to know who you really are!

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To Know WHO You Really Are!

Is it a task or a journey? Is it a pilgrimage or a satisfaction?

Is it an opportunity or a game? What is it if I may ASK?

To be in knowledge of knowing WHO I AM, What would that IMPLY?

A bird never crawls like a snake, or pounces like a tiger or swims like a whale.

A bird always stays true to WHO it is.

From the very moment it inhales the first gush of air in its lungs, it knows who it is

And stays true to that core throughout its life. 

And so does the entire animal kingdom likewise.

They know who they are and develop their inherent instincts, behaviours and uniqueness

Without attending a single day of junior high or college.

Imagine for FUN! A cat trying to fly! All i can hear is loud screams in cat tone. 

Of course not! It Can't! because it doesnt have wings. It wasn't meant to!

It was meant to be who a cat is - independent, clever, fun, furry, free, witty, a good hunter,

A fanatic for furball and to "meow" to tell the world " THIS IS ME!"

So who do you think you really are? Or the entire mankind? The ways of the world today

Is just a result stating that we are way off track from being and knowing who we are.

We have started being like that cat trying to fly. 

I agree there is always a balance, the Universe works on balance. 

On one side of the world we have crazy, confused idiots or may i say people with the best 

Ability to ignore, on the other side, we have famous and alive individuals - artists, musicians,

Businessmen, leaders, freedom fighters, dancers, lovers, happy and loving people - who just

Make the whole world a peaceful and better place to be in, or who just give a whole new depth

And meaning to the word "Aspiration".

I really dont need to tell you the importance NOW of knowing who you really are?

Its a matter of Life! And all these famous people i am talkng about, have in someway found

that out. So finding out who you really are is core to living and enjoying this life fully. It is

The Basis of your life.

Remove! I say Remove! Every layer of lies and false perception. Remove the EGO first, its your

Idea of self or me-ism, and all your perceptions about you, your capabilities, abilities, limitations

infiniteness and the world in which you live in. It is a prankster and a fraud. Throw it Out!

Oh! The BENEFIT you will see........... and you will experience it in your human body for real

Its not made up gas. You will stop the enemey of mankind for centuries - the snake from creation

Stories - THE INNER JUDGE/CRITIC. The work of the inner judge/critic is to protect you and 

Keep you safe, but since it is ill-mannered and egoistic, the power of attention to fear and lack 

Feed its ego and it goes berserk and Ooooooh! He is so talkative, as you may have experienced

Mind Chatter or a Monkey in your mind.


Submitted: August 19, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Shivraj Singh. All rights reserved.

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