’s lips. There was a tall muscular man standing in the doorway with two very large bags at either side of him. He smiled as he caught her as she jumped into his arms. The embrace was long and in appearance over do. Then he tilted up her chin and kissed her. My body froze in place as she returned the gesture with more eagerness than I wished to have witnessed. My mind was in a panicked haze as to what was taking place in front of me. I couldn’t fathom in the slightest what had interrupted my own person little utopia. It was obvious Miranda knew the man intimately as their kiss continued on. He displayed short cut black hair in need of a wash and was a good four inches taller than Miranda. When they separated there were many offerings of “ I cant believe your here” “ I missed you so much” ” dont scare me like that again” “ Welcome home honey”s and “ I love you” s through tears were said. I suddenly felt like an odd puzzle piece out of place. Miranda finally looked to me and a mask of horror and guilt spread across her features. I took a breath and put on my best smile as I walk over to the new stranger before my eyes and introduced myself “ Hello, my name is Emillia, and you are ?” The man smiled taken back by my presence but not upset, “ Hello Emillia, I’m Kenneth Lawrence, Miranda’s long lost fiance ha ha ha “ he laughed merrily as he kept an arm draped over Miranda’s shoulder. “ Oh ? Is that right ?” I asked trying to keep my emotions from showing. “ Yes indeed, You see I’m a photographer and my last job was . . . lets say risky. I ended up getting lost in the arctic wilderness away from my team. But I managed to find civilization again and stay with some very nice people. Took me nearly a over year now to get on a plane back here after I was able to make contact with my crew. I guess they gave up the hunt for me after a few months and assumed I was dead. But I’m finally home now.” With that last bit he kissed Miranda’s forehead. She had closed her eyes and leaned into him. “I’m home now.” he repeated again in a softer more pledging tone as he held Miranda tighter to him. “ ah, I see. I’m glad you’re safe then.” he made a face as he reached for Miranda’s hand and saw the ring that matched his wasn’t there. “ you took it off ?” he asked hurt in his voice “I . . . I had to. I couldn’t take the reminder that you weren’t here. that you weren’t coming home. I just couldn’t take it.” an understanding smile crawled onto his face, “ Do you still have it or shall we buy a new one ? “ “ I . . . I had almost gotten rid of it. I was going to throw it into the river by the park but . . .” That was when she raised her head and looked to me through watery eyes “ I didn’t. I ran into Emillia and forgot about why I went to the park to begin with “ an apologetic look was displayed on her features. “Then I suppose I have to thank you for that Emillia. So, are you just visiting my beauty here for today or ?” “ She was worried about me so she wanted to stay here until i was better. She was taking care of me while you were gone. “ Miranda replied before I was able to say anything “ I had her stay in our old room so that I would be able to go in there without crying” she explained to him. The new information hitting me with a fresh blow as she continued on. “ ah, well thank you for the obvious work you have done for my beloved. I’m home now though, so you don’t have to worry anymore. You can feel free to move over to our extra room if you’d like before you have to leave completely. I’ll be happy to just stay in my house and sleep beside my beloved here again.” he beamed. “No, that’s alright. I should leave you two alone to catch up after all. Goodnight to you both I hope you’ll forever be happy in each others company” I responded as I swiftly grabbed a coat and headed out the door. I walked to the park to that bench she had found me on. I sat down and took a deep breath before I allowed myself to cry. My hands covering my face as the tears slid through my fingers and fell to my lap. Somewhere along the line I felt another presence but didn’t care to look up, I knew it would be her. I couldn’t take the thought of seeing her face again. She spoke softly and gently place her hand to my back “ I’m so sorry Emillia. It was a mistake to have you believe that I loved you again. I just . . . I missed him. I missed him so much. And you were hurting like I was and so i thought . . . I just thought. I’m sorry that this had to happen. But . . . but I loved him. I’ve always loved him. I never stopped loving him. I wanted to be loved again and you were always obvious when you had someone you showed an interest in. I . . . It was wrong of me to try and have you take his place. It was wrong to lead you on in the way that I had but . . . but I do care about you still Emillia. Really, I do. I want you to find happiness as well. I’m sorry Emillia. I am so so sorry. I know how you are with people helping you but . . . Emillia let me give you some money. please ? You don’t have anywhere to go and i can’t have you out on the streets. Let me pay for a hotel for you for a week and a little extra money before you decide whether you wanna come back home. You don’t have to leave me. I want you to stay and keep what we had before . . . before it had gotten a far as it did. Things were nice, weren’t they ? Just . . . Dont forget you have someone who cares about you and you have a place you can go back to. Just . . . not a person you can go back to. I love you Emillia and I care about you, okay” I wanted her voice to stop. I wanted each word and syllable to end. So, I nodded my head in response to whatever she had been telling me. Just to make it stop. Make the scorching of each word seace to a burn. She walked me back to the house in silence and we both got into her car. She drove me across the bridge that went over the river to a hotel that sat on the other side facing the park. She checked me into a room with a view of the river and the park, it wasn’t her intention, but it was visible nonetheless. It even came with a computer to type into and a fully stocked bar. Now, I’m pretty buzzed and not sure what else to say. thank god for spell check maybe ? Heh, that’s it this is the end. Well, my end. I don’t have anything else to say but goodbye.

