Rose Well

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Home is where the heart is, especially if you had nothing in your heart or in your head. Lost your memories, trapped in an unknown place, surrounded by creepy individuals. Everyone wants to go home
in this kind of situation

I guess everyone wants to go home before they die

Submitted: August 25, 2018

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Submitted: August 25, 2018




The light is blinding me. Ironic, considering the fact that light is supposed to help humans see. My eyes are blinded, my ears are cringing, my limbs feel numb and my head is all fuzzy.

What is happening?

I try to recall what happened earlier but it is really hard to think when all of your senses are blurred. I am in a state of confusion until suddenly-


My ears detect a noise and the only word to describe it is ‘peculiar’. It sounds weird, as if it does not come from a human, but it also sounds more like a language rather than animal noises. It is high-pitched but somehow coarse at the same time.

As hearing returns to my ears, I try to figure out what is going on. It proves to be useless as my eyes are not adjusted to the bright light. I try to move my arms next, but it is impossible, as if my arms are bounded or strapped to something. Come to think about it, I feel something broad and flat on my back. It could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal but it does not matter because I hear another sound:


Before I can even comprehend who or what made that noise, I feel a sharp pain on my head, as if a needle being injected there, and before I know it, all the lights suddenly disappear.


“Hooray! Dad is home, sis.”

“Dad! Look! Look! I got the highest score in class again.”

I see two children are running towards me. One is a boy with glasses who keeps smiling at me. A gap can be seen between his front teeth every time he smiles. The other one is a girl with a short black hair. She is holding a piece of paper that she wants me to see so eagerly.

Wait, I remember now. These are my twin children. Memories start flashing in my mind as I try to remember their names. They are Theodore and Susan. Both of them have just started enrolling in primary school. Not just their names, their cute smiles and sweet memories also appear. Oh, how I cherished those moments, especially the one when I gave them presents on their 7th birthday. Their happy faces just keep filling my thoughts until- 

“Trast the sett!”

Suddenly, I hear a different voice. It sounds nothing like Theodore or Susan, or even a human for that matter. That’s when I remember what happened before I fell asleep. The voice sounds quite similar to the one before but it is definitely different, which means there is more than one person who “kidnapped” me.

Once again, the light is blinding me. Fortunately, I manage to get a pretty good idea of what is going on. I am lying down on a metal surface with my body and limbs strapped to it while my mouth is muffled. The metal feels cold to my skin, which makes me realize that I am not wearing any clothes right now. However, none of that matters right now because I hear the voice again.

“Sett eno!”

Without any warning, I feel a sharp pain on my left arm, as if a needle is being injected. Then, something sharp makes contact with my other arm. Thankfully, the pain is light but my mind is still filled with panic, stress and most importantly: horror.

What is happening? Who are these people? What are they doing to me? Where am I? How did this happen? Have I been kidnapped? Is this some kind of government conspiracy? Why am I chosen to become a test subject? What happened to my family? My children?

I want to meet them. Let me out of here. I want to go home.





After several minutes of slight pain, everything suddenly stops. The sharp pain is gone, and I am finally able to relax a little. Though I am still feeling anxious, I try my best to find out what is actually going on. Trying my best to ignore the blinding light, I move my eyes to investigate.

Firstly, I try to identify the people who “kidnapped” me. I see about 4 or 5 individuals standing around me. All of them are tall and seems to be wearing some sort of white suit. Unfortunately, I can’t see their faces properly due to the blinding light that keeps pouring from above.

Next, I make an attempt to look around the room. All I see is a grey wall around the entire room. There are no windows or any decorations anywhere. The door is nowhere to be found, so I assume that it is just out of my viewing range. I also spot a desk with knives, forceps and dishes beside me, which end up making me feeling even more anxious. The weirdest thing about this room is that the wall does not seem to be made out of bricks, but instead it was made out of a metallic material.

“This place doesn’t seem to be a basement, or even a building for that matter,” I thought.

“Sett tow!”

Out of nowhere, the same voice can be heard again. I expect them to continue injuring my arm or other limbs but instead they remove the cloth in my mouth and shove a plier-like object in. Out of nowhere, they use the plier to grab my front teeth can pull it out forcefully.

The pain makes me want to scream but I am unable to. I can taste the blood leaking out from my gum, but that does not stop them. Then, I see one of them holds a needle and inject it into my arm.


