2010 World Cup FIFA

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My view on the biggest Sporting Extravaganza!!

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012




Global Harmony in Sporting Colors



Humanity just needs an excuse to display its true nobility amidst recession, war and politicking. FIFA world cup in South Africa provided the biggest stage for global unity.


Passion knows no color, race, gender, or ethnicity. This past month from a pauper in earthquake-hit Haiti to a multi- billionaire magnet in New York burst their throats with laughter and shed tears in equal measure. Venues lost their significance. Be it the lucky few who actually visited South Africa, seeing the matches in small bars, cinema theatres, customized tents or simply from the comforts of home, the experiences were there to savor. Cultures were adopted and accepted with ease. Where the vuvuzelas were a constant source of irritation soon blown with gusto by fans of all countries, the colorful costumes of African people, their music, dances and carefree lifestyle warmed the global hearts. Divisions were blurred. North Korea cheered for their bitter South and vice versa. Afrikaners held hands with their ethnic population. Catalans held up Spanish flags in Barcelona whereas Germans molded with their immigrants in Berlin. It was a global display of love, fun and unity. The worlds cried and fumed over wrong decisions, cheating and dirty fouls. They cheered and discussed for hours each tactic, technique and skill of this beautiful game that was put on display by each nation. Coaches and Goalkeepers became heroes and villains. Even octopuses and parakeets had their share of limelight.


An 8th different nation picked up the World Cup on 11th when Spain took the podium in a different continent but a different face of humanity was on display the entire month just past us. This month will stay long in our memories and go down in the golden archives of time as a record of human all round excellence.




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