The Man Within The Moon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The iconic man in the moon. Only do you know his story?

Submitted: November 28, 2014

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Submitted: November 28, 2014



The Man Within The Moon



To Begin


Lizzie’s whole body shook as she jolted upright in the darkness; her body sweating horribly, her eyes were wide and full of panic. As her breathing became easier and less heavy she looked across their attic bedroom at her little 8 year old sister, Isla was turned towards the wall, her curly hair was hiding her face and a faint sound of crying could be heard. Lizzie pushed the covers back from her bed and walked across their room to Isla, she lent on her bed, putting an arm to Isla’s shoulder and gently turning her crying sister towards her she whispered,

“Hey, bad dreams?” Lizzie’s voice was calm but still shaky,

“Yeah” Isla whispered back, her tear stained eyes looked at Lizzie then she turned and pointed at the moon that was visible through the skylight above Isla’s bed,

“They’re the cause, aren’t they?” Isla continued as Lizzie looked up to the moon following Isla’s pointing hand, “The mist”

“The misty glow of the moon, also known as the No?ní m?ry” Isla dropped her hand and looked at her 11 year old sister,

“Nightmares” Isla whispered in Lizzie’s ear. “But,” Isla began and Lizzie looks at her “Why doesn’t Muž na m?síci make them go away, he protects us at night. Doesn’t he?” Lizzie sighs, she moves back across the bed and sits down , her legs crossed with her back to the wall, she explains,

“Muž na m?síci protects us at night, and although he’s more powerful than the No?ní m?ry, they are more in number, hundreds of thousands more” She looks at her sister and her expression of understanding gazed back at her,

“That’s why he’s scared of them” Isla adds intrigued,

“Yes, for the No?ní m?ry hate him and if he was to step onto the light side of the moon” Lizzie then stopped and acted out throwing dust into the air with her hands, “Muž na m?síci would be no more”

“So he must stick to the dark side” Isla said now becoming uneasy and scared,

“Isla” But her sister slides under the covers and turns to the wall once more, Lizzie then gets into Isla’s bed and curls up next to her, “Goodnight Isla, Muž na m?síci may not be here but I am and nothing will happen to you” Isla turns and tucks her head into Lizzie’s chest, Lizzie puts her hand on Isla’s neck and snuggles down.

Snow falls outside, dark shapes on brooms with cats fly in the sky, a wolf howls up to the full moon. As the No?ní m?ry feast on beautiful nightmares of the people of the world, Muž na m?síci or more commonly known as the man in the moon, fishes with his wooden rod down into the abandoned forest of Fontána Modrá, searching, searching for the kámen, Dívka na Zemi.



The Frozen Fire


As Dívka na Zemi lay in her leafy bed up under the leaves her mind drifted back through time, she dreamt of the planet crashing into earth, being born within fire with Muž na m?síci, being dragged to earth, leaving Muž to the moon.

Dívka had deep red, wavy hair, she was wearing a pale red skirt, a white vest and her feet were bare.

Sunlight was bright on Dívka’s cold face, she was lying on the ground. The air was warm, not quite tropical, she was surrounded by ferns, so she concluded that she lay in a forest. She stood up somewhat dazed only to be bewildered as right in front of her was a pebble only it looked exactly like a butterfly. Slowly she reached towards it, to pick it up but when she touched it, it became a real butterfly. Taken aback a first Dívka then watched the butterfly fly around her, she reached out to touch it, THUMP! The hard pebble fell once more to the ground. Dívka kneeled next to it, she slid her hand cautiously under the pebble, once again the butterfly came alive but this time it sat on her hand and didn’t move.

Then something came to mind. kámen zví?ata, on earth animals turn to stone when they die and human’s fossilise and become part of the ground, but Dívka being born of fire, could bring animals to life out of cold stone but that ment she also mad them dead again by touching them twice.

Dívka stumbled back, letting the butterfly fly away up into the sky, she took a breath and walked through the woods and soon became aware that she was in a Forest of kámen zví?ata, around her were stone bears, stone wolves, stone rabbits, stone birds, stone rodents, stone mammals, stone horses, stone. She stopped and looked up at this particular kámen, it was large, it had what seemed to be fur, long, thick, brown fur and huge tusks, mammoth, the word flew into her mind and so she carried on.