I have another dream. This time, I see myself sitting alongside my children and a woman at a dinner table. The woman appears to be around 30 years old and looks beautiful despite her age.

“How’s the food, honey? Is it good? This is the first time I tried using this new recipe,” said the pretty woman.

“Off course it tastes good, mom. Brother and I helped you after all,” Susan replied.

Honey? Mom? Those words successfully jog my memories. This pretty woman is my beloved wife. Her name is Anne, and I remember it as bright as day. I also remember the first time we met at the gym, our first date and kiss at the top of a hill, our wedding, and our honeymoon in Paris. All of these sweet moments just got sweeter once I looked that the “new recipe”. It was my favourite food, mapo tofu; a famous Chinese delicacy. It has a spicy taste but also comes with a pack of deliciousness.

Unfortunately, before I can enjoy the taste of my food, I am thrown from dreamland into harsh reality. I thought I will be welcomed by the blinding light again, but instead I am locked inside a prison cell. I am surrounded by cold metallic wall with only one side with a door.

I realize that my clothes are still nowhere to be found. In addition, I discover numerous scars all over my body. A few of my teeth are gone and I lose 4 fingernails and 3 toenails.

“My…my nails… my teeth…what did they do to me?” I ask. Horrified, my hand unconsciously touches my head.

Just to add more to my misery, I find out that a part of head is completely bald, as if a portion of my hair has been ripped out. I could not stop feeling anxious until-


Once again, I hear another sound, except this time it comes from my stomach, I am starving. Maybe it is because of the dream, but I realize that I probably have not eaten anything for over a day since I was “kidnapped”. Looking around, I discover a plate of food beside the door. I immediately move to investigate it. From what I observe, there are no other words to describe the food other than “bizarre”.

There are three types of food on the plate. One looks like a mashed potatoes but it is blue in colour. The other one looks like a piece of meat but its texture feels like a slice of bread. The last one looks like an apple but it shape is like a kiwi and has spikes all over its skin. Being cautious, I decide not to consume any of them. Luckily, there is also a bottle of water right next to the food. After testing the water by smelling and tasting it, I believe the water is safe to be drink. I immediately drink the water and leave the bottle empty. Thankfully, the water tastes normal.

Then, I start to look around the cell, trying to gather as much information as I can about my current situation. Outside of my cell, I see another cell right in front of mine but it is empty. I also see a sign attached to it that has the word: JEBCTUS III.

There is also another cell right next to it. The other cell also has a sign but this time it has the word: JEBCTUS I. After thinking for a moment, I conclude that the symbols I and III symbolize the number 1 and 3 since it looks similar to the Roman symbol of numbers. Since I am not put in JEBCTUS I cell (a.k.a. the first cell), I conclude that there is more than one prisoner being held here. This assumption makes me feel a bit relieved and horrified at the same time

However, those feelings are immediately cast away after my stomach growls again. Even the disgusting looking food starts to look tempting, but my anxiety keeps holding me back. Since there are no other choices, I decide that I should just sleep to preserve energy.

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as I thought. My mind keeps thinking about the previous dream. The delicious food on the table just keeps lingering in my mind. Not just mapo tofu, images of steak, rice and chicken also keep swirling in my head.

Unable to endure this anymore, I rush towards the plate once again. I try to taste fruit-like one first but before I can take a bite, my ears hear the sound of footsteps.

I immediately retreat to the corner, trying to hide myself in an open space. It is just as futile as it sounds, as the source of footsteps arrived in front of the cell while staring at me. There are of three of them. Just as I saw before, all of them are tall. They are towering up close, and one of them may be above 7 feet tall. They are also still wearing the same white suits that I saw before, though none of that matter because for the first time, I am able to take a glimpse on their face.

Even in an anxious state, I brave myself to look at their faces. Their towering figures are nothing but menacing, but I brace myself and look above. I get a good glimpse of their faces and-

I immediately turn back to the corner, refusing to turn my head back. I scratch and knock the wall repeatedly, trying to escape. Tears flow once again from my eyes, while my mouth is unable to scream.

What are those horrifying creatures? Those things are not human!

Their faces are the scariest thing I have ever seen. I would rather live in a haunted house than staring at their faces. Their eyes are as huge as apples and look like fish’s eye. They have a wide forehead but a small jaw. They do not have any facial hair. Instead, they have folded cheeks and bald heads. They do not possess any nose but I saw a pair of nostrils on each of their face. Overall, they look anything but friendly.

