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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young 22 year old discovers he can create a device to fix the mistakes of his past. After modifying time to give himself a great life and save a lost loved one, he discovers that the universe
doesn't take kindly to interference.

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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Submitted: October 04, 2017





A film by Joshua Potts.



Open to a shot of a wall-clock ticking, surrounded by blackness. The ticking becomes louder; more haunting; echoing.

A quote fades onscreen.

“There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change.” –H.G. Wells, 1895.




The blackness around the clock fades into white, as the camera pans down to reveal a classrom, where a teacher is giving an assignment. In the class we see FLYNN HILLYER, a young male teen wearing glasses, playing with a small, yellow crystal on a chain around his neck.


TEACHER: Alright class, today we’re going to do a quick writing warm-up. I want you to write a short letter to your future selves. Talk about what you want to happen in your lives 10 or so years from now. Your dreams, ambitions. Stuff like that.


Flynn looks over to a desk on his left. He sees the young, beautiful CECILY DAVIS. He gazes for a moment at her with a small smile on his face. She turns to look at him and he averts his eyes back to the teacher.


TEACHER: (O/S) Be sure to put your name and date at the top and pass them up when you’re done.




The hallway is full of busting teens chatting and moving hurriedly to their next class. Flynn walks alongside his friend ROB PHILLIPS. Flynn spots Cecily in front of him talking to a few friends. He stops walking.


FLYNN: You know she broke up with Michael Vander a couple of days ago…


ROB: Well look, Flynn. You can talk about it all you want, but it makes no difference unless you actually ask her.


Flynn looks for a moment, thinking about it.


FLYNN: You really think she’d go for me?


ROB: Well, rationally, no, but you’ll never find out unless you make something resembling a move.


Flynn hesitates. Finally he approaches her.


FLYNN: H-Hey Cecily. I uh…


The girls near her giggle as they watch Flynn struggle, Cecily smiles and tries to encourage him a little.


CECILY: It’s okay, Flynn. What is it?


FLYNN: The There’s a dance, I think...and…


Suddenly MICHAEL VANDER approaches and puts his arm around Cecily. He sizes Flynn up with his eyes and scoffs.


VANDER: “” mixed with all this nervous shit. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist like you to figure this out. You’re trying to ask out my girlfriend?


FLYNN: I thought- I heard that you...god dammit.


VANDER: Yeah, Hillyer. We broke up for like two fucking hours. Over some stupid shit, too, so we figured it out.


CECILY: Flynn, you have to like, give stuff like this time. You’re really REALLY sweet but-


Vander steps in front of her getting really close to Flynn.


VANDER: Why don’t you learn to stay in your fucking place, kid? You think that stuttering nonsense would have worked anyway?


Everyone around Flynn continues laughing, more of a crowd now than before. Cecily looks sad for him. Flynn hurriedly walks away as Rob chases after him.

Cecily looks at him as he leaves pitifully, and somewhat longingly. It's clear she has some amount of care for him.




Rob catches up with Flynn, who is still storming off.


ROB: Flynn!


Flynn ignores him. Rob grabs him by his shoulder and turns him around. Flynn has tears welling up in his eyes. Rob pauses and looks at him with sadness.


FLYNN: Get to class, Rob… I’ll catch up with you later. I just need a moment alone.


Rob hesitatingly nods his head and walks off.


Flynn opens the door leading outside and exits.

At the end of the hallway, Cecily gazes after him. She begins walking toward the door.




Flynn arrives in a small forest behind his schoolyard, he gazes at the trees around. His eyes are teared-up, and he’s clearly embarrassed.

He slides off his belt and begins crying. He attaches it to a limb.

Suddenly, a gust of wind and a crackling sound appear. He shutters and looks around for the source of the noise. As he does this, Cecily walks into the forest.


CECILY: Flynn? Are you over here?


Flynn turns and looks at her. She freezes up as she looks at the belt hanging from the tree.


CECILY: Flynn...what are you doing?


Flynn is speechless, unable to find his words. Cecily points to a big rock nearby.




They both sit on the rock.


CECILY: Flynn, is this about was happened earlier?


Flynn doesn’t look at her, he gazes of into the distance.


FLYNN: Part of it, yeah.


CECILY: What do you mean, “part of it”?


FLYNN: What I mean is...everything. My whole life has just been a damned domino effect of tragedy after tragedy, you know, with my parents dying a few years back. Failure after failure. Everything I ever tried to do was in vain, and that back there? Ever since I was six and started school, I’ve been the butt of every joke in existence. It’s just one more thing to add to the list.


CECILY: Flynn, you’re not the butt of every joke.


FLYNN: I used to be.


CECILY: Well you never were to me, all my life you’ve been the sweetest, most caring guy I’ve ever met. I never looked down on you, if anything I looked up. People like Michael, well, he’s just a fucking jerk.


FLYNN: Then why keep going out with the guy?


Cecily pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights one up as she ponders.


CECILY: There’s more to it than I care to let on…


FLYNN: I’m all ears.


She takes a deep breath.


CECILY: He’s scary, Flynn. Terrifying at times. When I tried breaking up with him, he wouldn’t have it...started yelling and… I don’t know I’m just too afraid to see what he could do if I left for good.


Cecily looks at Flynn’s neck-chain.


CECILY: Your crystal fell off.


Flynn looks around for a second, retracing his steps. Finally he sees a glint of light on the ground, and walks over to retrieve it.


FLYNN: Yeah, it does that.


CECILY: Wasn’t that your dad’s or something?


Flynn inserts the crystal back into a fitting on the chain, and tucks in under his shirt.


FLYNN: Yeah, it’s been passed down through my family for like 100 years or something. They say that it was-


He pauses and chuckles to himself.




FLYNN: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.


CECILY: Try me.


FLYNN: They say it's cut from these crystals that belonged to an inventor, and he built a time machine.


CECILY: Well, I guess you were right. That is pretty unbelievable.


She tosses the cigarette aside.


CECILY: Well, I have to get back to class, can’t afford another absence. You coming?


FLYNN: No, I think I’ll just sit here for a minute and chill. Y’know, compose myself before I come back.


Cecily looks at him with a slight frown.


CECILY: Stay alive, okay? Promise me that.


FLYNN: I promise.


Cecily hugs him smiling and exits the forest.

Flynn gazes after her and smiles.






Flynn, stands outside of a car in a suit. He doesn’t look much older, mostly just some scruff on his face and a lack of glasses. Rob approaches from the car and puts a hand on Flynn’s shoulder.


ROB: Why did you want to come to this shit anyway Flynn? Aren’t reunions traditionally 10 years later or something like that?


FLYNN: Rob, it isn’t a ‘reunion.’ It’s a going away retirement party for Mr. Williams. You know, our old English professor? Head of the debate team? I was on that thing you know.


ROB: (Sarcastically) Yes, Flynn. I’m well aware, we were both on the team as you recall. Dragged me into it to it so you could try and get closer to ‘you know who.’ But look around , it's a glorified “three year reunion.” A chance for everyone to rub their whopping three years of adulthood in everyone’s face.  


FLYNN: Well, Mr. Williams was inspirational to me, I figured it’d be fitting to go  to his party.


ROB: You hated the guy.


FLYNN: Well…


A car drives past them, in the driver's seat we can see Cecily Davis. Rob frowns and pulls Flynn back.


ROB: You ass, is this why we’re here?


FLYNN: No? Its for Mr. Williams-


ROB: Don’t bullshit me Flynn, you’d think a 22 year old could get over a high school crush by now.


Flynn looks away and ignores Rob.


ROB: Whatever, just don’t get any ideas. It's not like they’ve ever been successful before.


Flynn glances over at Cecily as she exits her car and walks into the entrance.


ROB: God I hope they serve alcohol here.




A young man, JAMES BLOCKARD is giving a speech at a podium as everyone sits at their tables.


BLOCKARD: Three years ago, with the help of this man, I was able to win the regional debate tournament. His inspiration has even led me to secure early ‘foots in the door’ in politics at Harvard…


Flynn and Rob look at him with disdain and sip their liquor.


ROB: What a pretentious ass.


BLOCKARD: And it is with great pleasure that I call forward the man himself, Henry Williams!


Everyone applauds as the teacher takes the stage, Flynn and Rob slowly clap their hands unenthusiastically. Suddenly behind them, a chair is pulled out their table. Flynn looks back for a moment and sees that it's Cecily taking a seat. She smiles and waves at him, he smiles back lovingly, not taking his eyes off of her. Rob rolls his eyes and downs his drink.


MR. WILLIAMS: Thank you, thank you alumni-




Flynn is outside smoking a cigarette. As he smokes, a hand touches his shoulder. He turns and sees it’s Cecily.


CECILY: Dear lord, please give me one of those.


FLYNN: Gladly, miss.


He pulls out a cigarette and tries to light it for her. He’s standing up straighter and has more confidence than the last time we saw them both together. It's clear he’s learned some things in the past few years.


CECILY: Since when do you smoke?


FLYNN: Since I got addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes. Exhilarating stuff in there by the way, huh?


CECILY: You’re telling me, listening to Blockard and his speech reminding everyone how great he was, all for his “introduction” of Mr. Williams.


