A Dying Boy's Last Request To All Parents and Teachers!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
A Boy is about to die and he is supporting a cause. His last words to all the parents and teachers of this world. It will touch you and move you.

Submitted: March 28, 2015

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Submitted: March 28, 2015



To My Dearest Parents and Teachers,

My name is Akin. I am a child and I am going to die today. I am doing it for a cause, because deep down I know it’s worth it. Generally children aren’t supposed to teach or talk to elders, but today I have no choice. I am hurt and saddened and just pouring my heart out. I Love You All! So please forgive me.

Imagine if you were in an Art class and given a ball of clay and told to make a perfect statue of a boy or girl. The only tools you could use are words. How would you do it? Simple….By using words like these “I Love You, Son!”, “You can do it my child!”, “I believe in you! I believe you can achieve it!”, “You are brilliant and talented, my child!”

All the children in this world are like that ball of clay, who form their identity and self-worth based on your words.  Imagine what kind of a child you create when you don’t love him or her; tell them they are useless, good for nothing.

Look at your state today! You worry all the time. You have grown older faster, made yourself sick, become weak just by worrying. You worry about your image in society, the money in your bank account, the house, the car, the shoes, your wife, your business, children’s education. You basically worry about the future. If this happens then I will be happy.

Ever wondered, why do you worry? Or how did you start to worry? Go back to school for some time. In school you were trying to find out who you are, your worth and your identity in this world. You listened to the comments of your friends, your parents and teachers to form that identity. You never studied to learn or get good grades, but to get comments like “well done, my boy!”, “Congrats Buddy!” These comments validated your identity. You started running after people’s comments. And this is how most of your problems started in life. You ran after something which you had no control of. You lost yourself in the process of running endlessly without direction and a void filled inside you, which was occupied with fear and hence you started to worry. You always worry when you get lost.

Not once did you look in the mirror and say to yourself “ Damn! I am beautiful! I rock!” Not once did you try and find your true self, your talents or passions. You forgot to be comfortable with who you are. Your opinion of yourself should have been greater than any other voice in the neighbourhood. You run today after money, success, wealth, better jobs, security, lifestyle, women, sex. In reality you are running after people’s comments and their opinion of you. You are running after your boss’s comments, your wife’s comments, and your peer’s comments to give an identity to yourself. If you were comfortable with yourself, you would never show off your wealth to get other people’s reaction to feel rich, you would never create the drama to woo a woman to feel loved, you would never hit a servant to feel superior.

You all are struggling to live a good life. Your life is fake and meaningless and you still wonder why it hurts. You blame God and keep crying “Why me?”

There is a beautiful quote: “As you nurture a child, you nurture your inner child”. Ponder on this.

You forgot to trust the King of every heart. The Almighty Lord. From trust in him, comes Faith and Belief and with these two friends, you can overcome any obstacle in life. Opposite of trust is worry. God gave every man and woman The Kingdom of Heaven inside him or her. And he said to enter the kingdom you must first be childlike. He also said that where your treasure lies, is where your heart lies. Now! There are a few people who found their treasure, their talents inside of them and believed and went on walking on their paths because it made them happy. They were happy with who they were. Their joy defined them. These people were a little crazy. And they did it in spite of all disbelief and rejection.

These are the same people who invented everything from a lightbulb, to your television, your phone, your computer…everything you take for granted. It was these same people who fought for you and gave you, your independence. You call them heroes. You call them stars. All famous singers, artists, writers, creative people, people who defy the status quo, who stand up for injustice. And you just gave the Nobel Prize to the youngest one of this group.

You look up to such people and get inspired by their name and fame. Then why do you stop yourself and us from following our dreams, our passions.

I bled tears of sorrow when last year more than 130 of my young friends were bombed and killed by terrorists. I bleed a tear every time someone molests my innocence; every time I get beaten with a stick, every time I sleep hungry on the streets, every time someone makes me wash dishes instead of sending me to school.

Children who are unloved, who are not cared for, who are shunned by the entire world, who are outcast for their mistakes or imperfections…… are the same ones that grow up to hate, to kill one another for greed, for religion. They don’t believe that another way exists because no one made them believe so. No one held their hand and told them it’s going to be ok. We are all born equal and same remember.

You forget that happiness is your natural state. You all were born with happiness, smiles, drool and giggles. You enjoyed all the activities you did as a child because they were fun. What happened to that fun when you grew up? School taught you how to learn, how to mingle in society, make friends. In school, everyone irrespective of class and age, was your friend. Why are you so lonely today? Why are you afraid of trusting each other? Why are you lost when it comes to finding solutions? Why do you have so little friends?

