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Jessie is a bareback riding champion. She is extraordinary with horses and can deal with any stallion. She thinks.

Submitted: October 25, 2014

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Submitted: October 25, 2014





There once was a 20 year old women called Jessie,

She rode an untamed Scottish horse named Nessie.


She performed in Rodeo's for most of the year,

And even had a boyfriend who called her dear.


For the other days she worked for Simon Lest,

But in bareback riding she was the best.


The day she first met feisty, young Nessie,

Was the day the Rodeo was very messy.


By the time she got to the front of the gate,

The Rodeo was already running late.


Nessie went bucking as they opened the pen,

Jessie held on and counted to ten.


They got hold of Nessie on the count of nine,

And so far Jessie had bagged the best time.


Then all of a sudden Nessie went wild,

Flaying Jessie round like a doll for a child.


And Jessie was thrown 30ft in the air,

With Nessie on the ground rearing like a bear.


Down she came landing hard on the ground,

Cowboy's came running but Jessie made no sound.


One knelt by her side and one held her head,

Trying to determine if she was dead.


Her pulse was weak and her body was battered,

The medic's said some vertebrae were shattered.


One cowboy held onto her hand,

Up until the helicopter had left the sand.


For 2 months she was in intensive care,

The peace and quiet was rare.


By the time she was out,

The Rodeo was back around and about.


She joined back in and started to train,

Despite the metal rod that made her strain.


The metal rod ran deep in her back,

When training she expected it to crack.

A few weeks later she was back in the pen,

The gate opened and.


She counted to ten.

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