FLYNN: Never was the biggest fan of Williams to be honest.


CECILY: Yeah, neither was I.


FLYNN: Well what brings you here, then?


CECILY: You really want to know?


FLYNN: Of course.


CECILY: I was hoping to run into you again. I saw you were attending on Facebook.


FLYNN:(A little nervously) You really missed me?


CECILY: Hell yeah. You’re the only friend I ever had that was, like, “real” and I could always vent to you senior year about everything.


FLYNN: Well, I’m sure you’re aware I missed you just as much. How’s life been treating you?


CECILY: Could be way better, you?


FLYNN: The same, Rob and I are working on some projects, barely making ends meet.


CECILY: What kind of projects?


FLYNN: Biochemical, engineering ideas, some clean energy ideas. Pretty boring stuff.


CECILY: No, no. Sounds innovative. You were always a really smart guy.


She tosses her cigarette aside.


CECILY: Hey, so you wanna get out of here and go get a drink or something?


FLYNN: I’d like nothing more.


CECILY: (Smiling) We’ll take my car.




Cecily attempts to start her car, from the inside we can see that it's cheap, and battered. The car makes a stalling noise, she keeps trying to start it without success.


CECILY: Dammit! This piece of trash car…

FLYNN: I can go ask Rob for the keys to his car, or he could take a look at it, he’s pretty good at-


Headlights fill the interior of the car and a honking is heard.


From the windshield, we can see a truck pull up.


CECILY: Oh, shit.


From out of the truck, MICHAEL VANDER exits the front door. He shoots a glance at Flynn and proceeds to Cecily’s window. He knocks on it.


VANDER: Car trouble again, babe?


Flynn hangs his head and mutters to himself.


FLYNN: “babe.” Fuck.


CECILY: Michael, what the hell are you even doing here? I wanted to get out for myself for once in my life. Is that too much to ask?


VANDER: Well of course I’d drop by knowing you were driving this thing. It breaks down almost daily.


Vander leans in through the window and looks at Flynn with a smirk.


VANDER: How’s it hangin’, Hillyer?


Flynn doesn’t look at him.


FLYNN: Aw, just peachy Michael. Me and Cec were just talking about the glory days.


VANDER: I Cec, I assume you’re gonna need a ride, right?


CECILY: Yeah, I guess I am. I’ll be there in a minute.


Vander lightly smacks the door before turning off.


VANDER: Good stuff, oh and Flynn? No hard feelings about some of that shit I put you through in high school, we were just kids, y’know?


FLYNN:(Frowning) Yeah, you’re good.


Vander walks to his truck.


FLYNN: (Muttering) We’re STILL kids, you know.


Cecily hugs Flynn.


CECILY: We’ll definitely hang out and catch up on stuff.


She takes Flynn’s phone and types her number in.


CECILY: I want you to text me first thing in the morning and we’ll make some plans. Promise you will?


FLYNN: Promise.


CECILY: See you later, then.


They both exit the car and she hugs him again. She walks to Vander’s truck and gets inside. Flynn glances as it drives off. Headlights strike him as he squints.

He starts to walk off but hears a faint “dink” behind him as his crystal hits the ground about two feet from him, where he stood a few moments before.

Rob comes out through the front door and begins walking over to Flynn.

Flynn doesn’t look back at Rob, instead he goes to retrieve his crystal. Holding it up in the dark of night, he notices a faint yellow glow coming from within.


FLYNN: What in the actual-


ROB: (Sarcastically) Where’s your girlfriend, Flynn?


Flynn ignores his comment and turns to Rob holding the crystal in his fingers.


FLYNN: Rob? You might want to look at this for a second…


Rob takes the crystal and examines it for a second, as he notices the glow, his eyes start to widen.


ROB: You don’t think-?




The door to Rob and Flynn’s apartment is flung open as Flynn rushes in. The apartment is messy, bits and pieces of various devices scattered about. Stuff they’ve been working on.

Flynn runs to a box on an old bookshelf.


FLYNN: When I was a little boy, I always thought my dad was bullshitting me, telling me a bedtime story. Trying to add a layer of “believability” by giving me the necklace and stuff...but before he passed, he took it a step further and gave me-


He pulls an old leather notebook from the box and holds it to Rob.




Rob flips through the book and sees a trove of indiscernible drawings. Schematics for a giant sled like device, and odd drawings of monsters with glowing eyes. Stuck to one of the pages is a dried up flower.


ROB: When it falls off like that, you never feel it, right?


FLYNN: No, that’s why I’m starting to doubt my own fucking sanity. It never ‘falls off’. It just seems to go away for a second and turns up where I was earlier.


ROB: Connections, Flynn. Do have any connections as to what triggers it falling off?


Flynn looks up and thinks. We see a flash of Vander’s headlights, and another flash of him bathed in sunlight in the forest as a teenager.


FLYNN: Light… That’s why I never noticed it before. Tonight it was dark, and I could SEE something lighting up in the crystal, glowing almost.


Rob pulls a giant magnifying glass and a power light onto a desk. He extends his hand to Flynn to hand him the crystal. Flynn hands it to him and Rob positions it into a beam of light.


Suddenly, a slight breeze blows some papers to the side a bit, and with a small glowing flash, the crystal vanishes.


Flynn and Rob stare wide eyed at it. Rob switches the light off and ruffles his hair.


Suddenly, a few moments later, the crystal pops back into existence and plops down on the desk.


ROB: I’ll be damned.




We see the desk, littered with various tools, pieces of metal and hardware. In the center, we see a somewhat crudely fashioned watch-like device with the crystal embedded in the center, hooked up a computer with a time display.


Flynn and Rob are asleep in comfortable positions, Rob is slouched in a chair near the desk and Flynn is flopped over on the couch. His phone alarm goes off and he quickly wakes up.

He checks the time and begins furiously typing out a message.

In the background, Rob wakes up groggily.


ROB: Flynn what the hell? It’s like 10 am and I’ve had two hours of sleep.


FLYNN: Hold on. Go back to sleep if you want.


ROB: No, I’m officially up now, I’m determined to get this thing working.


Flynn’s phone rings with a call from Cecily. He answers it in a fraction of a second.


FLYNN: Hello?


Rob isn’t paying attention and keeps rambling on about the machine.


ROB: I think if we can feed another angle of light into it, we could actually reverse the polarity and maybe- JUST maybe we could make it reverse the field and go bac-


He pauses and looks at Flynn’s dorky, smiling face.


ROB: Ah, I wonder who THAT could be?


FLYNN: Yes, I can be there in like 10 minutes. Easy.


ROB: You know, Flynn, we just discovered Time Travel, which is undoubtedly the single greatest thing to ever be discovered by mankind, I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here.


Flynn isn’t listening and continues talking.


FLYNN: No, no. Don’t bring your car if it keeps breaking down. I’ll pick you up in my car.


ROB: (To himself) MY car…


Flynn hangs up and rushes around the room, putting on a leather jacket and some sunglasses. He grabs Rob’s keys and heads for the door. He stops for a moment and turns to Rob.


FLYNN: How do I look? Good? Leather jacket too much?


Rob waves him off, still squinting in the light.


ROB: No, you look great. I’d do you. Have fun.


Flynn bolts out the door.


Rob goes back to the desk and starts working again.

He turns a screw on part of the device, and it sparks for a moment.

He pulls the leather journal from an end of the desk and begins to flip through it. We see more of the pages now, the handwriting in it scribbled cursive, aged through the years. It’s very hard to read. Several dates are written on various pages, some going all the way up to the year “800,000.” Some notable events are sketched in here, WWII, 9/11 etc. He flips past a page that shows a hooded gray figure, with yellow eyes. He catches this for a moment and goes back, on the bottom of the page, he sees the name “Phillips” scrawled. A bit frightened, he turns to the next page. Another sketch is on the next page, showing something resembling a modern skyline, with a giant storm in the background, lightning strikes the buildings and they are ablaze.  

Rob closes the book and looks up in a state of shock. He shakes his head, composing himself and begins working on the device.





Flynn is lying in his bed, next to Cecily as they watch an old sci-fi movie. They laugh at the datedness and schlock of it.

We now see their laughing faces as they gaze at the screen. A woman in the film lets out a scream, they both laugh even harder.


FLYNN: Probably screaming at the absolutely horrible makeup on the monster.


CECILY: Nah (Chuckling) Maybe it’s the hand that’s swatting at her. You know, the one held up by the obvious string?


They laugh again and settle down a bit, Cecily rests her head on Flynn’s shoulder and gazes up. Flynn catches her eyes and stares back, smile on his face.

They pause for a moment, simply enjoying the company of each other, they kiss.

Cecily turns her eyes back to the film. Flynn gazes at her as she speaks.


CECILY: Fuck, as cheesy as this is I’d love to live in the 50s.


She looks aside at the window, a bit of sadness in her eyes.


CECILY: Seems like such a simpler time.


We focus on Flynn’s face; he smiles a bit smugly, obviously making a connection that this could indeed be possible soon enough, and nods in agreement.


FLYNN: I’d pick the 20s. Jazz, dancing, drinking. Just one big party.