After she had walked for some time she found ruins, they seemed to be in the middle of this kámen zví?ata forest, these ruins were tall, stone crows stood on the top of what were columns, stone rats and mice stood in the shadows and cracks, then Dívka found something amazing. In the middle of these ruins lay a kámen Drak. She circled this strange creature; for she’d never seen one like this before, it was very large. It had scales all across its body, two spikes on its head, spikes down its back and tail and huge claws. Dragon.

At first Dívka stepped back, she wanted to touch it, oh how she wanted to feel this creature but she stopped terrified of what would happen if she did. She slowly edged towards it, her hand getting closer. She stopped, her heart was pounding now. She took a deep breath and placed her hand on the dragon. It raised its head.

A sudden stream of Ice flew at her, she didn’t have time to duck. SMASH! It hit. She stepped back, amazed. She wasn’t hurt.

The dragon looked at her, looked at the smashed Ice on the floor, moving carefully this time he edged towards this thing, Dívka didn’t dare move, she remained there.


Then the dragon bowed its head and Dívka climbed on.



Muž na m?síci


Days grew into weeks, weeks grew into months, months grew into years. As the years went by Dívka na Zemi never aged, well not when it comes to looks anyway, she always did and always will look 18 if she ever got older is a mystery. She lived for many a year quite happily with her kámen zví?ata, every so often she’d feel ambitious so she’d take the dragon out above the clouds and watch over earth from above, Dívka never went on the ground past her kámen zví?ata forest for she was too scared of people, she’d seen them but did not know what they could do:

The feeling was like meeting the dragon, amazed but terrified, only with the dragon she could control his life, as all the other animals. She also loved to make things out of wood and fern stems, she’d made wooden flute that she loved to play, a wooden swing that the dragon loved to watch, a wooden bowl to help scoop up water from the stream in the wood and a wooden crow she’d then proceeded to put up next to the kámen crows in the ruins (she’d made her home). She’d touch all the kámen crows then the wooden one and marvel at how the crows couldn’t figure why it wasn’t alive, she’d spend hours next to her dragon just watching them peck at this wooden crow.

But her favourite creation was this white dress she’d made with green decorations out of stems of plants and Ivy. Sometimes, very rarely she’d lie on her favourite bear kámen’s back and look up at Muž na m?síci.

She had a distant memory of Muž na m?síci, when they were formed, but she hadn’t seen him since, well not properly anyway. She’d gaze up at the moon and every so often catch a glimpse of him, only a glimpse. Until this one autumn’s day.

The night of 7th August she was lying on Nesou’s back, her bear kámen, and she saw him, in the darkness, his distinctive shape was hardly noticeable but there. That’s the moment she decided. She jumped up off nesou’s back and ran to the ruins, she opened a wooden box that she’d made changed into her white dress with green decorations, took the flute and shook her dragon awake.

“Dragon, now is the time, now we must go…” before she could continue Dívka saw the dragon get nothing of this other than dragon and that he was staring boldly at her dress, Dívka said “Muž na m?síci” and pointed to the moon, the dragon then understood and Dívka climbed into his back and they flew upwards. Up and up they went through the night, through the clouds, up to the stars, neither being very truly alive and bound to the earth they drifted.

As they came nearer the moon the dragon found landing was going to be difficult due to no partials in space and solar winds raging, he drifted over the moon until he could see Muž. His wings beat as hard as they could and he dropped and they landed. Dívka slipped off his back in her long white dress with green decorations onto the soft grey sand of the moon, see looked across and to her surprise!

She saw the empty yellow hammock where Muž na m?síci sleeps then she saw him and her heart filled with excitement, he was tall with red hair and he wore a blue top will a collar turned neatly in its place, blue jeans and he also was barefooted.



True Love


Dívka na Zem walked slowly towards Muž na m?síci, Muž was doing something with the sand, it was flowing from the moon to earth like rivers of water after a short while she saw him slow and retract his hands from what he was doing and he turned back to his hammock.

“Ah!” came the cryas he saw them, “Who? What?” Muž cried out pointing at Dívka then at the dragon “How did you?”

