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Mia wakes in a strange wooden halls surrounded with voices. Little does she know how lonely life is about to become.

Submitted: September 17, 2015

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Submitted: September 17, 2015








The wooden beams above her head were still as she stood in the darkness, scratching and faint noises could be heard echoing around the halls. The air was cold and hard, a strong feeling of abandonment and encasement came upon her, the voices hung around the halls but they were all jumbled up like in a school classroom, among them she caught snatches,

A nuntius Domini de Pompeii she frowned at this and listened closer

?? ??????? ????? ?????????????? ??? ?? ??????!

Bonjour. C'est un tel soulagement de quitter la France, la guerre là-bas est terrible, nous avons juste eu à sortir

???? ??? ??????

Leonardo lei ha detto che sarebbe stato fatto ieri! E 'a malapena uno schizzo! she glanced around in disbelief and confusion at the distant and overlapping voices, they seemed to be coming from different places around the house but she wasn't sure, she wasn't sure if this even was a house although one thing she was sure about was that all the voices were in different languages.

¡Hola This voice was loud and bold with a Spanish accent, it came from the top of the stairs. She turned to see a man in his 20's with black hair just short of his shoulders wearing Jeans and a white shirt, Usted debe ser Mia he started to walk calmly down the stairs,

I'm sorry, I can't understand you she was slowly backing away from the man as he came nearer, she just wanted to be home and safe. Away from here,

“Eso está bien Sólo dale un poco de tiempo, and you'll understand” she stopped backing away and then stared at him in amazement,

You just. I could. But you were. she tried to make sentences but all she could do was stammer as she stood like a rabbit in headlights,

Yes I was speaking Spanish and I still am. I think you'd like to know where you are wouldn't you? she nodded not daring to move “What's the last thing you remember?” the man stopped and rested on the banister,

I was... she paused and froze, her face fell and became catatonic. The man looked down to try and catch her gaze but she slowly looked up and met him, he thought she was about to continue her answer but she fell forwards and he darted just in time to catch her.





There we go, take it easy his voice seemed softer than before as the light faded in, the air was warmer and she felt more peaceful and relaxed, You've got a bit of colour now” she caught his smile and she sat up on the wide and cosy sofa,

Who are you? she whispered still dazed looking around the fuzzy room

My name is Federico Rodriguez and I am the keeper Federico brought up a moist cloth and pressed it to her forehead,

Mia Alex Hawkins he looked up and smiled at her

I suppose you know where you are then Mia? he took the cloth down and dipped it in more water he brought it back to her forehead

I think I know where it am, only I thought it would be nicer and with more people

There have been lots of people here only they've been and gone Mia turned confused,

Gone where?

To the courtroom he moved the cloth away and felt her head. He put the cloth down and sat beside her, where they are judged

Judged about what?

Whether they are good or bad...

Whether they go to heaven or hell Mia finished

“There you go”

“So this is...”

“Limbo as some call it yes”

So we're nowhere?

Yes and no, think of this more as a waiting room than oblivion Mia's vision came fully into focus and she saw where she was. She was sitting on a comfy sofa in a small room, it felt like she was in an old tree, there were small stairs leading out over a fire burning slowly.

Ok. She paused. “So I'm waiting to go to the courtroom?


Are you waiting?

No as I said I am the keeper. I am also a disabled Mexican but that has no bearing here

A disabled Mexican? Mia exclaimed surprised “You don't look disabled. If you mind me asking

“No no it's mental disability”

“Right. Which is...”

Oh, I think I'm Mexican.” Mia thought for a moment as she contemplated this statement

That would explain your Spanish accent

Yes it does

Weren't you speaking in Spanish before?

I still am Federico paused to see if Mia understood him, clearly she didn't This place, it converts all languages to one that you individually can understand although unlike Doctor Who they are not all in a British accent

So I will be able to understand the voices?

The voices? Federico now looked confused but then it dawned on him “you mean the time window?” Mia became awkward and diverted her gaze

“Erm, yeah time window... yeah...

Come on I'll show you Federico stood and Mia took his hand, “need something to pass the time anyway” he lead her up the stairs.



The Globe


They came up a spiral staircase and through a trap door into a dimly lit room, it was smaller than the other room and was rounded. Mia couldn't make out what was on the walls,

Where are we? she asked

“Where ever you want to be” Mia frowned for a second before getting Federico's gist and went on,

“Alright then. When are we?”

“Any time and all time

Ok, is this a time machine? there was a pause as Mia waited for a reply

It's more of an all seeing ball, a globe if you will

A globe? before Mia could finish the floor opened up under her to reveal a massive globe of the world. Federico started to walk on it making it spin and with a yelp Mia jumped to the side, Federico glanced at her as if her actions were strange,

We're in The Globe as I call it and from here you can watch and be in any time, any where you want to be. So then pick a place and pick a time Mia hesitated before stepping forward,

Alright, Florence 1505

Ah Leonardo Da'Vinci

Of course Federico spun the globe and pressed his foot on Florence and then said loudly

“1505” the walls light up with a scene of Florence, people were moving and bustling around a marketplace, Mia caught whispers of conversations that didn't at first make sense,

2 polli e questa è la mia ultima offerta

Grazie signore che sarà di 13 fiorini”

Grazie signore che sarà di 15 fiorini, thank you very much Mia spoke now knowing the translation matrix had kicked in,

So this is Florence?” Mia questioned in surprise as she never expected to actually see Florence, she looked over at Federico who was grinning at her, “What?”