They both chuckle, Cecily nods her head.


CECILY: I’d definitely hop out before the stock market crashes though.


Flynn laughs. They smile and turn their attention back to the movie.


Cecily’s phone suddenly rings on her nightstand.

She answers it, brushing her hair out of her face. There’s an air of seriousness to the call.


She turns to Flynn, a look of fear in her eyes.


CECILY: (Mouthing) Its Michael.


Flynn sighs and plops down on the bed, covering his face with a pillow.


CECILY: Yeah? No...none of your business. I’m hanging out with a friend. I can do that, you know? I have friends. Don’t be such a jerk.


We hear Vander’s voice somewhat more loudly, he’s yelling at her. Her eyes get more fearful and her tone changes to something somewhat apologetic.


CECILY: Yeah…okay. I-I’ll be there in a little bit.


She hangs up the phone and grabs her coat from the door.


FLYNN: Cecily, this is dangerous. Why don’t you just break it off with him, you’re more than welcome to stay here. I don’t give a damn what he threatens me with if you leave his house. We’ll go, we’ll get your stuff and-


CECILY: Because, Flynn. It isn’t exactly a case of “he could try and beat you up.” Anymore. He sells drugs, he knows people and I just...I don’t know.

Flynn grabs her arm lightly and pulls her toward him.


FLYNN: Cecily, just stay. We’ll get out of this. You’ll get out of this. All I want to do is help you.


Cecily relaxes a bit and sits back on the bed.


CECILY: I just...I wish I’d never agreed to move in with him in the first place. The lease, and the threats...I hate it.


Flynn looks at her and debates for a moment in his mind, finally he turns to her.


FLYNN: Cecily, there’s something I should show you.




Flynn leads Cecily into the living room, Rob is in there working on the device. As they enter, Rob tries to shove it under some papers.


ROB: Hey, uh, lovebirds. How’s it going?


FLYNN: Rob, it’s okay. Show it to her.


ROB: (Snapping) What? Are you sure about that Flynn?  


FLYNN: Rob, show her the God damned machine.


Rob pauses looking at Flynn’s eyes in frustration. He finally pulls the papers off of the device and we see the near completed version.

It's a wrist mounted device, various time and date indicators are placed around a small generator in the center, which holds the crystal. Several dials and switches are fitted to the device.


CECILY: What is- what am I looking at?


FLYNN: I think it's best that we “show you” rather than trying to tell you. Rob, set it to go 10 seconds ahead.  


Rob presses some buttons on the device. And quickly gets out of his chair.


ROB: Step back, unless you want to lose a limb.




They stare as the device begins to light up, suddenly, a gust of wind fills the room, and a bright flash of yellow light illuminates their faces.

As the light goes down, we can see the device, and a spherical chunk of the table is gone, excised out of existence.


ROB: Feel, quickly. There’s nothing there.


Cecily waves her hands in the empty space, and Rob pulls her hand back as he looks at his watch.


ROB: 3...2...1…


The device and the segment of the table will back into existence, like they never left.


CECILY: Did that just? Is that a Time Machine?


ROB: Yes, it’s a time machine. Possibly the greatest thing ever created by man to date. Something I was HOPING to keep a secret, but Flynn here just had to go and tell someone.


CECILY: So wait, is that it though? Can it only go a few seconds?


ROB: No, technically it's practically unlimited if you’re going forward, however, with some studying, I figured out a way that would allow you to travel backwards, so you could return if you went too far ahead, or even go back in general. However, it takes a lot more “juice” and decays the crystal’s half life the more you do it. Speeding something up is easy for it, but re-sequencing events in the past is a little more hard on its core.


Flynn turns Cecily towards him and embraces her.


FLYNN: Don’t you see, Cecily? With this, we could go back and fix everything, keep you from meeting Vander, get some more money and live a life-


ROB: Whoa whoa whoa! You’re not seriously thinking about compromising the decay of the crystal to score some relationship ease points? I’m sure you’ve read a book or seen a movie before as well, Flynn, messing with the past could screw a lot of things up for a lot of people.


FLYNN: Well, Rob. If you think logically, you would remember that I have had this crystal around my neck since I was six, so we could go back in time and get it from my old self. I’m sure younger Flynn would understand.


ROB: (Shaking his head and laughing) Wow, you are something else…


Suddenly, a powerful knocking can be heard at the door. It never ceases, just pounding nonstop.

They all turn towards the sound, Cecily gets fearful.


CECILY: Oh, no…




Vander is pounding on the door.


VANDER: Open this fucking door, Hillyer!


Flynn opens the door and smiles at Vander.


FLYNN: Ah, Michael! How nice of you to drop by for a visit, I’d offer you something to drink but we’re kind of busy right now-


He closes the door, but Vander stops it with his foot.


VANDER: Don’t bullshit me Hillyer, she’s with you, isn’t she?


FLYNN: Ah, Mike. Good old Mike, I’m just a sad lonely, awkward man. I don’t know a “she” is. Much less would one be in my apartment.


VANDER: You know I really want to knock you the fuck out. Her car-


He points to Cecily’s car.


VANDER: -is in the parking lot.


FLYNN: What a remarkable coincidence.


Vander grabs Flynn by his shirt, Flynn gets angry and shoves him back.


FLYNN: Don’t you fucking touch me! You know I put up with your shit for a VERY long time and I-


Cecily comes behind Flynn and grabs him off of Vander.


CECILY: Flynn! It’s not worth it...just back off.


VANDER: Well well, my suspicions are confirmed. Now Cecily, here’s what going to happen, you’re going to come with me into that truck, and we’re going to go home and MAYBE I’ll forget this whole thing ever happened.


CECILY: No! I’m not going back with you, you’re a fucking psychopath.


FLYNN: Yeah, why don’t you step off, Vander?


Vander gets enraged and pulls a gun from behind his belt. He points it directly at Flynn’s head.


VANDER: Now, why don’t you shut the fuck up, and get back in your little apartment? Cecily is coming with me.


Cecily trembles at the sight of the gun, Flynn remains still, but has anger in his eyes.


VANDER: No, go ahead, Hillyer. Hit me again.


He turns to Cecily.


VANDER: Cec, get in the fucking truck.


Cecily turns to Flynn, tears in her eyes.


CECILY: I’m sorry, Flynn.


Cecily walks towards Vander, and Vander slams the door in Flynn’s face. We cut to the inside and see that Rob has been watching the entire thing.


ROB: Holy shit…




We show a time lapse progression of Flynn and Rob working on the device. As it progresses, we see Flynn have a somewhat depressed look in his eyes, he works almost robotically, not giving much of a thought to the work, he grows to be unshaven and scraggly.

Eventually, the time lapse halts and we see Rob actually using the device to spring himself forward a few moments in time. He comes out safe and exhilarated.




Flynn and Rob sit at a diner, with some drawings scattered about.


ROB: I don’t know how to go about this, Flynn. I mean think for a moment, if we try and sell to the government, we’ll lose the device obviously, and it will become regulated. On the other hand, we could “Biff Tannen” and use it to scout in the future and get ideas for more advanced tech and-


Flynn twirls a spoon in some soup, not paying much attention. Rob snaps his fingers.


ROB: FLYNN! This is important. Do we try and sell to the government or not?


FLYNN: Fuck no, why would want to sell to the government? They’ll just take it away or something. Plus, there’s only ONE crystal we know of.


ROB: Yeah, that’s what I just said.


Rob looks down in front of Flynn, before him his crumpled up old “Letter to your future self” sits.


ROB: Look, Flynn. I know you’ve had problems with wanting to end your own life in the past. Don’t, okay? Not only would it kill me, but it would kill her as well. I assume there’s something about her in that letter, right?


FLYNN: Yeah. Actually, most of it.


ROB: We’ll help her out. We’ll get in touch with the police, anything we can. We just can’t be rash about this when there’s a crazed boyfriend with a gun, okay?


FLYNN: I understand.


ROB: We’ve got a great future ahead of us with this device. No need to dwell on the past.




Flynn is asleep, tossing and turning in his bed with a nightmare.




We are now inside of Flynn’s dream. He stands in the forest where he nearly committed suicide. He walks up to the branch where his belt lies. Lightning and wind crash around him as he approaches. He tries to yank the belt off of the tree, but from the ground beneath him, a pair of hands springs through the dirt and grabs his ankles.

Flynn screams as the hands vanish. He looks up and sees Cecily standing before him. He runs to her, but before he can get to her, a gunshot is heard and she collapses to the ground. Behind her stands Vander, laughing with a smoking gun.




Flynn wakes up, panting and sweating. His phone begins to ring on his nightstand. He sees that it’s Cecily and quickly answers.


FLYNN: Hello?


CECILY (VOICE): Flynn, he’s gone. He left to meet with someone. I’m trying to pack some stuff, but come as fast as you can. We have 30 minutes, max.




Flynn drives rapidly in the car, he finally approaches Vander’s house. It's a shabby looking small thing, fitting the “crackhouse” stereotype.

He parks the car a couple of houses down so Vander won’t see it, and sprints toward the house. Another loud CRACK is heard as he gets to the door, he looks back in wonder, and turns back to knock.

Cecily answers the door.


