La Nuit Avant

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this is just a series of dreams that ive had. katie and fiona are my sisters and alison is my best pal. just incase anyone wondered!

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please. x

Submitted: March 15, 2009

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Submitted: March 15, 2009




Mum bought me a book called “Are You Pregnant?” it looked like a big kids book and it had a test attached to the cover. 


Katie was in a car accident; she was injured badly and couldn’t move. Me, mum, Fiona and Katie lived in a flat over a greasy spoon café, which we ran. Katie had to go into care because we couldn’t look after her.


There was a robber outside our house and dad went out to get him away but he got shot in the hand. Mum told me to go stay under my bed until the robber went away and I cried for ages.


I was at a fancy dress party with my parents and my dad was dressed as superman.  I can’t remember what me or my mum were. We got into loads of trouble and the police are chasing us out of the party and down the street and my dad gets away… he tells us to hide under some taxis but I get really paranoid about the police being able to see my feet so I run out and down the street in the direction of my dad. He runs into what looks like a jungle, there is lots of foliage and trees. I keep running and I find a lane in the jungle because I’m sure my dad has gone down it, but I meet this girl called Alexis (a friend from my childhood) who offers me a candle to find my way home. Suddenly, it’s very windy and the candle doesn’t stay alight. There are lots of familiar streets now, and I eventually find my dad in a neighbours’ garage fixing motorbikes – he asked where I had got to.


Alison and me are in a caravan, driving around the countryside, could have been Scotland, not too sure. Mid dream, it flashes back to the firehouse (an old youth club type place we went to years ago) and we are sitting on the couch and Michael and Mark (childhood friends) are sitting opposite us, they don’t say anything but Mark is rolling a joint and I try to talk to Michael but he ignores me. Back to the caravan again, except we have stopped, I think we had broken down and we kept asking people going past for help but no one was listening. For some reason Alison disappeared and I was left sitting alone in the caravan. Mark and Michael then drive past me in a caravan?


I found the man of my dreams.


On the beach, not sure where. I’m taking photographs of the sea and other stuff but the tide is approaching rapidly so I try to gather up all the stuff I have lying around me (sketch books, novels, notepads etc) which are about to be submerged in water. A child and his dad are there also, wading in the water and kicking the sand. The tide has rushed over all my stuff and I'm standing on the edge of the sea on a platform, looking down on all my ruined things. At some point I try to dive in and rescue something but then I realise that I’ve got Alisons' camera round my neck and I’ve managed to drown it.


Fiona and Katie were in the back garden with water pistols. They shot someone and they died. Mum and dad found out and mum cried a lot. They weren’t going to tell anyone. I cried too.

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