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Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011




She sat there with blood splattered over her. She could not and could believe she had done it. It was a long time coming she thought. Just a week ago at her bachelorette party things did not go so well. She got into a fight with her sister in front of her house. She was so drunk and so angry, then all she wanted to do is kill Mone.

Mone was her sister. To Crystal all her life it’s always had been about Mone. They were close in age by one year. They had similar interest but for life of her Crystal she always believed that even her parents like Mone just a bit more. As the years went by the feelings between the two waxed and wane. They became farther apart. It got to point that even when they were in the same room together a fight ensued.

Crystal’s problems with her sister were many. There was not just one thing. But if you had to pinpoint one thing, that one thing would be the day she heard those famous words from her mother reinforced by her father. “It’s not about you Crystal it’s about Mone.” Not so bad for a family trying to raise two girls you can never give enough attention to both.

For Crystal this had all become too familiar. You see today, that day, a lot days should have been about Crystal. That day was her birthday, that day was her high school graduation. That day was her acceptance to Harvard. For Crystal now sitting holding the knife she used to stab her sister forty-two times was enough. She counted forty-two times it was that day.  

Blood was still flowing from Mone’s body it was a horrific scene. Crystal did not seem worried. She sat calm, collect and unaffected by the ordeal. Sometimes people break in horrible ways. She took a breath and gathered her thoughts about what to do next. She had no remorse for this act, a punishment for what she considers to be Mone’s greatest crime against her.

She went to the washroom to rinse off the blood. There in the mirror with water running staring back at her. She did not see a monster or crazed killer. Crystal saw a vindicated woman, she saw absolution. A great trauma had lifted off her back.

She began to wash off her arms and face. There was so much blood it coated the sink. She did not want to take a shower. She did want to wash the deed off, not yet anyway. When she was finished she headed to her bedroom never even looking at the body on the living room floor.

She laid in her bed looking at the ceiling lost in its ruffled design. She was tired its takes a lot of you to stab someone forty two times. “I could fall asleep right now.” She thought. Dreaming would be an escape from this madness, but Crystal did not want to escape so she stayed awake. Soon the real world would begin to seep in. She had murdered her sister, a capital offense. She could spend the rest of her life in prison. Be shunned by mother, father and friends. Be labeled that monster she did not see in the mirror. What would she do then?

Crystal headed back to the kitchen to make herself a drink. An hour had passed she was now much calmer than before. She opened the cabinet and pulled down a small glass. She reached to the top of the fridge and grabbed a bottle of rum. Baca

rdi light rum her favorite. She filled the glass with a few ice cubes and a small about of Pepsi, and a large amount of rum. She twirled the glass around a bit and took a sniff.
There was more rum than Pepsi she could smelled the difference. She took a sip and licked her lips. “Refreshing” She said softly.

Crystal went back to the living room. Mone laid face down on the rug in her own blood. She sat down in the chair in front of body calmly taking sips of her cocktail. “You stupid bitch, what am I going to do with you now? You have blood all over my carpet, my walls, hell even this chair. What’s the reason Mone, the reason that this happen to you? It’s always had to be about you. Well dear now it is. Now we can go to your funeral and talk about you all day long. Now at family gatherings your name can monopolizes the whole fucking gathering. I can just hear it now. People will be whispering your name from across the room. There will be crying, sobbing, all, the above dear sister. Now they will have something to talk about. But eventually like all good things sister your memory will fade. And the great Mone will be talked about no more. That will be a glorious day.”

Crystal lean down to the body on her hands and knees. Blood soaked through her jeans and her hands again were coated in it. “What am I going to do with you now?” She whispered. “I can’t just leave you here you will start to smell. I don’t really want to sneak you out, where would I take you? This mess is going to be hell to clean up dear sister. I mean look at this place. There are signs of a struggle dear sister.” Crystal sat up and leaned back on the body. “What do they do in the movies? They chop them up right or bury them in back yard somewhere or along some old dusty road. Where do I find an old dusty road?” She jumped and went toward her laptop in the corner of the roam cocktail in hand. She began goggle old dusty roads as she got the results back she thought. “Who kills a person then goggles where to bury them?” She turned around and looked at body puzzled about what to do next. Her problem was this Crystal did not believe she did anything wrong but the rest of the world would. She could take the licks go to trial claim it was self-defense. But it was not self-defense it was murder, vengeance at best. She could give them her side of events. Tell everyone what really happen, surely when they found out what Mone had done. Crystal position would be solidified. The horror of her crime would surely pale in comparison to what her sister did. They could all see, and maybe even then some would claim if she was still alive I would have killed her too. This made sense; it was the vindication of woman against a person of all persons, a sister one you should be able to trust with your life who commented this awesome crime against her. She looked down at the glass in her hand now stained with blood and noticed she was a little low on cocktail. “I have to go refilled this Mone you don’t mind do you.” She went back to the kitchen poured just a spit of Pepsi and filled the rest with rum.