CECILY: Hurry! I have some bags in my room.


FLYNN: How many?


CECILY: Just a few.




Flynn and Cecily rush carrying bags to the car, they load them up. Cecily is about to close the trunk, but freezes.




FLYNN: What?


CECILY: My dad’s watch in the basement. His gold watch.


She slams the trunk closed and runs back to the house. Flynn chases after her.


FLYNN: Cecily we don’t have time! CEC!




Cecily rummages through a box.

A wall clock in Vander’s house makes a chime, which makes Flynn tense and jittery.


FLYNN: Come on…


Cecily pulls the watch out of the bottom and holds it up victoriously.




FLYNN: We have to go, now!


CECILY: Yeah, yeah. Chill out, we’re good.


Suddenly, upstairs, we hear a door open and close. They both freeze up and hurriedly try to hide behind a box.


VANDER (O/S): Hey look, I know you think you’re sneaky, but I can see that Hillyer’s car is parked two houses down. So come out.


Footsteps are heard above them as they tense up.


VANDER: Cec! Hillyer! Come out, already. I don’t want to play hide and seek.

They stay crouched as we hear footsteps coming down the basement stairs.


The basement light flicks on. We hear the footsteps coming closer.


Finally Vander kicks the box away.


VANDER: Well, now. Good hiding spot.


Vander is seen holding his pistol. He points it at Flynn.


VANDER: You’re a little squirt, Flynn, so I’ll give you a chance to leave. Get the fuck out of my house.


Flynn stands up straight and positions himself in front of Cecily.




Vander chuckles and doesn’t move.


VANDER: Flynn, I’m going to tell you again, and you’ve got 5 seconds to step away. Get out of my house.


Flynn stands still.


VANDER: 5...4...3...2…


He cocks the gun and before he can react, Cecily jumps in front of Flynn and tries to grab the gun. Vander swings her off and she falls to the ground.


FLYNN: Cecily!


He runs to her but before he reaches her, Vander unloads his gun on Cecily in anger. She collapses as she begins bleeding on the floor.


Flynn looks at her with tears in his eyes. He shakes her body, but she’s unresponsive. Dead.


FLYNN: Cecily…?


He stands up to see Vander is pointing the gun at him.


VANDER: I gave you a chance, Flynn, but now you’re witness to a murder. All of this could have been avoided if you just left me and her alone.


FLYNN: You mother fucker!


Flynn grabs the gun and rams Vander into the wall. He grabs Vander’s head smashes it against it a few times. Vander drops the gun and falls to the ground for a moment, groaning.

Flynn bolts up the stairs.




As Flynn exits the door, he hears it open again. Vander emerges through the door behind him moments before Flynn gets to his car.


VANDER: Get back here!


A bullet smashes into the side of the door as Flynn starts the car and speeds off.


As he drives away, he sobs uncontrollably, looking at Cecily’s things in the passenger seat.




Flynn enters his house, we see him more clearly now, a few spots of blood on his shirt.


He slams the door behind him and sits on the couch, burying his face in his hands.


Rob comes out of his room and looks at Flynn.


ROB: Flynn what the fu-


His eyes wander to the bloodstains on Flynn’s shirt. He makes the connection.


ROB: Oh...shit. No.


He sits next to Flynn, who screams silently in agony. Rob puts his hands on Flynn’s shoulders.


ROB: Buddy, it’s going to be okay, alright?


Flynn doesn’t speak, keeping his face buried in his hands.

Rob debates himself in his mind for a moment, finally he gets up off the couch and crosses over to his desk. He unlocks a small safe and pulls out the device.


ROB: Flynn, look at me.


Flynn, tear stricken still, looks up to see what Rob is holding.


FLYNN: You really think...I could…


ROB: Flynn I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Anything we can do to fix this is okay in my book.


He hands the device to Flynn, who takes it with his hands trembling.


ROB: You’re going to need a nice, round date. You need plenty of time to set this right. Do you have a date in mind?


Flynn reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his crumpled “Note to future self.”  Rob smiles.


ROB: Perfect.




Rob has set up a video camera to capture the event. Flynn is more composed now, but has stains on his face from the tears. He’s shaven some, to look younger. The device is fitted on his wrist like a watch.


Rob gives Flynn a thumbs up that he’s recording. And Flynn nods back at him, setting the date on the devices dials.

Flynn looks up at Rob one last time, and flips the final switch.


The device glows bright yellow, and a spherical field of energy surrounds Flynn. Wind begins to blow heavily but suddenly, it stops. Flynn looks back up to where Rob was in wonder, but sees that he isn’t there.


Everything begins reversing around him extremely rapidly, the days and nights pass by in a flash. Thunderstorms come and go in a fraction of a second. Flynn watches cars speed around him to park, and even phase through him. He’s going backwards in time.

Suddenly, the events begin to slow down and catch back up to normal speed. Everything comes to a halt, and Flynn hears the birds chirping in the morning sunlight.

He smiles a bit as he takes it all in, but suddenly becomes sick. He lurches over to vomit, and coughs heavily. As he composes himself, he pulls out his phone to check the date, which has updated to “March 25th, 2014.”




Flynn approaches his old high school, gazing at it with a smile on his face. Teenagers are scattered about outside, eating lunch and chatting with each other. Flynn approaches the front door and looks back and forth at younger versions of his classmates, a dorkier Blockard passes by him, making Flynn chuckle.




We see a school receptionist typing at her desk. She looks up a backpack-less Flynn walking through the door.


RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me, sir. You need to check in if you’re visit-


She quints as Flynn looks at her.


RECEPTIONIST: Oh! Mr. Hillyer, I didn’t recognize you without the glasses. Have a good day.


Flynn pauses for a moment as smiles, knowing that he still looks enough like his younger self to pass.




He enters into the cafeteria and scouts the room. Finally his eyes come upon his younger self and Rob eating lunch together. He begins to approach the table, when the bell suddenly rings, causing a horde of students to spring up and rush past Flynn. He loses sight of his younger self and pauses before walking off.




Flynn continues looking for his younger self. He catches himself walking alongside Rob in the hallway and begins to fast-walk after them. He bumps into other teenagers and becomes consistently halted for a moment.

He looks up and sees his younger self approaching Cecily to ask her to the dance. He stops moving as he looks at Cecily, overwhelmed with happiness to see her alive again.


YOUNG FLYNN: H-Hey Cecily. I uh…


CECILY: It’s okay, Flynn. What is it?


YOUNG FLYNN: The There’s a dance, I think...and…


Vander pushes past Flynn as he watches his younger self’s failure, not paying attention.




Flynn gets an overwhelming urge of anger upon seeing him and starts to charge toward him, but stops. Realizing what it would look like if two Flynn’s were directly next to each other, himself attacking Vander.

Flynn turns and walks away as the scene continues on behind him.




Flynn washes his face in the bathroom and takes a deep breath as he composes himself. He looks outside and sees his younger self heading rapidly toward the exit, Rob follows behind him.


ROB (O/S): Flynn!


Flynn hides next to the door and waits for the brief conversation to end, as he sees Rob head off in the other direction, he exits the bathroom.




Flynn begins following after his younger self. The exit doors slam as younger Flynn leaves the hall.


Flynn pauses as he hears a conversation far behind him.

We cut and see Rob talking Cecily about the incident at the other end of the hall.


ROB: He went out the door over there, his house isn’t that way so I assume he’s heading towards the forest. You may need to be quick because he has a tendency to get really depressed over shit like this. I’d go but, he won’t listen to me.


CECILY: I understand, I’ll talk to him.


Flynn begins opening the door to the exit, but stops again when he hears a voice calling out to him.


CECILY (O/S): Flynn?


Flynn turns around to look at Cecily.


CECILY: Jeez Flynn, was it so bad you had to go in a disguise? How did you change so quick?


Flynn smiles and takes her presence in before giving an answer.


FLYNN: Ah, well. I was a theater kid at one point.


CECILY: Flynn, are you okay? That back there, I shouldn’t have said it the way I did, I just-


FLYNN: No no no! You’re perfectly fine. I just didn’t know about you and Michael.


CECILY: Well yeah, I didn’t want to say anything with him around but, I’m kind of still with him because of...well. Nevermind.


FLYNN: Fear?


Cecily looks at Flynn questioningly.


CECILY: Yeah, how could you tell?


FLYNN: Just a vibe, and I can see it in your eyes.


Cecily smiles lovingly.


CECILY: I mean...I want to break up with him I just, don’t know how to go about it without pissing him off.


FLYNN: Who cares if you piss him off? He’s 18, you’re 18. He can’t do anything to you in school, with people around. Just stay away from him outside of school.


Cecily continues smiling, noticing Flynn’s confidence and logic.


CECILY: I’ll rethink it. You know Flynn, you look better with contacts in. You should keep it that way. You going to be okay?


FLYNN: I’ll be fine, I promise.


Cecily begins to walk off, but turns back to Flynn and jokes with him.


CECILY: Don’t die, okay?


Flynn’s face drains of color and his smile quickly fades as he realizes what’s about to happen. He turns around and quickly sprints out of the exit.



Flynn runs into the forest and looks around, he stops running and freezes as his eyes lock onto something.