I'll show you with that he walked through the wall into Florence, his casual clothes changed to a big loose hat with a white baggy top and brown short trousers. Knowing what was coming Mia slowly walked into Florence. She now wore a red dress with a wide bottom and her hair and been put into two French plats connecting at the back of her head. Excuse me, do you know where Leonardo Da'Vinci is? the person Federico was talking to gave him a scowl and pointed to a house with it's door half open.

“Nice place” Mia commented, she picked her dress up so it didn't carry across the ground. They came to the door and Federico knocked on it,

Not today I'm busy, you can keep your insults to yourself the voice was busy and fast

“I have come to see your paintings Leonardo” at that moment a shortish man came to the door with scruffy hair,

Well my friends come in, do excuse all the mess I am a very busy man they came in and there was paper everywhere, drawings had leaked onto the walls and the floors and wooden structures were dotted around, “What were you looking for?”

A painting

Very specific, to buy or to see

Just to look at today but I wondered if you had one of a girl. I've heard of one around town

Yes I do he was searching in a big pile of papers for something then skittered into another room and came out with a big canvas covered in dust, I'm afraid I already have a buyer but your welcome to look at this piece he pulled the cover off and Mia gasped,

Ah, the Mona Lisa, have to say it's gorgeous but the mouth needs perfecting Federico commented as if he was an art critic Do you think it'll sell for much?

Goodness no came the voice from somewhere in the house “just a piece I was asked to do, surprised I can sell it at all” Mia was frozen solid. She was standing in 1505 Florence, in Leonardo's workshop looking at the real Mona Lisa, Leonardo poked his head round the door, “something up with your assistant?” he asked, Federico glanced back,

“First time in Florence, just new to her that's all. Well thank you Leonardo I may be back Federico turned and took Mia's hand, they entered back into the globe.





Well asked Federico

That was The Mona Lisa

Mia? You look like you need fresh air

Yeah Mia nodded as she felt faint, he lead her slowly down the trap door and outside. It was early evening, Mia became aware she was on a rope bridge around her was forest and the ground was a little too far off, where are we?

Still in Limbo, which is a tree house by the way Mia lay down and looked at the sky, Federico lay beside her,

Shame in the real world time travel doesn't exist

It does

What? How?

Light from the sun takes 8minutes to get to earth and we are seeing light from distant stars that was frombillions of years ago

Yeah but it's not humans travelling though time

No but it is time travel

The sun could explode and we wouldn't know until 8 minutes time


It wouldn't effect us. Would it?

No, no but if it did happen this place would became overcrowded

What do you do if this place fills with plague victims?

Be as calm as possible and clean here when they've left. Plague victims are very dirty

How did you originally get here Federico?

You know I can't remember

Can we see we if can find it? In the Globe?

Sure I don't know why... he was about to finish when there was an alarm sound and Federico stood. “Come with me it's time”





Where are we going?” Mia asked, they went up the rope bridge to a singular tower and inside, this room was dark like the globe but then a single wall in front of then opened up into bridge daylight, “where isthat?”

Your final stop with that they stepped through. It was bright outside, the sun shone through leaves above, graves were around them and just a few meters away stood a group,

“Who are they?” Mia was curious, and she started to walk forwards, as she got closer to them she seemed to start panicking “Federico who are they?” she started to half-run is that?

she was getting ready to sprint when a hand grabbed her from behind, they stopped 2 graves away,

“Yes that is your family” Mia started trying to get to them but Federico held her back “Yes that is your grave. And no you cannot go to them

They need me

Mia your dead you cannot be here, not to them he let go of her he could faintly see tears in her eves, faint whispers could be heard from them,

“Here lies Mia Alex Hawkins, born in the April of 1998. Here in Stone she was born and here in Stone she dies, a friend, a daughter, a granddaughter and a sister. We all know her as she was, optimistic, lively, social, caring and overall that...

Annoying the vicars voice was interrupted by a harsh but calm voice “jewel of a sister”

Oh Daniel... Mia's voice became limp as this was the first time her brother has said out loud his feelings for her,

Indeed the vicar continued That jewel of a girl, that we all cared for a figure bend forwards and put roses onto her grave,

“Mum...” Tears started to well in Mia's eyes but before she could hear any more a crash and whooshing sound came from behind them, Mia turned “Federico?”

The courtroom

My next stop?

Your final stop, they are ready for you Mia walked slowly towards it, just in front of the brink she turned to look at Federico,

“What happens to them? After this?”

“I don't know, outside time we we have a saying. We say that the past can be readlike a book for all who wish to see, the present is ever changing for those such as me, but the future can never be reached no matter who's got the key

Then I shall accept all threeand make this part of me Mia replied, then she bowed her head at Federico and turned to the portal, embracing his words she stepped into the courtroom.

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