Mirror, Mirror

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Elissa lives in the countryside with World War 2 raging. She wants an escape from this hell but what happens next will take her by surprise.

Submitted: November 17, 2014

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Submitted: November 17, 2014



Mirror, Mirror



1940, Chitterne


SMASH! Elissa's face dropped as she looked at the broken window, her plain brown clothes were fixed to her body, panic took her as she ran inside. The Hawkins would not be amused or delighted that their new evacuee from London had already broken a window within 48hours of arriving. The noise of her feet echoed around the halls of the country house as she ran up the stairs,

Elissa? What was that? The voice of Mrs Hawkins shot up the stairs, Elissa reached the top and grabbed the handle of the door in front of her, she stood next to the door panting. Footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs and Elissa slowed her breath, the door slowly opened and she dared not make a sound,

Elissa? Where is that girl? the door shut with a thud and Elissa sighed, she put her head against the wall and slid to the floor.





The clouds were gathered over the sky as Oskar walked in the midst of the runes. The stones scattered around him started to glow and he turned, watching them one by one light up, then for some strange reason he was drawn to the south. He ran to an unknown destination, far across the distance meadow, something or someone was calling him.



The Mirror


She only now took a good look around the room, it was all wooden with no carpet, no wallpaper, it wasn't even painted and the only thing that stood in the middle of the room was an old mirror. Elissa stood and walked towards it but as she went in front of it she gasped. There stood a boy, about her age gazing back at her,

Who are you? She asked in an alarmed voice,

“Who are you?” he replied

I'm Elissa

I'm Oskar

Why are you in my mirror?

I'm not in your mirror

You are...

No I'm... he paused come closer Elissa came forwards curious,

What? she was whispering now,

“Thalia?” his voice was hushed under his breath, he looked behind him then back at her in confusion and slight terror then he turned away,

“No. Come back. Tell me who you are!” he faded away leaving her reflection standing there in desperation. Voices mixed outside and she hid behind the mirror,

“Are you sure she came in here?”

Positive. We need to get her under control

Give her a rest, she's just left her home. We'll try in the study the door shut and Elissa curled up, put her head between her knees and waited.





Elissa? She did not know how much time had passed but the whisper was loud in the silent room. She got up and looked round into the mirror. It was Oskar again, he seemed more dark and mysterious than before and there was a light in his eyes,

Where are you? the question passed through her lips without her even thinking about it

I am where I've always been but you've never been here before

But I'm not here, there, where you are. I'm here, she turned, lifting her arms up and looking at the door 1940. Chitterne. The war is long and hard. she turned back to him “I just want to escape” he frowned

The war?

The London Blitz, the great terror seeing he got none of this she made it plain Death and destruction

There is no death and destruction in my world, only meadows, rivers, mountains, forest, glass libaries, fireflies, tree-top houses...

Glass libaries? Elissa butted in amazed

So there's always enough light to read by and at night fireflies gather around on the glass because of the remaining sun's heat so the light never really goes out

It's been a decade since I saw even a treehouse or the top of a mountain

We have forests full to tree-top houses, bridges linking them like villages. Mountains covered in snow watch over the bright shell covered shores and each year the glacier melts letting down a river of clear, fresh, water

If I could escape that I would be in paradise Elissa whispered “Away from this hell, bombs falling, never sure where death is lingering, all the beauty from here was taken long ago. I want to see, hear, smell, taste, feel just a tiny drop of freedom. she turned away

Then wish it

Wishes are false

Then find it

There is nothing to find

Then take my hand”

Elissa turned back to see Oskar's hand held out towards her,

There is nothing to take

There is always something to take and always. Someone to hold on to he turned and put his hand on the mirror, she turned her hand and placed it on his. The mirror began to crackle and a wave of white grew across the mirror, Oskar and Elissa were blinded but their hands helt tight as now there seemed to be nothing between them. The white spread around Elissa, she threw her hands about trying to escape,

Oskar? Oskar!

I'm here, I'm here Elissa felt hands around her waist bringing her in. She met Oskar face to face Hey

Where am I? the sunlight faded in and Elissa look around, directly behind her was the mirror going into the room, I can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. she turned smiling at Oskar “Freedom.”





The water was quiet but the witch was silent, her feet treated lightly on the ground that she passed, her body was bare apart from painted symbols on her skin and the light brown clothes she worn around her torso.Her head darted to the water like an owl, light was flowing across it, Thalia reached her hand down and touched it, she gave a shout and darted backwards. Clutching her hand she looked at the glowing pool and spoke,

It cannot be she turned her head “She is here”





This is your world? Elissa asked as they stood in a meadow

Yes When Elissa heard Oskar's reply turned smiling. She paused for a moment then ran, “wait for me!” Oskar called sprinting after her. The grass was soft against her bare feet, her laughter was filled with joy and she ran across the meadow, further and further right up into the tree-line. Oskar ran after her into the tree's feeling her freedom and happiness within him. But then he saw the water, it was glowing a kind of yellow, a name came into his mind. Thalia. He suddenly became afraid and began to call out Elissa stop, wait! no sooner than he'd called out did Elissa's laughter stop. He came to a stop searching round in panic, where is she?