We now see what he’s looking at, his younger self is hanging from his belt. Dead.


Flynn starts hyperventilating at the sight and collapses to the ground catching his breath.




He reaches up with closed eyes and undoes the belt. His body plops to the ground which makes Flynn cringe and shudder.

Suddenly, the sky gets darker. Flynn looks up in confusion, as he never remembered this. Rain begins pouring all over him, and wind blows the trees strongly.




Flynn has now grabbed a shovel, and is in a different part of the forest, further back. More hidden.

The wind and rain becomes stronger as he buries his younger self in the ground. Flynn has trouble keeping the shovel steady with the massive wind on him.

Finally, he gets the last bit of dirt over his own corpse, and everything quickly ceases.




Flynn wakes up to an alarm in the bed of his old room.


He grabs looks through some clothes and scoffs as he looks at his old dressing habits, and makes a more casual look from the outfits.

He grabs his backpack and heads to his living room.




Flynn walks by the door, and we see his Aunt watching some TV.


AUNT LINDA: Flynn! Come say goodbye before you go, come on now.


Flynn walks over to her and kisses her cheek.


AUNT LINDA: Jesus, Flynn. You’re growing fast, you look older already.


FLYNN: Maybe it's losing the glasses.


AUNT LINDA: Well, either way. Give me your lotto number picks before you go, haven’t given me any all week.


Flynn smiles and pulls out a scrawled note from his pocket.


FLYNN: Alright, Aunt Linda. Try 13, 15, 18, 27, 31, 52. Seriously, go with those. I have a hunch today.


Aunt Linda scrawls the numbers down.


AUNT LINDA: You sure?


Flynn exits through the front door, calling back to her as he goes.


FLYNN: Damn sure, I have a feeling about this one.


He turns and winks to her before closing the door.




Flynn walks down the hallway to his class, a smile on his face.

He sees Cecily standing around again, having an argument with Vander.


VANDER: What the fuck are you even talking about? You’re seriously going to listen to something Hillyer said?


CECILY: He’s not a jerk like you are.


Vander leans into Cecily and hisses in her ear.


VANDER: Now listen to me, Cecily. I’m going to forget we had this conversation, and you’re going to forget you talked to that little bitch Hillyer.


FLYNN O/S: Or what?


Vander looks at Flynn sharply and approaches.


VANDER: You tried to tell my girl to leave me, right?


FLYNN: I sure did.


Vander shoves Flynn back into a locker, Flynn stands back up straight.


VANDER: Well look who has balls all of a sudden. I thought we discussed yesterday that nothing you can say to her will work. You’re a little bitch, and everyone knows it.


FLYNN: At least I’m not you.


Vander grabs Flynn by his shirt, Flynn pulls away quickly. Vander is surprised by this, anticipating Flynn to be weaker. He balls his fists up and looks at Flynn.

Flynn leans in closer to him.


FLYNN: (Whispering) You gonna pull a gun on me now, Vander?


VANDER: What the hell are you on? I don’t even own a gun, much less bring one to school, you idiot.


Flynn starts to turn away and nods his head while smirking.


FLYNN: Oh, good.


Flynn turns around and punches Vander hard in the jaw. Vander smacks against the locker and rushes towards Flynn. Flynn uses his foot to jab his knee. Vander doubles over in pain and grabs his knee.




Flynn crouches down.


FLYNN: You’ve been hiding that bad knee from Coach, haven’t you? Now you don’t have to worry about it going out on the field and embarrassing yourself and the team in a 2-14 loss.


Vander still grabs his knee. He bites his lip and stands up. A crowd has gathered now.


VANDER: (Hissing) What the hell are you? No one knew about my knee. NO ONE!


Vander punches at Flynn but doubles back over as he takes a step.




A teacher comes over to investigate.


TEACHER: Alright, what the hell is going on?


VANDER: Hillyer punched me and kicked my knee.


Flynn looks towards the teacher.


FLYNN: Well, Mr. Vander here shoved me against the locker, again and threatened me. I had to defend myself.


The teacher looks over to Cecily.


TEACHER: Miss Davis? No bias, what happened here?


Cecily shoots a look at Vander, who angrily shakes his head at her, threateningly.


Cecily looks at Flynn with a smirk, then back to the teacher.


CECILY: Michael shoved Flynn into a locker and grabbed Flynn by his shirt, for no reason. Of course Flynn would defend himself. This isn’t the first time someone’s done this to him.


The teacher turns around and waves the students away.


TEACHER: Alright, move on. Move on. Get to class.


He turns back to Flynn, Vander, and Cecily.


TEACHER: Michael, we’ll get you to a nurse, but based on what Flynn and Miss Davis said to me, I think we’ll need to have a little talk with the Coach.


Vander winces.


VANDER: (Under his breath) Shit.




Rob sits alone at a lunch table, Flynn sits down next to him. Rob glances up for a second, but looks back down. Flynn finds this odd.


FLYNN: What’s wrong, Rob? No sarcastic comment today?


Rob pulls out a notepad and starts doodling, half looking at Flynn as he talks to him.


ROB: I heard you roughed Vander up today.


FLYNN: Well, yeah. He started it, technically.


ROB: You’ve never gotten in a fight a day in your life. I didn’t think you had it in you.


FLYNN: Well, I had enough. A man grows.


Rob suddenly looks directly at Flynn and studies his face.


ROB: You’re not my Flynn, are you?


Flynn gets nervous upon hearing this.


FLYNN: What? Of course I am. Have you been drinking again, bud?


ROB: See, Flynn. If you’re going to try and pass off as something other than you are, you have to get your story straight. You just said “again.” I’ve never drank a sip of liquor in my life, nor have you ever made a comment like that before, even as a joke. Plus, you don’t joke.


FLYNN: What are you implying, Rob?


ROB: See, I’m not trying to brag, but we both know I’m a pretty smart guy. I notice the little details. You’re built a little more, doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a couple years of wear and tear in your face, like you’ve been through hell. You even seem a little taller, and…


Rob puts his index finger on Flynn’s chest.


ROB: ...For the first time in the 12 years I’ve known you, you’re not wearing your Dad’s crystal necklace. I’ve had to pay attention forever, because it falls off. I remember all those stories you told me growing up about what it was supposed to be, but I doubted them until today. You’re a time traveller.


Flynn pauses for a moment.


FLYNN: You would believe that? On a whim?


ROB: Yesterday at around 1:35, a storm popped up in the sky, nearly instantaneously. It vanished a few minutes later, a flash. I don’t know if you pay attention to the news, but it made national headlines. Meteorologists can’t explain it. But to me, it seems almost like some sort of dimensional interference.


FLYNN: So suppose I am? Why does that anger you so fucking much?


ROB: Because I want to know where my Flynn is.


Flynn inhales deeply and leans back in frustration.


Rob packs his things and gets up from the table.


ROB: Alright, well. Fuck you then.


He begins to walk off, but turns back to Flynn.


ROB: He’s dead, isn’t he? He killed himself and you fucked something up that would have stopped him.


Flynn sighs and puts his head in his hands.


FLYNN: Yeah…


Rob walks off, talking to Flynn and he goes.


ROB: Your girlfriend’s coming.


Flynn looks up and sees Cecily approaching the table. She sits down next to him and smiles.




FLYNN: Hey pretty lady.


CECILY: Jesus, don’t make me blush.

FLYNN: Oh, so I make you blush now?


Cecily giggles and turns to face Flynn.


CECILY: So look. About that dance. I don’t uh, have a partner anymore. You kind of took his knee out.


FLYNN: So I guess that means, HE’S out?




FLYNN: Like, for good?




FLYNN: Well then, Miss Davis. I’d be delighted to go.


Cecily grabs him by the hand and pulls him away from the table.


CECILY: Alright, let's take a walk and talk about how big of a corsage you’re going to buy me.


FLYNN: Oh boy I can’t wait.




We see the exterior of Cecily’s house. A honking horn is heard, and she emerges through the front door, in a gorgeous dress. She looks up and her eyes get wide.


CECILY: Oh my God…


Flynn stands in front of a limousine. He gestures towards it with his arms.


FLYNN: What do you think?


Cecily runs toward it.


CECILY: Jesus Flynn, this is incredible. How did you afford this?


FLYNN: Oh, you didn’t hear the news? My aunt won the lottery. I picked the winning numbers, so she’s giving me half.


CECILY: No fucking way!


FLYNN: Hop in, Cinderella.




Flynn and Cecily dance together on the floor. Cecily locks eyes with Flynn.


CECILY: There’s something different about you Flynn…


FLYNN: Is different good?


CECILY: Different is very good. You stood up for me. You’re braver. You talk more, joke more. I love it.


Cecily and Flynn pause dancing and gaze at each other before kissing.






Flynn stands giving a speech on a stage in his new company headquarters. He’s wearing a nice suit, and has a bit of a goatee. He smiles and sees Cecily in the front row. We have a close shot of her hand to see she wears an engagement ring.


FLYNN: In short, with massive technological innovations and advancements, Atom Industries will rise exponentially in both stock and progression. Not just in a financial sense, but in a way that truly benefits the advancement of mankind.