I want to go out. Let me escape. What do these creatures want from me? What did I do wrong?

It is such a horrifying sight that I start to act hysterically. Scratching the wall furiously, I try to find an escape route out of desperation. My mouth cannot do anything except scream loudly as if it is the rapture. It is a futile effort as one might have thought, as my current situation has not gotten any better.

After a few minutes, I realize that those creatures are gone but their horrifying faces still exist in my thoughts. I cannot think of anything else other than trying to escape this cell. My eyes wander around everywhere to see if anything can help me out. In the end, all I find is a spoon besides the plate that those creatures gave to me.

However, out of desperation, I use the spoon to dig an escape route. I scratch the wall and the floor repeatedly using the spoon. While it may seem useless, I am too desperate to rely on anything more practical. So instead of thinking rationally, I just rely on the facts that I learnt from fiction, specifically about a movie where a criminal escapes the prison by digging a hole using a spoon.




Time passed, just as God has planned and intended. Oh, how I wish I can plan and control my life as freely as God does.

The hopeless reality continues to no end. I have already lost count on how long I have been experimented and tested. My skin is cut and grazed every day alongside my body hairs. The blinding light is not a stranger to me anymore. Even their peculiar faces are no longer alien to me. Luckily, my private parts are never violated (they touch it once in a while, but nothing over the top).

My body gets thinner and thinner. The “supposed to-be escape route” is just as hopeless as my chance to escape. Even the sun will burn out before I can make a dent on the wall.  I guess this is what happens when you believe too much in fiction.

I have dreams about my family again and again. Not just dreams, hallucinations are also a common occurrence. A same dream repeating itself is not a stranger either. Especially the “family dinner” dream. The food always changes from time to time but the scene usually have little to no alteration.

Damn it. Why do I think about food again? Speaking about food, the kidnappers keep serving the usual bizarre foods. They switch it every day, likely to avoid food spoilage, but the food already look spoiled to me in the first place. However, they start to look more and more tempting each day. I am so hungry that anything start to look tasty, those dreams and hallucinations are definitely to blame.

Right now, I am sitting in my cell. It is strange but for some reason; those kidnappers have stopped doing any test on me for a while. Maybe it is because of my current skinny figure or my constant exhaustion. Speaking of exhaustion, those food look really tasty right now. I have not eaten for days so even those disgusting foods start to possess the taste of delicacies.

I cannot take it anymore, so I reach out my hand towards the plate. I take the “fruit” first and slowly put it inside my mouth. I take a small bite to make sure the taste is alright and-

It’s tasty.


Contrary to its bizarre appearance, it tastes nothing but delicious. It has a sweet taste while also containing a little bit of acidic taste. It tastes like lemon but with an addition of honey. The sweet and sour taste mixes perfectly to create an ultimate balance of deliciousness. Come to think of it, I realize that the “fruit” also has a nice smell. I immediately take a bigger bite, then a bigger bite, then another one, until the “fruit” completely vanishes from my hands.

To keep the momentum going, I turn my head to the next meal; blue “mashed potatoes” and “meat”. Unlike the last time, I immediately take a big bite out of the foods. Once again, I am shocked by the delightful taste of these foods. The “meat” is so tender and easy to chew. It taste resembles a high quality beef. Its sweet and tender taste matches perfectly with the “potatoes” to create a purely satisfying result. In less than a minute, those foods are safe, being hidden in my belly.

Although my stomach is finally full after a long time, I cannot help but to feel anxious on whether the food are poisonous or not. I try my best to be optimistic and believe that my kidnappers would never want me to be dead.

“Lifalny, eh aet it.”

My eyes widen, my body paralyzes and my full stomach suddenly feels empty again. The kidnappers have returned, alongside the familiar voice. I still never get used to this scenario even after all these days. However, I do manage to be brave and prepare for anything they will perform on me.

Instead of strapping me on a bed like usual, this time they strap me on a chair. My head, limbs and body are all bound to the cold metal chair behind me. I close my eyes. Preparing to brace for any new tests they want to perform on me. I expect them to bring heavy, metallic tools like they usually do but the violent tools never arrive.

I slowly open my eyes to find out what is happening. All I see is a person in a white suit crouching. While its face is covered with a mask, I can see that its face is staring directly to my knee while its left hand is holding a piece of cotton using a pair of forceps. This person appears to be shorter than the one I saw at the prison cell albeit a little.

