To My Dearest Josh

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A letter for Josh

Submitted: November 23, 2015

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Submitted: November 23, 2015



To my dearest Josh,

I regret to inform you that the meeting you so delicately arranged has been cancelled at the request of your partner. I overheard them earlier talking about this meeting and found myself shocked b their words. You hear about these poisonous words often by second hand, snide remarks and sharp whispers in the wind only offering a hind of what lies beneath. I urge you not to attempt to contact this partner again as I fear it will only end in bitterness, unless you are, of course, a perfect match. In which case I applaud at your success and wish you all the luck of keeping up to their prejudice standards. Don't get me wrong sire, I have no personal conflicts with those who wish to choose their friends but they are terribly bad for business. These people break down walls and break down friendships just because a person does not fit with their ideologies.

I shall inform you now of someone I one knew, shy and timid she seemed when we first met but she was secretly hiding her venom. We held out our hand and she spat on them. She took a committed, kind and intelligent selection of boys and twisted them around her finger. She loured them and gave them false hope, leading them into the mists of their minds. One tried to break free by eyeing the high-lying politicians, another tried to contact others who had not fallen to her trap. Several more have attempted to escape but I am sad to say only one made it. He is with us now, safe and secure, and we have no desire to see him harmed like that again.

It is with these words that I enforce on you how important it is to avoid these people.

My dearest Josh. Be safe,


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