The audience applauds as Flynn exits the stage, shaking hands with investors as he goes.




Flynn drinks champagne with other suits in the lobby. He stops drinking as his eyes avert to someone exiting the hall. He gets a closer look and sees that it's Rob. Flynn sets his champagne down and walks after him.


FLYNN: Rob! Rob Phillips!


Rob turns around and faces Flynn, he fakes a smile.


ROB: Been a while, Hillyer.


FLYNN: Yeah, yeah it has. What are you doing in this investor’s meeting?


ROB: Well...I’m an investor.


FLYNN: You’re shitting me, no way.


ROB: Yeah, it was a safe bet. Money’s been tight lately. I figured I should pool what I have into a guy that literally knows what the future holds.


FLYNN: Not so loud, Rob.


Rob shakes Flynn’s hand and begins to walk away.




Rob turns back around.


FLYNN: I know you’re angry with me for what I did but, I tried to tell you. It wasn’t intentional, but you always walked away.


Rob turns back.


ROB: Flynn, I’m not angry anymore. I was a kid when that happened. I’m just...afraid.


FLYNN: Afraid of what?


Rob gets closer to Flynn and speaks lightly to him.


ROB: I think maybe we should take this conversation somewhere more private.




Flynn leads Rob into his office and takes a seat. Rob sits across from him.


FLYNN: Explain your fear. I’m all ears.


ROB: Simple, Flynn. You’re sitting right in front of me, from the future. Your younger self is dead.


FLYNN: I just sort of assumed, based on what you told me back in 2017…


Flynn pauses.


FLYNN: What you told me UP in 2017 I guess, we sat for days laying out different theories. I must have created a new reality, a new timeline. One separate from the original.


ROB: Then why, on that day, was there a storm that appeared instantaneously and vanished just as fast? Seems like some sort of universal interference, Flynn.


FLYNN: But it ended.


ROB: Flynn, let me ask you a question. Originally, before your trip back in time, what stopped you from killing yourself on that day?


FLYNN: Easy, Cecily came and said…


Flynn pauses and racks his brain.

ROB: You can’t remember, can you?




ROB: Flynn, you would easily remember the time the love of your life stopped you from committing suicide. Think for a moment, you can’t remember it because it never happened.


FLYNN: I can remember some of it, vaguely, but the more I try to think-


ROB: The harder it gets to remember?


Flynn looks up at Rob.




ROB: It’s called the ripple effect, I’m think that the universe is slowly autocorrecting your mistake. Now I don’t know what sent you back in time, but whatever it can’t stop it without fucking up a lot of shit. Or not stopping it at all.


FLYNN: How do you know this? I buried my own corpse, he lies there, and I stand here. Something is wrong with your logic.


ROB: It can be changed, maybe. But at a cost. I don’t know...I just. It’s a fear.


Flynn pauses and tries to take his mind of the subject.


FLYNN: Rob, how would you like to work here? Head of engineering. You keep your stock as well, and a nice salary.


ROB: No, man. I appreciate the offer, but I’m working on a project of my own. it may be my big breakthrough.


FLYNN: Well, you ever need some funding, give me a call.


Rob smiles and pauses.


ROB: Flynn, I have to know something.


FLYNN: Anything.


ROB: Do you still remember what made you come back?


Flynn gets a serious look in his eyes as he remembers.


FLYNN: Clearly.


Flynn tries to forget about it for a second and distracts himself by tapping a pen on the table.


FLYNN: She was shot to death, right in front of me.


ROB: Flynn, I didn’t mean to bring up-


FLYNN: No no, you’re fine. I’ll call you and we’ll have lunch sometime this week.


Rob exits the room and Flynn slides a picture of Cecily to him. He looks at it for a moment and gets up from his desk.




We see Flynn and Cecily’s living room. It’s nice and elegant. Flynn has his glasses on and looks at stocks on his computer, which sits on the bar. He pours himself a bottle of champagne and walks toward Cecily. She’s on the phone, upset about something.


CECILY: No! You’ve made a mistake, obviously. Check your computer or whatever. I live at Summit Crest. I’ve lived here for over a year.


Flynn looks at her with confusion. She groans and rolls her eyes.


CECILY: I DON’T have any other leases, I haven’t made a single purchase for another home.


She furiously hangs up, and turns to Flynn.


FLYNN: What’s the matter?


CECILY: I’ve gotten two calls today telling me I have a lease due on a house that I never bought. The landlords want me to come and pay them money in person for it. They’re threatening legal action.


FLYNN: Don’t worry, I’ll go up there tomorrow and talk with them. If they give me enough trouble I can have my lawyers straighten it out.


CECILY: Thank you, I really didn’t want to go deal with it.


Flynn hands her a glass of champagne.


FLYNN: Let's relax a little and go upstairs, it’s been a rough day.


Cecily take the glass and pressed on Flynn’s chest while giggling.


CECILY: AND we have a wedding to plan.


Flynn chuckles.


FLYNN: Really? For who?


Cecily keeps giggling.


CECILY: Well, maybe you’d be more interested if we plan for the honeymoon instead.


FLYNN: Ah, come on. Don’t be dirty, Cec.




Flynn and Cecily lie next to each other on their bed asleep. Flynn’s phone begins ringing next to him. He wakes up and rubs his eyes.

We show the screen of the phone that it's an unknown number.

Flynn swiped answer on it and puts it up to his ear.


FLYNN: Yeah...hello?


ROB (O/S): Yeah, where are you? You’re not at home.


FLYNN: Who is this?


ROB (O/S): It’s Rob, Rob Phillips, who is this?


FLYNN: Flynn Hillyer. Wait, Rob. How did you get my personal number?


There’s a pause for a second as Flynn looks confused.


ROB (O/S): I uh...I’m not sure. I think I’ve been sleepwalking or something and accidentally dialed a number. Sorry, who is this again?


FLYNN: Rob, it’s Flynn.


ROB (O/S): Flynn Hillyer?


FLYNN: Yeah, I said that. Rob how did you get-


ROB (O/S): ...what the hell, man…


The phone hangs up. Flynn stares at in in confusion for a moment before finally setting it back down and going back to sleep.




Flynn sits before the desk of the landlord. The landlord enters and shakes Flynn’s hand before taking a seat at his desk.


LANDLORD: How are you today, young man?


FLYNN: I’m alright, sir.


LANDLORD: Hey, don't I recognize you? I think I read an article about your company in the paper last week, and your Aunt was that powerball winner a couple of years ago?


FLYNN: Yeah, that’s me. Look, I’m here to try and resolve some issue involving my fiance. They said yesterday that she’s been credited with a lease on a house she never paid for?


LANDLORD: Ah, right. Miss Davis, correct?


FLYNN: Correct, and I’m trying to fix this mistake.


LANDLORD: Sir, I’m afraid there is no mistake. I called every single person on my list and they all have matching records. She signed this lease.


The landlord holds a sheet a print of a contract to Flynn, who grabs it.


LANDLORD: See? Right at the bottom.


Flynn studies it and squints in confusion. We cut to the paper and see Cecily’s signature at the bottom.


FLYNN: What in the- that’s her signature.


LANDLORD: Exactly.


FLYNN: Sir, if I may ask. Where is this property located.




Flynn drives along a street with a look of worry in his eyes, as if he knows what he is about to find, but hopes it’s a mistake. He pulls up to a house and we see, clearly, it is the house that belonged to Cecily and Vander before Flynn travelled back. Flynn shakes his head in denial.


FLYNN: No...please God. No.


He exits the car and slowly walks towards the house. He fiddles in his jacket pocket for a pair of keys. As he approaches the door, his hands tremble as he unlocks the house and enters.




Flynn steps into the house. He looks around in a state of confusion and horror. The house is completely empty, stipped of everything.

His eyes trail down to the basement. A quick flashback recounts Cecily getting shot before returning to normal.

He places his hand on the wall where Vander’s chiming clock once hung. A gust of wind blows the door open behind him. Flynn angrily goes to shut it.

He turns back and sees the ticking clock, miraculously back in the place it once stood.

Flynn sprints out of the house in horror.




Flynn rushes over to his desk, and unlocks a drawer. He slides it open to reveal a black velvet box.

He sets the box on the table and opens it. Inside lies the travel device. We see the crystal is no longer clear, but a cloudy yellow.

He takes it out and secures it to his wrist, setting a date for October 9th 2017

Flynn stops before flipping the switch, as his phone rings. He pushes a button and answers the call.


FLYNN: Yes, Cheryl. What’s up?


CHERYL: Mr. Hillyer, there’s a Robert Phillips here for your scheduled lunch meeting.


Flynn looks up with a spark of hope in his eyes. He puts the device back in the drawer.




Rob and Flynn sit across from each other at a table. A bag sits next to Rob.


FLYNN: Rob, any chance of reconsidering my work offer?


ROB: Perhaps, honestly. My self funding isn’t exactly helping the project.


FLYNN: That’s good news, Rob. Atom could really use a good mind like you in our research and development team.


ROB: Do you want to see what I’m working on?


FLYNN: Of course.


Rob grabs his bag and starts pulling something out.


