Power of the Pen

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A biographical short story! Enjoy.

Submitted: April 15, 2014

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Submitted: April 15, 2014



You know, there’s power in the pen. I must admit…these words are not mine. I’m not sure who first uttered them but I do remember the first person to repeat them to me. She was a gentle soul- an older lady- and I was six years old. They were big words to tell a kid that loved magic, superheroes and writing and a bit too abstract for me to comprehend at the time. But that didn’t stop me from trying. Even after my grandmother passed, I carried the pen with me in hopes of unlocking its incredible power.

You see I misconstrued the message– consciously at least. The power I was hoping for was superhuman strength, the ability to fly, or even to cure myself of dyslexia. Needless to say, I never did. I still have yet to save the world or to make a man disappear either. But I did keep reading–no matter how long it took. And I kept writing. All along, her message was doing its job, rippling though my body and changing my perspective forever.

Like many of us, as I grew older I was socialized into society. I watched my dreams of unlocking the mysteries of the pen fade from plans, to fantasies, until they no longer existed. But its presence didn’t die. It resurfaced in the form of mind-pervading questions and feelings of complacency. I couldn’t understand how many others and I surrendered our lives working to live rather than to live for our work. I mean, who on earth decided that sitting in a cubicle eight hours a day was the most logical way to experience life?

I dove into the questions. I read pages upon pages of other curious writers’ works and discovered that the world can be big enough to encompass all that we’ve been told and so much more. We just have to be open to receiving it. As I broadened my viewpoint, I finally began to understand the meaning behind the words that my grandmother spoke all of those years ago. The power that the pen holds is one that allows for all of the creativity and perspectives that have existed throughout humanity to reach every one of us. The “pen” is figurative of course. It can be any medium from a chisel to paint to a 64-bit MacBook Pro. Regardless, the message remains the same.

With my pen, I’d like to share with you some perspectives that I have taken over the years. I’ve searched a broad horizon attempting to understand this vast world that we are all a part of. My views touch many subjects, and I will explore everything from science and philosophy to spirituality and art. The topics will be presented through exciting short stories and poems accompanied by visual design and video blogs. I invite you to join in the conversation, and I will try to incorporate some of your views and questions in my posts as well. Nothing is off limits. Ultimately, I’d love for us to form our own picture of the universe and help spread the truth with each of our “pens” – regardless of what yours happens to be.

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