While I am anxious on what it is up to, I am relieve that I do not need to look at its (definitely) horrifying face. I observe it curiously, and it appears to be just a curious as I am. It stares at my knee intently as if it is studying. That is when I remember that there is a big scar on my right knee which is pretty hard to ignore.

The unique thing about this particular scar is that I got it before being trapped in this situation. It is the result of severe burning when I accidentally hit my car exhaust tube. I assume the person in front of me is curious as to where it came from since the “kidnappers” are not the one responsible for it.

While it is looking at my knee, I am curious on the forceps that it was holding tightly. It looks like as if the person is going to treat my wounds using it but nothing happens for the last few minutes.

Then, as if it is reading my mind, the person in front of me caresses the scar with the cotton it is holding this entire time. The other scars and bruises on my limbs are also touched by it. As the cotton touches my legs, I realize that the cotton is slightly wet, as if medicines were put on it.

I watch the person in front of me keeps doing the treatment curiously. It rubs my scars using the cotton softly, while replacing the used cotton with a new one. The entire process is done carefully as if this person is an actual medicinal expert like a doctor or a nurse.

The “treatment” lasts for about 15 minutes. Throughout the entire process, I could not help but to feel anxious, curious and worried at the same time. This is the first time something unrelated to cutting or pulling out body parts ever happens to me. Not just that, the entire process is done so tenderly and softly contrary to the usual violent and harsh methods.

Distracted by this peculiar behavior, I do not notice that the constant numbing pain all over my limbs is gone completely as if they were never there in the first place. Somehow, I feel a bit grateful to this person that I almost want to thank it.

However, all those optimistic feelings are immediately replaced by negative thoughts as two more of these kidnappers enter the room. Both of them are wearing the same attire as the person who treated my wound alongside the masks. All three of them then stare at me with their hidden eyes as if thinking what to do next.

I try my best not to show any scared expression despite the unavoidable nervousness in my mind. After a moment, two of them walk to my back while the other one is crouching in front of my knees again. I am nervous on what the two behind me are up to until I feel gentle press on my shoulders and legs.

They are squeezing my shoulder? Are they giving me a massage?

My mind cannot comprehend this weird and awkward development. The last time I met them they injured my forehead and collected my blood in a test tube like evil scientists but this time they act like gentle and nice people.

Is this a trap? Are they trying to brainwash me into thinking that they mean no harm in the first place? None of this makes any sense. Is this just another dream? A hallucination?

Once again, my mind is filled with unanswered questions but all of them slowly vanish as the massage starts to actually relax me down. I have to be honest, this entire “massage” is done in such expertise that it manages to calm me down despite the awkward situation. My thought process suddenly slows down until my eyes are close shut.


“Mom, where is Dad going?”

“Why are we not following Dad? We never travel without Dad before.”

“Dad needs to go without us, sweetie. He has a lot of work to do.”

“Dad will come back, right?



My eyes finally open again. I try to regain my composure about my current situation but it appears to be useless as a certain dialogue keeps repeating itself in my mind

Is it another dream? It is totally different from the ones I am familiar with. What is that dream about anyway? The only thing that I remember is a conversation between Anne and our children, and all I saw was their backs.

They are leaving me? Why? Where are they going? I have got to do my work?

Come to think of it, I cannot recall what job I used to have. My best bet is probably an office worker since that is the easiest choice. I try to return to my slumber, as an effort to recall the dream earlier. The pillow feels so comfortable that I can totally return the dream world as soon as possible.

Wait a minute.

I pushed the blanket covering me. It is pretty hard because it turns out my hands are being held together by handcuffs. I am in a bed?

Distracted by dream, I accidentally ignore the strange situation I am currently in. Instead of being strapped on a metal bed or a chair, or my usual empty prison room, I am resting on a normal bed. Even my clothes are finally back. Although my hands are being handcuffed and chained, it is still much more comfortable than being strapped like in a torture dungeon.

Is this just another dream? Why am I here?

Am I home? If that is true, then what is the point of these handcuffs?”

I check if the scars and bruises are still on my body.

“They are still there. Which means the whole kidnapping and testing were no dreams,” I mutter.

I look around the room I am stuck in. This is definitely not my bedroom. I do not see any cupboard or any accessories around the room. Eventually, I find a door on the other side of the room.

I leave my bed to try opening the door. Locked, which does not really surprise me. I walk around the room next, looking for any secret path to the outside world. Nothing is found.

Surrendering, I walk towards the bed. I sit down on the soft mattress and contemplate about current situation. Despite the more concerning situation I am currently in, I am honestly more concerned about the previous dream. It was so different and questionable compared to the others, so I just cannot stop thinking about it.

“What was that dream about? Is it a memory flashback like the other dream? Or is it some kind of symbolism of something?”

After about 10 minutes of useless contemplation, I lay down on the bed. There is nopoint of thinking about it, and it is not like someone is going to answer my question anyway. Come to think of it, no one seems to be coming here. I cannot see what is going on outside, so I have no idea what is actually going on. I cannot even confirm whether I am still in the hands of those kidnapers. My current situation is just too suspicious.

While it worries me, I cannot deny that the bed feels really comfortable. It is so soft and relaxing that I can feel asleep instantly-



“Daddy, daddy, can I give some money to that man?”

“No, do not do that, Mary. He will use it to buy drugs or alcohol. Those are bad stuffs. Do not be like this kind of people, okay?”

“Okay, daddy”

“Why is that man sitting there, mommy? Does he have no home?

“Shhh, Do not point fingers.”

Who are they talking about? It sounds like they are talking about a homeless person. Why am seeing this? What does this have anything to do with my life?


I open my eyes and find myself on the hard, cold floor. Looks like I fell from the bed. The pain from falling aches throughout my entire body. However, instead of climbing back up to the bed, I choose to stay in my current position to think.

“What in the world was that dream? The one before is weird enough but this one just makes no sense.” I thought.

“Who are those people? They do not sound like Theodore or Susan. This means I am not the one who is talking. Am I the person they are talking about?” I murmured, jumping from a question to an assumption then to another question.

I am powerless against all these whirlwinds inside my mind. It is as if universe shrinks down to only the inside of my mind. It keeps spiraling until something is knocked. I immediately jump back onto the bed before the door is fully open. Unlike usual doors, the door moves sideways like an electronic door. The familiar faces step in, alongside the usual white suit and mask.

Three tall figures enter the room while holding trays. I can hear the sound of them murmuring and whispering with the usual unintelligible noise. On each tray, there are things that I assume to be an assortment of the “normal” bizarre looking food. I try to calm myself since they appears to be harmless compared to the old days.

Weirdly enough, all they do is leaving the trays on the bed and then leave. They stare at me for a few seconds while one of them appears to be typing something on a tablet-like item. My heart is racing to no end throughout the entire time but thankfully it all ends within minutes.

I observe the food carefully. They look different from the food they served before, but still contain the usual strangeness. One looks like noodle but is thinner and has a green colour. The other one looks like a combination of a large mushroom and cabbage and the only word I can use to describe the last one is “alien-fish”.

Although the last meal they gave me was surprisingly tasty despite its strange look, I am still a bit skeptical this time. The meal just looks a bit more suspicious compared to the last one. In addition, I am not starving and I still cannot stop thinking about the last dream.

Without anything else to do, I cast the trays aside and hit the sack once again





“Honey! Anne! I am back!” I shout as I am running towards the love of my life

I see her facing me with her back. She is holding both of our children in each hand. I move closer to her and raise my hand to touch her shoulder. She turns her head to glance at me. I cannot contain my excitement to see her sweet smile after all those torturous time. All those negative and hopeless time will finally be replaced with cheerful time full with positivity.

But it turns out I was thinking too positively.

She does look at me with the face I am really familiar with, but instead of the familiar smile, she gives a scarier face than any of the kidnappers’.

Her eyes are cold and her face looks pale. She looks at me with a disappointing look; as if she has completely lost any hope and trust in me. She only glances at me for a few moments, without even saying any words, but that short glance is enough to render me speechless, shocked and terrified. It was the most terrifying sight I have ever seen, and it is definitely not something I want to receive from her. I try to open my mouth to push the thoughts away but my mouth does not listen to me and just hanging open. Just as I think that the situation cannot get worse, she starts to walk away with Theodore and Susan.

“No! Come back!” my mouth is finally working again, but all the effort proves to be useless as they keep getting further and further away. The sky and ground suddenly turn black and nightmarish.


My eyes open their gates, and light enters my vision again.

“What a nightmare…” I say slowly while breathing heavily.