School taught you to complete 8 subjects and have lunch and play in just 7 hours. You go to office in an AC car, eat lunch in an AC office, drive back in an AC car, you don’t play and you don’t finish your work on time.  Your strength is more than us but still at the end of the day, instead of playing with us you got to bed early. You are tired emotionally, physically and mentally.

God made a wonderful world and made everything to succeed. He made plants to grow, birds to fly and fish to swim. Have you ever seen a bird that can’t fly? Have you ever seen a fish that can’t swim? Why do you worry about your success? If only you followed your heart.  If only you kept that child in you alive. If only you cared for yourself?

Your main problem was ignorance and that could easily be solved with knowledge.  But today you have started making wrong assumptions for your convenience. And this has screwed up your entire belief system and the way in which you look at the world. You forgot what matters.

You say you love me, you nurture me (nurture means to care and protect someone, while they are growing). In reality, you are concerned about my lifestyle more than ME. What clothes I wear, which school I go to, which restaurant I eat at, what type of friends I make, what languages I learn, what career I choose….. These are more important to you than what I feel. You are again doing this for yourselves, you are again running after what other people will say and think of you when they see me.

We as children learn responsibility from you. But today children are learning to live in reaction to you. Whenever you scold us or hit us, we hold on to our feelings like a baggage and it keeps getting heavier day by day. This baggage is what turns out to be insecurities and we make a mess of ourselves.

If you truly love us, Forget about yourselves and focus only on us. When we love you, we focus only on you….. And that is the reason we tend to grow up wanting to be like you, admiring you. Focus on the way we feel about things, teach us to fend for ourselves, be there to hold our hand when we are about to fall. Teach us to follow our hearts desires. Teach us to believe. Teach us the value of goodness in humanity and friendship. Teach us compassion and love. Teach us to treat others as we want to be treated. Teach us to be humble. Teach us that failure is like going to school wearing the wrong uniform and getting punished. Teach us that mistakes and problems are good and they are stepping stones for success. Teach us to live life and feel alive by being there for someone, by carrying shopping bags for our grandparents, by kissing our parents good night, by being honest with ourselves, by wiping the tears of a broken heart, by listening to words spoken out of closed mouths, by sharing what we have, by giving to others the joys we rejoice having, by simply loving unconditionally. Teach us that ultimate freedom is unconditional love.  Teach us to find fun in everything first, and then every task shall become easy. Teach us to let our souls play. Teach us to express ourselves through art. Teach us that loving another person and getting their friendship is the best gift in this world. Teach us to Live, Laugh and Love.

For Life is no different than the Art class, where you are the artist and we are the ball of clay.

We become what you make us. For we are an exact replica of you.

I speak on behalf of all the children of the world and for future generations. Change Yourself. Start Today! I have a dream for this world. A dream where no child is judged by their colour or imperfection but by the character of his soul.  I have a dream where I see a beautiful world, lots of greenery everywhere, where no animal goes extinct, where the air and food is as fresh as mountain dew, where happy families create an economy, united and supportive of each other. Where even the moon would get disturbed by the laughter and joy on earth. I have a dream where people will start to live truly - being who they are and living in the present; living happy - no worries;and living fulfilling lives – satisfaction derived from allowing their character or abilities to develop. I dream of a world where only love exists, where hope and belief overshadow any greed or uncertainty. Where goodness of humanity is the first chapter taught in school. A world where there are no boundaries. A world where we are all united as brothers and sisters. I believe that my dream will be a reality.

Man forgets that the Almighty Father gave up his son’s life to pay for our sins.  That is how much he loved us. Man didn’t believe in God till he saw miracles and the death of the Son of God. Man needs a strong motivation to believe in something. Will my life be motivation enough for you to change? Will it be enough for you to find happiness again?

Remember every time you kill a child’s dream, you commit a sin. Every time you make a child disbelieve in his own dreams, you commit a sin. Every time you don’t love a child, you commit a sin. Every time you hit a child, every time you abuse a child, every time you make fun of a child…..you commit a sin.

For all the things you fear today in the world are the creations of your doing.

You have the power to change. One Parent. One Teacher. One child at a time.

Let there be love on earth. Let his kingdom come and let his will be done!

Good Bye Beautiful people. I am happy and not sad. I die today to pay for your sins. That is how much I love you.  ……J















© Copyright 2020 Shivraj Singh. All rights reserved.

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