ME: that’s all ? 
ME: hello ?
ME: what kind of story is that ?
ME: hello ?
TUO: goodbye







‘Well, that’s that. No one would answer my calls so I had to leave my crummy story to some random person who probably doesn’t give two shits. What to do now ?’ Emillia thought to herself while finishing the last drop of liquor left in the bottle she held loosely. She was filled with a bitter amusement at the fact that none of her family members would answer her phone calls and that she only got the new answering machine message when she called Rachel and Ashley. All of their voices were on it; Ashley, Rachel and Devin all saying how they were sorry their happy little family didn’t get her call and to leave her name and number after the monotone beep, And she didn’t dare tempt the the possibility of bringing Miranda back from her true lovers ever so warm and loving arms. Before Miranda had left she made sure that Emillia was in pajamas and rested in bed. So now Emillia wore a long sleeved cream colored button up top with long pants made of soft silk with the hotel’s label sewn onto the right breast pocket of the top. She laid back down upon the bed and pondered what to do. She decided on having another drink and going for a walk outside as it began to slowly drizzle. She didn’t bother to put on shoes or a jacket. She even left her key to get back into her room on the table beside the bed. The only thing she brought with her was a small bottle of miniatured wine from the refrigerator. She walked outside onto a path that lead to the bridge but stayed away from the traffic of the street, A scenic route meant for tourists. She walked the path in the cold windy rain and smiled at the sky. ‘ so you feel like crying too, huh ? I’m glad I’m not alone.” she thought as she blinked away the burning liquid that kept hitting her. The cold kept her numb to the sting that the drops would have other wised caused. She walked up a ramp that lead to the side railings of the bridge and stared out in front of her at the dark clouds. She wasn’t really thinking as put down the bottle and climbed onto the railing and held onto a metal cable to continue looking out into the beautiful storm in front and all around her. She slowly looked to the right and even through the rain she could see the bench where Miranda and her had last sat as she apologized to Emillia. Emillia smiled as tears reformed in her eyes. She could once again hear Miranda’s words as though she were sitting on that bench in front of her again “ I’m sorry “ Then even more voices began to flood her ears as she stood looking at that bench. The voices of her family saying how they hated her or didn’t care what was going on. How they didn’t want anything to do with her, how her parents didn’t want to see her again. How she was no longer their daughter. Once their voices softened it was the fight that Rachel had with her. Rachel yelling about how she didn’t matter anymore. Rachel didn’t love her and how Emillia hadn’t been doing her part. How Devin’s unemployment was more accepted than hers was. And that last yell Rachel had made to her “ I said GET OUT!” it kept ringing and ringing in her ears. Then they all flooded at once. Miranda’s apologies, Rachel’s shouts, Spade’s best of lucks, and her families disappointments in her. All shouting in an unmanageable chorus with twisted harmonies. Emillia began to sob harder and her sobs shook her to the core, yet she held tight to the metal cable in her hand for support. Then there was nothing but the dieing of the rain. She remained there for a few moments as she calmed down. The blood flowing through her felt warm and seemed to only miss her wet feet and nose as she stared out at the water. She couldn’t feel much. She wasn’t cold at all aside her nose and her feet. ‘Why am I  holding on to this cable again ? So I don’t slip ? Why would I stop myself again ? Should I stop myself ? No one cares anyways. They’ve all made that pretty clear by now. I’m nothing. Just a disappointments. Let’s stop fighting what everyone wants. Lets just’ she took a deep breath as she stood taller ‘ let go’ she thought as she released the metal cable she had been holding onto to keep her balanced. She closed her eyes as she leaned forward and fell through the air. The fall was shorter than she had expected. It didn’t hurt as she made impact with the icy cold water and floated underneath it’s waves. Unsure of wear up was. Her lungs burned as she opened her eyes to find it was no different then when her eyes had been shut. As her heart slowed to a stop the last thought that echoed in her mind was simply ‘ I’m all alone ’.

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