ROB: It just came to me one day, I don’t know why but I felt compelled to build it. It’s an energy field propulsion device.


He sets the device on the table as Flynn looks in slight horror as he recognizes it. It’s the time travel device.


ROB: There’s just...something missing from it and I’m not sure what.


Rob looks up at Flynn in confusion.


ROB: What is it, Flynn?


FLYNN: That- that’s the…


Rob glances at the device and locks on to the center, where the crystal would be.


ROB: Oh, shit.


FLYNN: I have the same thing in my office drawer. It’s identical.


Flynn begins tearing up and giggling to himself.


ROB: What’s happening, Flynn? Anything odd you’ve noticed. Is that what you’re getting emotional about.


FLYNN: YES! Haha...Everything is “odd” right now. Miraculous things that make me doubt my sanity. It’s like everything is…


Flynn pauses in realization.


FLYNN: ...falling back into place.




Flynn and Rob arrive at the forest where Flynn was buried. Flynn carries a shovel.

Wind blows furiously the closer they get to the area.

Flynn arrives at the spot, which he had marked with a stone. He moves it and begins digging.

He continues digging until he hits something. He uncovers a portion of a skeleton and gags back in revulsion. Rob comes over to look and covers his mouth.

Flynn finally brings himself to reach out and scoop off some of the dirt.


FLYNN: I wasn’t thinking straight that day, I didn’t want to touch him more than I had to. But it should be here around his neck, tucked under his shirt.


As Flynn grabs the necklace off of the skeleton, he glances back at the body. More muscles and Flesh seem to have grown over the entirely decomposed skeleton.

Flynn passes the necklace to Rob and begins covering the body back up with dirt.

As Flynn pats down the last of the dirt, he begins to walk away.

A pair of hands springs through the dirt and grabs Flynn’s ankles. Flynn yells in horror.

The arms vanish and Rob runs over.

Flynn goes back to digging to try and get himself out of the dirt. A new hole is formed but Flynn looks in an empty space. Nothing is there.

Rob has began walking aimlessly back to his car.

Flynn turns around and chases after him.


FLYNN: Rob! Where are you going?


Rob is unresponsive and doesn’t even look back at Flynn.

Flynn catches up with him and turns Rob to face him.

Rob is wide eyed, as if in a trance.


FLYNN: Rob, what’s going on?


Rob shakes Flynn off and continues walking back to the car.

Flynn sits in the passenger's seat as the entranced Rob never turns to face him.

The car starts and Rob finally snaps out of it, and turns to look at Flynn.


ROB: What the hell? When did you get in my car?


FLYNN: Rob, you were sleepwalking or something...but you were awake?


ROB: Whatever, when did you grow a beard?


Flynn looks at Rob aimlessly, trying to piece everything together in his mind.




Rob walks to his front door and unlocks it as Flynn follows behind him.

Younger Flynn sits on the couch, playing a video game on the TV.


ROB: Wait, what the fuck?


Flynn stares at his younger self in horror.

Rob grabs Flynn and takes him back outside. A storm has begun and rains covers them both.

Rob shakes his head, trying to recollect everything. He holds up the crystal.


ROB: Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we just pull this off of your own corpse?


FLYNN: Yes...we did.


ROB: But you’re sitting on the couch in there, alive.


FLYNN: Rob, what the hell is going on?


Rob pauses and looks up at the storm.


ROB: Where did this storm come from?


FLYNN: ROB! Focus!


Rob slowly looks back down at Flynn.


ROB: Everything is slowly returning to the way it was. The universe is autocorrecting your mistake. Gradually, everything is recurring the closer you get to the day you went back.


FLYNN: C-Can I fix it?


ROB: One man versus time, space, and reality itself? I think not, Flynn. It’s best that you back off and let this happen. Face it. You have no more free will until this all goes down again.


Flynn gets a look of anger in his eyes and begins walking inside.


FLYNN: Fuck that.




Flynn goes over to the couch and grabs the controller from his younger self. He tosses it aside.


FLYNN: Hey, I need you to listen to me. Something is going to happen to Cecily on October 9th-


His younger self is unresponsive, he simply freezes for a moment and goes back to pick up the controller.


Flynn grabs a remote and turns the TV off.


FLYNN: Hey! Listen to what I’m saying.


YOUNGER FLYNN: Rob, something’s wrong with the TV. It just shut off by itself.


Rob begins laughing to himself in the background. Flynn turns to look at him.


ROB: He can’t hear you. Don’t you get it? You’re the constant in this equation. Nothing you can do will change what happens. The universe will stop anything you try.


FLYNN: Oh, yeah?


Flynn walks over to a closet and opens it. It’s filled with various tools. Flynn reaches up on the tops shelf and crabs a chainsaw.

He pulls the cord and walks over to the couch. Rob runs over to stop him, but Flynn revs the saw towards him.

Flynn presses his younger self down to the couch with his hand.

A massive gust of wind blows the door open and howls through the house.

Flynn finds himself struggling to put the saw to his younger self’s chest, like it’s painful to him physically.

The chainsaw spurts, sparks, and finally dies.

Rob continues laughing again, finally going over to the desk. He secures the crystal in his device.


ROB: Nothing can change...nothing can change… Soon I’ll lose all of my memory of this shit. Then Vander, then Cecily. Everyone involved will just plop back to normal, just like before.


Flynn stares at Rob in confusion. He starts for the door.

The TV turns back on, and we see on the news a burning city, with people screaming in the streets.


ANCHORWOMAN: The increasing disasters over the globe have baffled climatologists. Astronomers say they believe these catastrophes not only to be planetary, as they are witnessing multiple cosmic disturbances.


Rob looks back at Flynn, whose handle is on the doorknob as he watches the TV in horror.


ROB: Didn’t happen in your timeline, did it?




ROB: Think logically, Flynn. The more you try to fight this off, the more you decay our universe. Back off and let it happen. Not worth killing everyone over a stupid high school crush.


Flynn rushes over to Rob and slams him against the wall in anger.


FLYNN: It was never just a crush and you know it! I love her. I love her more than anything…


ROB: So what? One life out of countless others. You can’t play God just because you got sad.


Rob points over to Flynn on the couch.


ROB: But he can, and he has to. All of this has to happen to keep you standing in front of me.


Flynn lets Rob go, and exits through the door.

Rob chuckles to himself and continues working on the device.

He turns a screw on part of the device, and it sparks for a moment.

He pulls the leather journal from an end of the desk and begins to flip through it. We see more of the pages now, the handwriting in it scribbled cursive, aged through the years. It’s very hard to read. Several dates are written on various pages, some going all the way up to the year “800,000.” Some notable events are sketched in here, WWII, 9/11 etc. He flips past a page that shows a hooded gray figure, with yellow eyes. He catches this for a moment and goes back, on the bottom of the page, he sees the name “Phillips” scrawled. A bit frightened, he turns to the next page. Another sketch is on the next page, showing something resembling a modern skyline, with a giant storm in the background, lightning strikes the buildings and they are ablaze.  

Rob closes the book and looks up in a state of shock. He shakes his head, composing himself and begins working on the device.

However, he pauses. Taking in his new knowledge of Flynn’s interference. He heads for the door and exits.




Rob has picked the lock of the door to Flynn’s office and approaches the desk. He fumbles around for a moment seeing the drawer is locked, but pulls out a pick and unlatches it with ease. He has determination in his eyes.


He pulls the box holding the device out, and looks around to make sure no one is watching. He pulls out the device and turns a screw on it. The crystal begins to glow, and portions of the device spark. The crystal begins dimming as Rob watches, until it finally stops, leaving it a milky yellow, and the device charred.

Rob exits the office.




Flynn enters his office and notices that the lock is damaged. He walks over to the phone on his desk and presses a button.


FLYNN: Cheryl? Can you get security on the phone? There may have been a break in.


The phone goes silent.


FLYNN: Cheryl?


Flynn frustratingly hangs the phone up. He proceeds to open his drawer and pulls out the box. He is about to secure it to his wrist, when he notices its damage. He sits in his chair looking in horror. He tries to activate the device, but it spurts. It sends a giant pulse of yellow light back which knocks Flynn and his chair backwards with massive force, and blows papers from all over his desk. The phone flies across the room.

Flynn looks at the phone as he lies on the ground and gets up, grabbing it in anger. He dials a number on it.

It rings for a few moments, and Rob picks up.


ROB (O/S): Hello?


FLYNN: You bastard, what did you do?


ROB (O/S): I’d think that was obvious, Flynn. I made the device unable to travel and depleted the half-life of your crystal.




ROB (O/S): And that was my device… I know you don’t understand Flynn, but I can’t let you keep going back to fuck more stuff up. Everything is bad enough as it is. I had to make a call before my own memory became wiped. I’d say it was a very good one.


FLYNN: Don’t you- don’t you understand what’s going to happen now?


ROB (O/S): Yes, Flynn. Cecily will die. However, if you keep messing everything up, A LOT more people will die when the universe tries to rewrite your mistake. The only people that matter in this equation as far as reality is concerned are you and Cecily. Everyone else is disposable. So please, back off and let it happen. People deal with death all the time, why should you get a pass?


FLYNN: You’re the one that decided to send me back.