I turn my head to the right. The trays containing meal is sitting there, untouched. Feeling hungry, I grab the plate containing the green “noodle”. It is pretty hard to use your hands when they are handcuffed, but I manage to work around the problem. Despite its strange look, I shove some of them into my mouth with little to no hesitation. I guess I manage to get use to the bizarre food those kidnappers keep serving. I do not expect it to taste delicious or anything, just edible is enough.

But it turns out I was thinking too negatively.

It is good. No, it is really good. This is a new kind of good. This is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. It somehow tastes spicy and juicy despite its lack of any sauce. It is even way better than the last meal they gave me.

Before I take another bite, I decide to eat the “noodle” alongside the “alien-fish” and the “cabbage-mushroom”. I pinch and take a small chunk of meat from the “fish”. Surprisingly, the meat is so soft until I tear it apart very easily. I decide to pinch more small pieces and spread them all over the “noodle”. I also put the “mushroom” on the plate.

Then, I shove more “noodles” in my mouth, alongside some pieces of the “fish” of course. I chew them slowly to savour their taste for a longer time and I am not disappointed.

This one is even more delicious than the last one.

The two foods blend together perfectly, as if they are meant to be eaten together. It almost like they are destined to be combined. They create such a perfect balance of flavour that it is almost addicting. I have to be honest, this one tastes better than my favourite food; mapo tofu.

I finish the meal within minutes. I have never felt more satisfied throughout my entire life. So satisfied in fact, that I totally ignore the nightmare I just went through and my current situation. Talking about situation, eating a delicious food on this comfy bed feels totally pleasant. This is totally different from resting in the prison cell after countless painful experiments. It is such a sudden contrasting change. It is like living as a slave on one day but then lives as a king the day after.

Come to think of it, why did those kidnappers switch my room? They stop cutting my skins too. If they had enough with me, why did they decide to switch my room? They even give me better food, a massage and treat my wound. But why? What benefits would they gain?

If they had no use of me anymore, should they not just leave me to rot and die or something? Even locking me inside the prison cell sound more reasonable, instead they give me a better room, better food and a massage for some reason.

However, my thinking process is disrupted as the door is open again. Those kidnappers enter again but this time carrying an object which looks like a television, which confuses me. I watch them quietly as they appear to be setting up the “television” in front of me.

“A television? For what? This is beyond absurd. Is this just another one of their experiments?” thoughts start spiralling inside my mind once again.

The entire process of them setting up the television goes on quietly. Those kidnappers do not even stare at me, just some several short glances. Without even batting an eye, they leave the room and lock the door, leaving me and the “television” alone is this room.

“Wait, I get it now. They are going to brainwash me. That is why they keep me alive. They want to hypnotize or wipe out my memories using this television,” my mind feels satisfied as I finally manage to figure out the mystery of the kidnappers’ behavior.

However, the satisfaction immediately vanishes as I start to realize how bad this actually means. Then, out of nowhere, the television suddenly switches on. The kidnappers are probably controlling it from somewhere. I shut my eyes as quickly as possible, trying to make sure nothing can enter and brainwash my brain. I also hide myself under the blanket and cover my ears as well (it is a difficult task since my hands are bounded together).

“Wait a minute. If they are really going to brainwash me, should they not tie me up on a chair to make sure I cannot look away?” my brain asks, questioning my previous assumption. I open my ears a little, trying to find out what the television is showing. To my surprise, the things I listen is more confusing than any brainwashing videos.

“We will not go quietly into the night!”

“Wait, what?” I push the blanket away and stare at the television.

A familiar movie is being showed on the screen. It is a very famous movie about an alien invasion. While the plot is generally stupid and corny, some people like me somehow took a liking to it. I still remember Anne and myself watching this movie together several times.

“Is this a trap? Are they going attract to my attention with a normal movie but then suddenly change the movie into a brainwashing movie?” I say, unable to not feeling sceptical.

I immediately become more cautious, carefully preparing for any subliminal messages or hypnotism. I thought about smashing the television to destroy it but I am afraid those kidnappers might beat me up because of it. Few minutes passed, I am still watching the movie with a sceptical eye carefully, preparing for any abnormalities.

 “HAHAHAHAHA! What lovable idiots,”

A funny moment occurred once again in the show. The sound of laughter can be heard echoing throughout the room. I almost choked myself with the food I am currently eating. Over all, this show does a really good job to balance out its humorous and comedic undertone alongside its serious atmosphere. It is also a really suitable show to be watched after the tear jerkers from the previous show.

