Mind is open only when heart is open

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I wrote it with all my heart and presented my opinion on the conflicts going around the world.

Submitted: December 12, 2013

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Submitted: December 12, 2013



Dictionary defines heart as an organ that pumps blood and mind as the element of a person that enables them to be aware of their world. But there is more than what meets the eye. Our heart and mind reflects our soul and makes us truly who we are as persons.. Our heart makes us emotional and sensitive and mind provides us rational and clear thoughts. But only when our heart is open, it allows our minds are to experience, to think, to feel, to perceive the beautiful world that surrounds us. Our heart often isolates itself from others. There is this feeling of being separate. It the starts to form boundaries on the basis of nationality,caste,creed,color and even religion. These are the mundane walls that divide us. It compels us to judge a person before knowing them and makes fallacious presumptions leading to conflict. But what really separates a black person from a white? Or an African from American? Or a Muslim from a Hindu? One can think of a thousands of reasons but actually, the answer is nothing.Both of them are humans, a person, an equal. Both of them need air to breathe,water to drink. They laugh when they are amused .Cry when they are sad. Smile when there is joy. There is no difference It is all in our mind. We are so overridden by this “mould” that makes us narrow minded and stereotypical.

We can even observe this from our daily life. Hindus look down upon women wearing “burqa”. Brahmins keep Dalits subdued and suppressed. White people treat the coloured differently. Relationships between two countries get soured due to demarcation of land. The graveness of this problem goes beyond this. Heinous crimes are being conducted all over the world against people of different caste,religion,nationality etc. For example, there has been increase in the number of “Hate Crimes” all around the world .These are crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility towards that person’s race, ethnicity, religion or belief. The reasons for mindless discrimination, disturbances and crimes are the same. We get so caught up in our insularity that we forget how we are simply human beings thriving on the same planet. We maybe diverse but that is what makes us stronger as a community.

We need to take a moment and ponder without being biased upon that really separates us. And once we stumble upon this epiphany, we can get a whole new perspective on life. We become open to all the human beings .We adopt nationality of not a country but humanity. As this burden lifts off, our mind becomes open and free. We accept news ideas and begin to learn new things gladly even though they seem peculiar at first. Not only we grow as people,but it positively affects the society.For example, India has truly been able to progress until it abolished the caste system that prevailed. Only when people let go of the rigidity of the system and saw everyone as equals,the whole society developed.

When we get a common platform to stand on, we start to recognize everyone’s individuality and respect them. We inculcate new attributes and get enriched. There is cordiality in our relations with each other and with another countries. Most of problem we are currently facing are just different faucets of the same can be resolved with just a change of heart.

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