Falling in Love with an Idol

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What is the meaning of life. We search for the answer all our life, but do we actually find it? Or do we give up and settle for less. Jon has always wanted a girlfriend. Yes he is one of those
person who never had one though. However he is an otaku who loves idols. Of course he decides to go to tokyo because of that. However one day he will meet an idol he falls in love with. What
happens next. Of course this story is 99.9% true. its definitely not about me though :)

Submitted: May 20, 2018

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Submitted: May 19, 2018



Chapter 1:

About me:

Yeah i am one of those people who when you asked other for an impression, they would say I am a nice guy. Yeah awesome I am nice, everybody loves me. Except nice, is the excuse you say when you got nothing else to say about the guy. So yeah, I am that awkward guy who pretends to listen to music when I cant talk to anybody. That guy who can’t even pose for a fun photo. Yup, your typical akward, “nice” friend.

Of course now lets move on to my adventure.

Before coming to japan i had recently been into this super popular group called Nogizaka 46. Their music is honestly amazing and their show Nogizaka Koujichuu is hilarious.

As they were going to have a national concert the next day (Ikoma's Graduation concert ). I was going to buy their Cds. As my brother suggested tower records, we went there to buy the Cd. 

It was then I heard somebody singing. “Anata no dake wo~ Anata no dake wo~”, Just for you, Just for you… In my mind I was like Yes, thank you god the idol girl of my dream is singing for me. So I turned around and was stunned to see 5 cute idol girls singing. “ Just like the animes its time for my harem” I snickered in delusion.  However, the song ended and I was brought back to reality. Yup I am still loser Jon, the one who hides in the shadows . Reality hurts doesn’t it.

Afterwards, they introduced themselves as Shine fine movement and then left after saying something in Japanese.

Of course, I studied Japanese once a week for 6 months before coming to Japan. However, since I was not that smart ikeman (popular guy) my level was quite low. Despite this i tried to play it cool attempting  to talk to the manger in Japanese about the idol group. Spoke in Japanese, like Hai, Hai. But understanding basically nothing, I ended It with the coolest line that makes it seem you understand everything. Wakarimashita, arigatou gozaimasu. (I got it ,thank you very much) At least I protected my pride. Then I went back to my brother. But you know the thing about siblings they see right through your soul. Then he tried talking to the Manager.

Yup, the Manager could speak English. Now I looked like a total idiot. Wait that is how I always look. Okay no change then. Great.  So he told us that if we bought a cd we could go for handshake event. Ok, pause for a moment , let me rephrase that handshake with a cute girl. Now having not touched a girls hand other than my mothers (wait did I even touch that I am not sure but whatever) this was going to be the greatest moment of my life.

So I bought the cd and shook hands with to me the cutest girl, Nao Chan. So I shook hands with her. Yes girls are mysterious beings who are soft and smell nice , ok anymore and I will be called a pervert. So I wanted to say something but was so nervous that I started shaking. Damn I was lame. But then I remembered Medaka box (manga), if you shake, shake to the max. So as lame as I was I said that I was super nervous because she was so cute. Of course she said no, no not at all . But she only said it with an even cuter face . Dude you can die from that cuteness overload. During the handshake, she was quite excited that I came from Singapore, so she asked me about why I came to Japan. Yes I accomplished my life goal of getting a girl to take notice of me.

Then they had this event where you could take a photo with a random member. Of course though it was a luck draw. However I contemplated for a long time as you had to buy another cd. Then I decided to trust Jesus. So I decided to buy the cd. However being the dark hero that I was, I bought it at the really eleventh hour. By the time I filled up the Japanese form (in Japanese).The event was over. Typical life of Jon.

However as they were about to leave they saw my distressed face. (look the face iwas born with finally served its purpose).They then realised that I had bought a ticket and wanted to use it. So they said (kawaii sou) poor thing . As I had come all the way from Singapore they decided to extend the event for my sake. Me. Ok now I just love them even more.

Thank you Jesus, I drew Naochan. She told me your luck must be really good. So I smoothly replied back, Yeah the luckiest thing I did was met you. In reality I was like um, yeah. Lame but dude it me, sorry I couldn’t be as cool as you.

To be continued. But dude this is just day one : I am (wait I mean Jon is going to be in Japan for 3 months. So the adventure continues. )

Dude but if you like this story please follow naochan on twitter. Cause she is the cutest thing ever. If 20 people follow her I will continue this story.(even upload my photo with her if you want to see me. If you hated it. Then hey nobody told you to read it but follow nao chan cause she is cute.  So yeah bye bye. (link below)



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