The rifle

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A youth trains with his dad but quickly things turn wrong. A group of german Nazi descendants see the rifle. They realize that the rifle is one that America used in WWII. The group of five, hunt down the two. Now they must rely on their wit and strength to escape the Nazi group. If you like this check out my other pieces.

Submitted: May 16, 2007

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Submitted: May 16, 2007



The rifle

In the midst of WWII a certain rifle had been crafted. It looked as radiant as the sun, but killed like a beast. A soldier named Matt Corralejo bought the rifle and came out alive during the war. As the years past, Matt grew old so he wanted to leave the rifle to his son Jacob Corralejo. Matt died of old age so Jacob held onto the rifle and he was 30 years old. Jacob married a young beauty, named Marissa. They had a kid named Steven and on his fourteenth birthday Jacob gave Steven the rifle. Jacob trained with his son by taking him out to the wilderness. At first Steven shot old coke cans that they drank during their summer. Steven's first shot was a pure shot that busted the can into fragments. The first two month's of his training, Steven became an expert at shooting cans. He could shoot the exact tip of the can, no problem. Jacob saw that it was time for his son to start hunting some game. Steven started to hunt squirrels lying in the forest. As he carried the rifle, Steven could hardly keep his excitement stifled. He continued on throughout the day, but he only saw a few squirrels and the ones he did see were to fast and alert. Before Steven headed back home he threw out some pretzels on a few rocks in the forest. The next day Steven woke up and looked at his calendar. He sighed as he got ready for his first day of school. He ate cereal, toast and drank a cool glass of orange juice. He walked to school, staring at the cracks on the sidewalk awaiting another school year. When he arrived, the bell rung so hewalked to his first period, history. Steven was nearly the last one to enter the class. Steven only knew a couple of people and the ones he did know, scarcely remembered his name. He grew tired and had only the feeling of the rifle on his mind. Only broken parts of his teacher's introduction Steven apprehended. The first month of school grew tougher for Steven. The only class he actually excelled in was his history class. The class was covering the background of WWII and Steven was deeply interested in it. He also grew skilled with the rifle. He became a great hunter and knew the animals' way. Steven hunted large game also. He stalked deer throughout the wilderness hunting them. When he grew seventeen years old Steven was now a true hunter and knew a variety of different skills. On a gloomy day Steven went hunting with his dad. Jacob said, "I am proud of you son. I'm not only proud of you about hunting. It's nice to see how much of man you have grown up to be." Steven replied, "thank you for teaching me. If it weren't for you I would probably still be shooting those old cans." Both of them laughed as they continued to walk along the dirt path. As the sun began to set Steven and his dad stopped at what seemed to be an old campsite. There was burned out logs in the campfire and some old, dirty slepping bags. