Don't wanna love you.

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The best thing to do when wanting something you can't have is to remind yourself of why you can't have it..

Submitted: June 18, 2014

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Submitted: June 18, 2014



I can see this being a long term pain
One of those, we ended up taking a wrong turn pains

I can see this being more than a fling type thing 
More like midnight rows and over thinking

I can see this, knocking on the walls of my heart 
And once it's in there's no easy way for the two to part 

I can see this, digging a hole for me to mope in
A hole where I can wallow where no one can ask me how I'm coping 

It's going to take a moment for me to let this soak in and realise that, this is really happening..

Maybe I want this maybe I'm just panicking I just don't wanna rush and find out I can't handle it 

I can see this, I see it being so different 
What will people say and what would people wish for us

I know I know, that I'm over- thinking now 

Would be less confusing if I could take my guards down

I don't want to reassure myself, that I'm not being played 
When it's usually me that's playing all the games 

I don't want to be beaten at a game that I'm better in 
I don't want this love, to taste like my own medicine 

I'd rather be sick, and i'd rather suffer a loss because see me, once I start to love I never seem to stop

So let's not start, let's shut it down let's keep it so that it's easy because it's gonna be a ride that you'd wanna come off of believe me

Then you'll say it's me who turned our fire cold, when us ending up apart is a story once foretold....

I don't wanna love you- I've done it in the past. It's happened to many others "same script, different cast" it's a tragedy that lingers like a cremated hatchet it's a habit I want to eradicate for good but the fact is

This love is too messy, to put you through 
So don't take it to heart, but I can't love you.

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