A few days have passed, I have seen a lot of different shows using the television those kidnappers set up for me. While some of them are bland and boring, most of them are really entertaining and interesting. To my surprise, they never show anything unusual. I have been watching the screen for days and all I watched is normal, entertaining shows.

No strange shows, no brainwashing, no hypnotic trance, nothing.

Strangely enough, 70% of the shows consisted of science fiction stories, and 50% of them have something to do with alien invasions or societies. Even those kidnappers act stranger than usual. They keep serving the food like they usually do, but they always bring something that looks like a camera and a notepad. Besides that, they absolutely do not perform any painful experiment on me. They just come in, leave some food, and exit the room without saying a word.

Combined with the fact that I sleep in a really comfortable bed, it really felt like I am a king that is being treated by his servants.

But there was something that catch my eyes.

Not too long ago, those kidnappers came in again with the food trays. But this time one of them is inspecting the wall in front of me; opposite to the wall the television faces. I get suspicious and plan to investigate the wall.

After I finish this show, that is.

Finally, I walk towards the television screen. A colourful cartoon is being shown. I ignore the distracting cartoon and inspect the wall carefully. After a while, I discover a shocking revelation.

“Wait, is this a camera? CCTV? They were watching me all this time?” I say quietly while looking at a small lens, camouflaging on the grey, metallic wall.

“That makes a lot of sense. It is not like they stop testing me. They have just moved to the next test. They showed me different shows with different emotions, so they could observe my reaction towards them.” I start to make an assumption that is indifferent to a conclusion. It really feels great to finally be able to connect the dots together.


I turn my head to the direction of the sound. That is when I see the door opening, alongside three tall figures in suits rushing in. While the sudden shout is shocking, the most terrifying thing right now is what I am seeing. Those kidnappers are not wearing their masks. Their horrifying faces are definitely not something to be missed.


The moment one of them shouts those “words”, two others dash towards me and grab both of my arms. I try to scream but my mouth is gagged by a piece of cloth. They then pull me out of the room; my constant struggle has very little effect on them.

When they finally stop, I also finally stop struggling. Not because I manage to calm down, but because I am strapped to my old friend, the metal bed. 

 “PEELS DENEEL, KUCIQ!” shouted the same voice.

I feel a sharp pain on my head, as if a needle being injected there. The light starts to slowly disappear, but I manage to hear a small voice.

“it si meti to tel mih go, goodbye.” The voice said before everything turns dark.



“Where in the world…?”

The light is blinding me. But instead of coming from a lamp, the light comes from Earth’s energy source; the sun.

“I am outside.” I turn my head from side to side, looking at the trees, grasses and the sun.

“I am free. I am FREE!” I shout and running down the hill. My hands are raised up and swing madly. I look up to see the beautiful blue sky and clouds. I cannot believe that the blue sky is something that I could miss.

“But… where am I?” I ask while looking around more carefully. It appears that I am standing near the edge of a hill. A very tall hill, actually. I walk towards the cliff to observe the landscape below and I cannot contain my happiness when I discover a small city directly next to the hill.

I run down the hill as fast as I can, which is not really fast since my body has barely moved throughout the abduction. How long was it, I wonder?

Halfway throughout my run, I start to think about what I am supposed to do.

“Should I just return home, no questions asked? My families are definitely worried sick about me. Or should I report myself to the police? They definitely have reported my disappearance to them. Ah, it does not matter. All I need to do right now is go to city first.” I continue walking down the hill, while my mind keeps imagining the faces of my family feeling overjoyed when seeing me after such a long time.

As I arrive at the outskirt of the city, I start to feel even more confused and indecisive.

“Wait a second, where is my house again? I still remember this city but I cannot remember the whereabouts of my house. Okay, I need to check out the residential areas.”

I search all around the city. As I walk around, I notice something weird…

“Hmm.. no posters about a missing person? Not a single one? I was missing for about one month. There is no way the police did not initiate any search for such a mysterious disappearance.”

As I keep feeling suspicious more and more, I discover a playground right next to a rich neighbourhood. I do not pay any attention to the kids playing and until I see someone that I really cherished.

It is Anne.

I immediately walk towards her. All the feelings of uncertainty and worry are thrown to the garbage. I move as quickly as I can in order to reach her.

