Respect and Accept

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I've written this piece of poetry from what I imagine to be an autistic point of view. Although I am sure there's so much more to what one would feel and for that I'll always show compassion to each and every one. I do not believe that Autism is a disease or an illness. Its simply is a disorder. DIS ORDER, As in a different order than how our brains are wired. Although this does not mean that it makes their intellect less or damaged. It simply means its different whilst harboring all the potential as you or me has for excellence. :)

So always remember different, NOT less.

And so here goes into advocating respect and acceptance for Autism.

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




What good is order when order makes no sense?

It matters when disorder makes you tense,

I admit around me is this tall fence,

But I promise I am without false pretense.


At times I cannot say those words,

I can’t understand those huge billboards,

A man naked above huge roads,

Thoughts inside of me grows tenfold.


Mostly its people I can’t understand,

Expressions havocking as a marching band,

Things spinning that pulls me out of my stand,

I wish you’d be my guiding hand.


I find I can’t express what I feel,

And no, I do not wish to heal,

It is what truly makes me real,

Although in my eyes, the world is surreal.


At times, a hug seems too much,

As though I am on fire or something as such,

As though I suffocate with just one touch,

At the core of my heart it does truly clutch.


I am different that too I’ve always known,

And my feelings could never be truly shown,

And with every second my love has grown,

And it’s not my wish to forever be alone.


I wish you’d show me some respect,

I wish you’d understand what I expect,

It not much to tell me that you accept,

Differences aside, show how to adapt.


Treat me as though I am one of you,

Treat me as though I have feelings too,

Heal me when I feel like forever blue,

Save me each time, forever be true.

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