We Are Cells

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One of three parts short story about who we really our!

Submitted: April 15, 2014

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Submitted: April 15, 2014



I emerge from the alleyway and step out onto the highway’s edge. The girl’s blood stains my pale skin as a grave reminder. She was innocent and I was too late to save her. I must head back to base and add her name and sixty-three others to the staggering death toll.

Ashen fog hovers low, drifting past the thousands of workers that race down the highway before me. Their backs are hunched, flesh streaked red, as a mark of which group they belong to. It is their job to transport fuel from the core of our world to the various destinations throughout. It appears like menial labor but the loads they deliver keeps our world in working order. They flood the highways and roads to reach their locations, but one by one the roads are closing. It starts with a sickness, a mutation as a result from the toxic fumes. When one worker is found with it he collapses and hemorrhages on the spot. The white soldiers quickly move in to keep the mutation from spreading. This means blocking off the roads and trapping some of workers inside to die. No one likes it, but they go along with it because they believe that the white soldiers know what’s best. They believe the soldiers will find a cure. But they won’t. We won’t. I’m a white soldier and we have no idea how to stop our world from falling apart.

The pulse of the universal clock quickens above. I jog alongside the highway going north, where base is located. After seven years, my platoon still maintains the thought that they themselves can save our world. They think they are the ones in charge. But it’s a ruse. We cannot defeat something that was never in our hands to begin with. Perhaps like the millions of tiny particles that live throughout my body rely on me, there just may be something far greater out there that we- all of us- rely on. I only pray that whatever it is does something to help us survive, or this apocalypse will be the end of the world that our generations have dedicated our lives to maintain.

In the distance, I hear a deafening scream. Its pierce fills the air, freezing both myself and the workers around me in terror. It came from the base. I gulp hard to swallow my fear and run towards it. I’m there in merely an instance and the fear forces it’s way back up my throat. I see the grotesque creature – the monster – growing at an alarming rate. It consumes everything in its path, hundreds of soldiers with white flesh and all of the energy that fuels our home.

“What’s causing this?” a man I recognize as my captain yells. “What the hell are we gonna do?” I shake my head. We can’t do anything. That’s clear.

“We need help,” I reply.

“Help from who? This planet looks to us to protect it. If we can’t help, who can?”

“Whoever is out there,” I say pointing to the sky. “Don’t you understand? This is far bigger than any of us. It is out of our control. There is something greater out there, and it’s in his hands now.” My captain looks at me like I’m mad. The monster crashes into a bridge, bringing down hundreds of traveling workers with it.

“Please!” I yell, with my arms to the sky. “Please stop this!” A voice nearby joins in. It’s a red-faced worker. “Please stop this!” we beg.

“If there really is something out there, you really think it’ll be able to hear you?” My captain asks. But we ignore him and more workers and white soldiers join us.

“Please stop this! Save us!” Soon all of us are yelling- even the captain. I desperately hope that whatever is out there is hearing our plea.

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