“Muž na m?síci I am Dívka na Zem” came Dívka’s reply “you have no need to be afraid” she whispered

“Dívka na Zem?” Muž said calming down “And, a. kámen?” pointing at the dragon,

“Kámen dragon, I have waited for this day for many a year” Dívka bowed to Muž knowing there was no need to bow,

“As have I, forgive me you startled me, I’ve been alone so long” Muž exclaimed, also bowing “And what in the name of gracious beauty is that?” the dragon looked up, thinking he’d noticed him only to see Dívka taking out the flute, so he lowered his head again while Dívka explained, then Dívka played a tune to Muž that she’d made herself,

“Let me see” Muž took the flute, sat on his hammock and turned it over in his hands,

“Yes, the hammock…” Dívka started

“The hammock was made by the sandman for me, for somewhere to rest” Muž looked up at her smiling, still holding the flute in his hands

“The sandman, who brings dreams?”

“The very same, I let the world sleep and he gives them dreams, that’s what the sand does, we’re very good friends” Dívka gazed at him with wonder. Muž then had an idea he summoned up grey sand from the floor and made a wind round the flute,

“Move the wind to the notes you play in your order” he told Dívka and she did, the flute started to play her tune, it echoed as there was nothing to stop it, Muž stood and reached out his hand, Dívka took it and they started to dance, Dívka’s dress waved through the sand, leaving a trail of splendour and beauty behind them. The dragon moved his tail in front of his eyes and peeking out he saw them move this-way and that-way flowing round in the emptiness of space, they span, turned, twisted around one another until Dívka fell onto the floor,

“Dívka!” Muž cried as she landed on the black sand, Dívka laughed and pulled Muž down into the sand with her, they rolled in the black sand until it was covering their clothes then they fell still and they leaned closer to one another, the dragon turned his head away, his tail following and gave a low growl of disapproval and sure enough they snogged.

Could have kept it to a kiss at least thought dragon, as the minutes dragged by,



The No?ní m?ry


When the dragon dared to look back they were running after one another, tdragon gave a sigh of relief, then his muscles tightened and he shouted but Dívka and Muž were too distracted to notice him, he ran after them.

They ran for what seemed like miles, they ran further and further until Muž stopped, Dívka turned to look at him,

“I’ve run. Out. Of. Breath” Muž said panting, then he looked up at Dívka and froze still,

“Muž?” Dívka cried happily, still smiling,

“Dívka. You need to come to me, take my hand” his smile had faded and his voice was serious and scared,

“Muž?” Dívka’s happiness faded and she became scared,

“Grab my hand now!” Muž’s voice was harsh and instructive now, Dívka took a step back and shook her head. Tears came into Muž’s eyes as mist drifted down onto her and he shouted “COME TO ME NOW!”

Dívka had frozen and she was shaking “Muž help me, help me please!, MUŽ!” Dívka cried so loud for him that even nesou turned his head up in fear,

“DÍVKA!” Muž screamed for her, she was screaming now her body shaking so violently she couldn’t do anything but scream, tears streamed down Muž’s face as he watched in terror, then suddenly dragon jumped over Muž’s head and hurtled himself and Dívka down to earth, Muž’s tear stained face never left them as Dívka reached out for him and he saw the worst thing of all, Dívka was becoming a kámen.


Furiously Muž ran back to his hammock where he’d left the flute, he ripped it open removing the fine thread inside and then he dropped it onto the floor and he collapsed in a flood of tears.


Dívka fell down, down to earth still screaming for Muž. CRASH! She landed on her back, feeling her dragon nudging her side she turned sideways to face him, see looked at his face, he was staring at her legs, the bottom of her dress and her knees downwards were already stone. She looked up at the moon, reached out her hand for Muž to grab it,


“Dívka” Muž cried on the floor, feeling the sand and holding onto the broken flute, he shut his eyes and when he opened them he knew what he must do. He took the wood and using the fire within him he made it into a rod then attached the fine thread to the end and cast a line hoping to find Dívka once more.


“Muž” came Dívka’s last cry, she turning her head down, her deep red hair drooping down off her shoulders in sadness, her hand curled down and then she froze, on her side, looking down, with her hand half curled she became a kámen and so did the whole forest of Fontána Modrá, never to move again.

© Copyright 2020 ShonaEH. All rights reserved.

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