His breathing was loud as he scoured the area with his hawk eyes. Elissa, Elissa, Elissa, Elissa. Elissa.His gaze moved to a small lake to his left, he darted to it. Diving in close to the water's edge. The water was cold and had a hard feel to it. He plunged deep into it keeping his eyes open. He saw Elissa, as if she was frozen in time, surrounded by bubbles. He swam and took hold of her arms, pulling her out.

She gasped, looking round frantically.

It's all right, your safe her eyes calmed and looked to him, let's get away from here





Thalia followed them with her gaze from a tree-top branch, Elissa was in Oskar's arms. Her gaze fell on Elissa and she felt uncomfortable, exposed and anxious. You would tend to, if your reflection was in the same world as you were. Her gaze drifted then to Oskar and she got feelings of betrayal, loss and anger. Oskar was her's not Elissa's. She turned and leaping from the tree vanished.



The Trap


They walked a fair distance, Caw! Oskar whipped round, a crow passed him by then Elissa screamed. Oskar turned back to see her vanish into the darkness, Elissa! Elissa!

Oskar? Oskar? her voice was frosty and broken, he ran calling. When he found her, her clothes were torn and her back was agaist a tree,

Come on, you'll be safe at my home Oskar took her arm and helped her up. Elissa watched from a distance, she was tangled in Ivy that wrapped all the way around her body she tried calling out but her strength was failing. She watched as Oskar helped Thalia to his tree-top cabin.

This is where you live? Thalia asked intregued,

Do you like it? Oskar replied

I love it Thalia's voice was enthusiastic

Do you have anything like this at home? Thalia paused,

“No, wood is a rare treat at home”

Because of the bombs? Thalia was caught like a deer in headlights, she had no idea what a bomb was,

Yeah Oskar sensed her nerviousness,

Come on, your dirty and a little smelly, you need a shower he came over and hugged her from behind. Thalia fell into his soft arms and relaxed at his touch, she loved Oskar's touch, it was as soft as silk. He loosed her a bit so she started to undo her lace on her clothes, here Oskar took her hands and undid the lace at the back, Thalia smiled. Her clothes loosened and she turned to take them off when she caught his look,

What is it? he fell back them scrambled onto his feet,

That scar...” he juttered, Thalia grabbed at her clothes. Oskar got up and ran Elissa! Elissa! Where are you? he ran out into the forest, Thalia went to the door and watched him. She fastened her clothes and followed.



True Identity


Oskar found Elissa and started untangling her from the Ivy, We need to get out of here, Thalia's coming and she's angry

Who's Thalia? Oskar had just finished getting all the Ivy off and looked at her, the words were stolen from him as Thalia greeted the party.

Look at you two, together like a happy couple Oskar held Elissa as she stared at Thalia who was a perfect image of herself, If you can love her why can't you love me?

Because that's not what love is! Thalia started to move,

“Then what is it? Hate, betrayal, skipping from one to the next she paced, Because that's what I feel and I love you!

I don't love you! I love Elissa!


I will never love you! Oskar hugged Elissa. Thalia's eye's became wide and full of hate, she turned her hands, Ivy appeared around her wrists and grew to her hands where a ball of green light swurled. She threw it towards Oskar but Elissa dived infront, Elissa! Oskar bend down but Elissa got up,

You were never me and I was never you she raised her hands and her hands started to glow but my coming here the light in her hands grew stronger I have made you weak she threw the ball right at Thalia, she turned and threw her hand across her face making feathers appear on it. The light hit her hard and she was thrown back before she could transform and fly away. An explosion came from where Thalia fell and a horrific noise screeched across the plain. The world started to spin, Elissa and Oskar called out to one another.





The noise went and Elissa looked up, she was in the dark dusty room with the mirror, inside the mirror, which had become misty, came distant shouts, Elissa! Elissa! Elissa stumbled into the mirror but as she entered it she fell back and the feathers hit the floor. Her arms were now wings and she stared at them in amazement and horror but her thoughts then changed to Oskar.She held back her own cries as the feathers spread down and across her lower body, she listened for his cries.

Where are you? Help me!

I'm here, I'm here hearing her voice he shoutedElissa, I don't want to lose who I am! Elissa's peircing orange eye's looked up to see him clearly now,

“Then wish it to be true she called

Wishes are false he cried out

Then find it and hold it in your heart

There is nothing to find his cries became louder as the feathers grew up his body, there was a loud pulse of movement and Osker turned his yellow eyes to see,

Then take my hand” Elissa held out her wing to him with her other wing pulsing up and down keeping her in the air,

There is nothing to take his voice was a whisper, she was about to lose him,

There is always something to take and always. Someone to hold on to she wrapped her wing round the remaining upper part of his chest and flew him up as fast as her wings allowed. His massive wings felt the force as were dragged downwards, he forced them up again.




Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. They flew, side by side far off beyond all fear, hate and malice. The now fading echo's of them remained in the dusty old room and off in the far world as the true Elissa and Oskar journeyed into a country of rest and tranquillity.

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