But someone reaches her first.

“Here is your ice cream, darling.”

“What took you so long, hubby?”

“Sorry, the line is really long but I got your favourite flavor.”

“Awww... You are so sweet, Walter.”

Those two then walk away alongside the sweet ice creams inside their grips.

I look at them with a wide-eyed disbelief while a sharp pain can be felt inside my chest.

“What? Did I get stabbed? Why does my heart feel like it got shot? Some kind of side effect those kidnappers gave me or something? It hurts so much…”

My chest feels empty, my eyes are in flood, and my mouth is frozen.

“No, no, no. That is not her. I must have mistaken…”

“Mom, Dad! Look at us!”

I see two children. Both are around the same age. One of them is a boy and the other one is a girl. They are swinging happily while calling out the couple cheerfully.

They are Theodore and Susan.

I cannot see this anymore. I run away, leaving them without saying a word. They do not seem to notice me, which is somehow relieving, but no amount of relief can treat the wound that is in my heart right now.

I run back to the city. A line of shops is filling up the space around the streets. I walk around slowly, looking at the people and cars passing by.

“Where should I go now? I do not have any place to stay. I do not have any money too.


Without realizing where I am going, I accidentally bump into something. I look up and see the person I am dealing with.

“Hey, watch where yer going!” says the man I bumped into. He has a really tall figure, also with a loud voice. I can see several friends of his standing at his back


“Wait a minute, ain’t yer that annoying homeless guy that really loves beatings from us?”

“Yeah, he is! He finally came back. I guess he just misses our punches really much,” says a person at his back.

“Wait a minute, what are you talking about? I do not want any trouble,” I say while walking backward slowly.

“Homeless guy? What are they talking about?” asks my mind as I cannot comprehend whatever these people were saying.

Out of nowhere, a solid punch lands on my face. I try to retaliate but all I got is a kick to my abdomen. Then, my leg gets shoved and I fall to the ground.

“Argh!” Four people gather around and beat me up to a pulp. A loud scream can be heard very clearly everywhere. I look around for any help, but to no avail. I am powerless to these constant punishments without any mercy. I have never experienced this much pain since the experiments from those kidnappers. No, this one is even more painful than any of those skin-cutting or tooth-pulling. After a few minute, they finally have enough and leave me alone, lying on the ground.

“Geez, why don’t you just kill yourself or something,” says the man before leaving me.


Killing myself? Why does that line feel so familiar?


I get up and walk weakly. My legs are not listening to me but they do manage to move somehow. For some reason, they are moving to the hill; the place where those kidnappers left me.

As I walk, my stomach is torturing itself. I start imagining various foods. Strangely, all the food that keep lingering in my mind are the bizarre food those kidnappers served me, instead of the normal food I have eaten for years. The green noodle alongside the fish dance in my mind together. My mouth starts releasing water just like my eyes do.

I am tired. Where should I rest, or sleep for that matter? I remember the soft bed I used to sleep on. Not the one at home, but the bed I slept on these past few days. I start having flashback of watching entertainments on the television while eating delicious meals and resting comfortably.

“Stop thinking about that! Focus on the current situation.” I try to cast those sweet memories aside and instead thinking about the bitter memories I just went through.

“Did she get tired of waiting for me, so she decided to find a different man? I am only missing for about a month, there is no way she was disloyal enough to forget about me. And what is up with those thugs? Why did they call me the “homeless guy? Is there something before my kidnapping that I cannot remember?”

When I finally arrive at the hill, I start to remember the dream I had before; the one about Anne leaving me.

“Is it really a symbolism of my current state? Then what about the scream…”

“YOU ARE FIRED!” those words suddenly echoing in my mind…

“Wait… is that is? Is that the reason Anne left me and the reason why they called me homeless?”

I walk closer to the place those kidnappers dumped me.

Why did they leave me there anyway? Is it because this is the place they found me? If that is the reason, what was I doing at the edge of a hill?  

“Why don’t you just kill yourself…”

Those words suddenly come into my mind. For some reason, I do not really mind, as if those words were very familiar and reasonable.


 I head towards the cliff, which just happens to be facing the sun right now. As I get closer, my eyes are looking directly to the sun. Bright sunlight continuously bombards my face.

The light is blinding me.

“Ironic,” I say to myself as I walk the edge of the cliff.

© Copyright 2019 Shiro Kuroki. All rights reserved.

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