man and woman

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women find it hard to understand men and how they act around them.

Submitted: January 13, 2016

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Submitted: January 13, 2016



Men and women

Always the same old story of confused minds How do we act and react in every situation in our lives A man doesn't know what a woman think or why she did what she did or even act in such a weird way . The same with women they don't understand a man and his ways,how he thinks or acts in some situations We have to know and understand each other to act properly ,marry,and have a beautiful love life without losing ourselves in the matter.or even lose our love . From my own experience I have seen and known my husband for years before we got married but what I discovered is that we were honest in every word we told each other doesn't mean that we don't argue ,we do but in a different way to make fun of the situation then we talk about it . We are honest and frank about our feelings but only if we trust each other that we will be understanding and willing to hear to each other not just listen. There is a great difference between listening and hearing So yes this is just the beginning of understanding

Knowing ,hearing,trusting,honesty of every word of your life . This is your basic to live a love life without losing your soul or mind

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