ROB (O/S): And that was very stupid of me, and I’ll have to do it once again. But I’ve accepted my fate, Flynn. It’s time you do too.


The phone clicks as Rob hangs up. Flynn looks toward the door and sees two guards enter.


FLYNN: Thank God. Someone broke in last night and I know-


The guards grab him and begin pulling him out.


FLYNN: What the hell? THIS IS MY OFFICE!


One of the guards chuckle as they pull him out.


GUARD: Man you’re a looney. Last time I checked you looked nothing like Mr. Harper.




Flynn looks at the doorway to his office as he is being pulled out. A sign on the door is labeled “Jonathan Harper: CEO”




Flynn fumbles with his keys trying to unlock the door. The keys don’t fit in the lock anymore. He grumbles in frustration and pounds on the door once before slouching down in frustration. He begins to cry as he hears the door unlock behind him.

Cecily opens the door and looks down at Flynn.


CECILY: Baby? What’s wrong?


Flynn doesn’t answer, instead he just embraces her tightly and doesn’t let go.


FLYNN: You’re still’re still here.




Flynn is embracing Cecily as they sleep. He mumbles something to himself.

We cut back to another nightmare.

Flynn is standing in Vander’s house, gazing at the clock as it ominously ticks.

Flynn wakes back up and looks over where Cecily was.

She isn’t there. Flynn begins crying.


Flynn is now up, he notes the date “October 9th” on a calendar, and sees that only a few weeks remain.

He packs a few clothes in a bag and stuffs the calendar in with them. He takes a last look at his house before exiting the door.




Flynn is walking away from his front lawn. Lightning flashes and a “For Sale” sign appears. Flynn stops and looks at it in anger for a moment before walking away into the street.




Flynn walks depressingly down a highway, wearing his leather jacket and holding his bag of clothes.

He tries to thumb a ride, but in vain.

He continues walking.




Flynn plops down on the bed of a dingy and cheap hotel. He sets the calendar next to him and pulls out his phone.

He checks the stock for his company. On the screen we see the phone glitch out for a moment as the company stock vanishes from existence.




Flynn smashes the glass of his locked office door. He approaches his desk and slides the time device from the drawer.




Some time has passed, and we see Flynn sitting homeless on the sidewalk. He’s scruffy and unshaven, toying with the device with a rusty screwdriver.

He tries firing it up again, but his head is flung back by the yellow energy burst. Nothing happens. He looks in agony at the device.

Flynn reaches into his pocket and pulls out the wrinkled sheet from the calendar.

He looks at in sorrow as we see what day it is. October 9th. He curls the paper into a ball and furiously throws it.

A car pulls up to Flynn as he looks up.

In the seat is James Blockard.


BLOCKARD: Hillyer? What are you doing on the side of the street? Don’t you have an apartment?


FLYNN: Not anymore, Blockard, I-


Flynn pauses and remembers that two of him exist.


FLYNN: Yeah, I do. I just…


Flynn looks at the timer on the watch, then up at the clear sky. As he ponders it, the sky begins to gray, warning him.


FLYNN: I got stuck here, Blockard. I don’t have a ride.


BLOCKARD: Well, hop in! I’d be happy to give you a lift.


Flynn gets into the car, and rain begins pouring.


BLOCKARD: Jesus, looks like I arrived just in time. It’s pouring.


Flynn gazes at the sky angrily through the window, as if taking on a challenge.


FLYNN: Yeah, it sure is.




Flynn emerges through an unlocked window in the living room. His eyes lock on the device at the desk.

Flynn rushes over to grab it. As he reaches for it, Rob’s hand grabs his.

Rob and Flynn meet eyes. Flynn is angry, Rob is more calm.


ROB: I can’t let you do this, Flynn. It won’t work. You’ll cause endless damage as the universe corrects your mistakes, and it will all be in vain.


Rob grabs the device and heads to his room. Flynn grabs him and tackles him down. They Flynn grabs things off of shelves and tries to beat Rob with them so he lets go. Eventually, Rob overcomes Flynn and has grabbed him from behind.


ROB: No use, Flynn.


Flynn strikes Rob in the arm. As Rob lets go, howling wind comes through the window. The storm outside gets fiercer.

Rob still doesn’t let go of the device.

Suddenly, a ringtone can be heard coming from Flynn’s room. Flynn stops and listens to himself faintly talking to Cecily.

A few moments later, younger Flynn emerges and grabs a jacket. Paying no attention to Flynn or Rob. He exits and closes the door behind him. The wind seems ineffective to him.


Flynn sprint towards the door, but Rob grabs his ankles. Flynn tries to shake him off when suddenly, Rob lets go. He stands up, entranced, and walks back to his bedroom and silently closes the door.

Flynn hears the car drive off.




Flynn is tugging on handles of various cars, hoping to find one unlocked. Finally, he finds an older car and the door opens. He fiddles with some wires and the car springs to life. Wind is blowing debris all over the windshield, but he bolts off in the car anyway. Determined.  




Flynn tries to follow the car younger Flynn is driving, but it vanishes down the road. He speeds up as fast as he can.

Trees are falling down in front of him. He swerves to avoid them.

Finally, halfway down a road, lighting hits the engine and it stops.

Flynn exits the car and grabs his hair in sorrow and anger.


FLYNN: No no no!


Headlights blind him for a moment, and he sees Vander’s truck driving down the road. In quick thinking, he grabs the tailgate as it passes, holding on for dear life.

Wind tries to push Flynn off, but he holds on tightly.




The truck pulls up in front of Vander’s house. He steps out of the vehicle. Again, Vander seems to be unaffected by the wind entirely. Flynn hears the chiming of the clock inside, and painfully tries to get to the door through the wind.

Vander opens the front door with ease. Flynn tries to follow behind him but the wind continues to push him back. Finally he reaches the door and excruciatingly opens it.




Flynn looks and sees Vander at the top of the staircase.


VANDER: Hey look, I know you think you’re sneaky, but I can see that Hillyer’s car is parked two houses down. So come out.


Vander begins walking down the stairs. Flynn tries to follow, but now his own body is affected by the paradox. Every step he takes is causing him extreme pain as he yelps.


VANDER: Cec! Hillyer! Come out, already. I don’t want to play hide and seek.


Flynn presses on, slowly making it down the stairs. The closer he gets, the more he is unable to move.




Flynn has arrived in the basement, he sees Vander in front of the box his younger self and Cecily are hiding behind.  


Vander kicks the box away.


VANDER: Well, now. Good hiding spot.


Vander brandishes his pistol. He points it at younger Flynn.


VANDER: You’re a little squirt, Flynn, so I’ll give you a chance to leave. Get the fuck out of my house.


Younger Flynn stands up straight and positions himself in front of Cecily.


Flynn keeps painfully walking towards Vander, no one notices him at all, he’s completely invisible to them.




Vander chuckles and doesn’t move.


VANDER: Flynn, I’m going to tell you again, and you’ve got 5 seconds to step away. Get out of my house.


Younger Flynn stands still.


Flynn is now directly behind Vander, he reaches his hand out to grab the gun, but his arm is frozen. He can’t go any further.




Flynn tries to push his arm forward with another hand. He still can’t budge it, but his sleeve moves up to reveal he’s wearing his charred time travel device.




Flynn painfully reaches his hand for the switch, his hand trembles as he gets closer.




Flynn looks up at the heavens. His eyes grow furious as he finally taunts them.


FLYNN: You’re not going to win this.




Vander cocks the gun and points it. Flynn finally overcomes the pain and hits the switch. The yellow light fills the room and knocks both Flynn and Vander in opposite directions.

Vander looks for his gun and sees that it's several feet away from him. He rushes to grab it, but Cecily grabs it first and points it directly at Vander.


CECILY: We’re getting out of here. Don’t fucking move.


Flynn is laying on the ground now looking at the situation. He begins to fade away from existence. He smiles as wind howls through the room. Finally he vanishes completely, the wind stops.




The rain ceases and the wind stops howling.




Cecily still points the gun at Vander. She shoots him in the leg twice. Vander yelps in pain as Cecily and Flynn walk up the stairs to freedom.




Flynn and Cecily enter the apartment, with some boxes. Rob exits his room and sees the two walk in. He isn’t sure what, but something about it seems wrong to him.

Cecily and Flynn set the boxes down and kiss.

Rob feels compelled to walk over to the time travel device. He turns a screw on it and hits a switch. We see the device spark and the crystal quickly decay. Rob has a gut feeling it will only bring him more trouble.

We cut to the device and see the cloudy yellow, charred crystal embedded in the device.




Flynn and Cecily dance together on the floor. Cecily locks eyes with Flynn. They pause dancing and gaze at each other before kissing.




Cecily wakes up, remembering the dance as nothing but a dream. She looks over at Flynn and sees him sleeping soundly.

She looks at her ring finger and sees an indentation from where an engagement ring was once worn. It fades away suddenly and Cecily ignores it. She looks back and Flynn and smiles as she curls up with him.


The window of the room is cracked open slightly. In the final shot, we see wind begin howling and a flash of lightning as the film cuts to black.




© Copyright 2020 Shoof. All rights reserved.

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