The 54th Planet- The Story

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This is a story about a man who is haunted by a number which destroys his life .

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




You see that gal laying on the death bed ready for being burried deep inside the Easth , She is my wife.Yes she died young at the age of 27 , two days ago......
And it woudn't be difficult for you to notice the man installed on a wheel chair with grave expressions not letting a tear roll down his cheek. There is a long story behind this man which affected my life.
Two years Bygone I was a happy married man(this speceis is found rarely)really I was damn happy with my marriage. But at that time a virus was eating the US citizens and the US economy.You may call it 'RECESSION'.I was chucked out of my job too and my family couldn't cut the mustard for hunger.
"Why don't you write ? You are good at it." My wife reeled off. 
But my response was as nugatoryas always "Don't you force me into writing . Don't you know what writing did disservice to my family.Don't you know about the curse given to my family an 100 years ago .My whole family died because of the curse" my face had turned red. 
"Maybe the curse died with your family" Hemoiney my better half said optimystically with her hands on my shoulders.
In my family all of us were born writers but none of us tried one hand for it beacause when my Grand Father tried to publish a poem it was the last activity he ever did & suffering awaited us . However I escaped it but now life had brought me to the same road where i had retired from all this stuff.
I went to a publishing house and inquired about their demands/the kind of book they want to publish. They were looking for a Ghoulish story.It would be difficult but I had to do it for the silver specie . I know onething even if i was an amateur that is you should be in a mood for one , so for a spooky story so I'd be needing a strange and silent place to begin my tale.......I had heard about a motel described as 'uncanny' and 'ominous' by many people .The 54th planet was its name.
The next moment i was there with my type writer waiting for something striking my mind and helping me write. I was surely not finding anything 'STRANGE' there ecxept i had found a dusty paper in the wooden cupboard.Scrawled on it was a long ghost story , in short it said that there was a man who went to live in a hotel and when he came outta there a , number started following him and torturing and finally killing him in a mental hospital.Surely the story was stupid but it could be perfected and turned into a novel.The air of the roomdidn't help me write but the paper did , so i left from the hotel next day.
Crazy things begin to happen with me,i began seeing seeing the number 54 on all the cell phone numbers , on car no. plates and even my birth date totalled to be damn 54.This number had prehended my life.The sad thing was that whenever i saw this number i tried to avoid it and when i tried to avoid it something harrowing happened to me or my family.My book was just half writen when one year had passed . This number had made my son crippled for life , my wife was in hospital after being crushed by a car and it had made me go bananas.People were alarmed when they saw me and considered me as "DANGEROUS".No psychatrist would help me.I could do anything horrible as i had lost my brains , For my son's safety i left him at my wife's sister's house......When i was returning back from there my mind recalled what this writing buisness had caused me , but it was also this ghastly number that had made my life a living hell. I didn't want to live anymore.A truck was comming the opposite way i read its no. out loud in insanity "NY-5454 . Ha you made my life hell i'll destrou you" saying this i absent mindedly rushed my car towards the truck not realising the bottom line of my act of insanity. 
You see that man sitting with grave expression , its is me half dead  in coma sitting on the wheel chair not able to move an inch In my wife's funeral.The doctors said that no. was nothing but state of mind .Bullshit i am the one who was the survivour , the doctors were just assuming the damn reason. Today I am not terrified of the number anot at all , as i have nothing to loose , absolutely nothing.............  

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