She leaned on the counter still perplexed about what to do. Like earlier she could tell the truth and surely the madness of her sister crime would bring the masses to rally for her. As likely as she thought that was to happen she knew in reality that was a long shot at best. Even if you are right sometimes the world will still see you as wrong. Now she thought she could just make up a story. Beside she was the only witness. No one else was there to counter her claims. People have always known that the two never got along. There had been fist fights before in public. At the park, on the bus and in school, almost anywhere these two were violence ensued. Once even a friend stated one day one these girls are going to kill each other. Crystal smiled “How true.” She thought.

She went back into living room standing over the body with complete disdain in her heart. “Not only have you completely ruined my apartment dear sister now you taking up my personal time. I have to figure what the fuck to do with your body and to tell the truth I have no clue. So here we are again it’s all about you. You come over mad at world thinking I’m just going to back down. You call me names in my home disrespect me and for what. I tell you for what because you’re a bitch that’s for what. I have always been better than you. You knew it, and I knew it. The world knew it Mone.” Crystal began to pace back and forth slowly steady looking down at the body. “You know what you problem is. I’m sorry do you know what your problem was. You just could not keep it together. You flew off the handle so easily. You never wanted to just let things go. Like the time high school when I kissed your boyfriend. You went crazy, called me all types bitches and hoes. You know I could have just fucked him. But as sister I didn’t. I was being nice; you could have been nice too. But you came over here all big and bad and bitchy and what did that get you. It got you forty-two to the chest.  And now you are dead.” Her pace picks up as continues back and forth.

“And you know what else. I hated you, all of you. Your hair, your eyes, your legs, I even hated the car you drove. Mone you disgust me I should killed you alone time ago you bitch. I should have killed you the first they said it was not about me. I should have continued into your room that night when I was twelve and stabbed you the fuck to death. But did not I put the knife back in the kitchen Mone. I let you live, don’t I deserve credit for that. I gave you your life.” Crystal sat beside the body again tears in her eyes place her hands on the body. “So what do you want me to do now sister. I’m crying now, you hurt me so bad over the years. All I could do was hurt you back and now look at us.” Wiping the tears from her face she took another sip of her cocktail. “So I’m sorry dear sister let me get myself together. Look I got your shirt all wet with tears I. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll get a towel and wipe it off.” She stood and went back to the bathroom and turn on the water. She looked into the mirror and like before she did not see the monster she saw something else. Tears still rolling down her face mixing with the blood were falling into the sink. She desperately tried to wipe them away but they keep coming. The more she tried to wipe the blood away with her hands she simply added more. Crying more fiercely she began to feel a nervous pit her stomach. She crouched over a bit in pain and scream out. “Oh my God, what is happing to me? What is this? What did that bitch do to me?” Still in pain she grabbed a towel and ran it under some hot water, and used it on her face. After she was done the towel was coated in blood again another sharp pain hit her. This time she buckled over and fell to the floor holding her stomach. “Oh my God!” She screamed. “What is this pain?” Crying even more she fought to get to all four and crawled back to the room where Mone laid. By now she was vomiting and could barely keep the room from spinning. She reached Mone body and laid next to her. The pain had become completely unbearable by now. “What did you do to me? She asked softly. Is this your way of getting back me, your way of having your final say? You bitch I know what you want. I not going to do it I’m not going to say I’m sorry.  I don’t care how much it hurts or bad it gets. I’m not going to do it. I’m not monster. I’m not a monster. I’m not a monster.” She laid there in pain until the room was dark. She claimed she was not a monster but the guilt and remorse of what she had done had become too much for her. Crystal did not want to face the fact that truly she was a monster that truly the only crime Mone had done to her was forgive her.

Mone came to confront her sister about sleeping with her husband. In her rage a fight did ensue. But cooler head soon prevail although she was hurt and angry about transgression she offered Crystal forgiveness and for Crystal this was too much. How dare she, what gives her right. Crystal grabbed a knife from kitchen and stabbed her poor sister four-two times.


The end



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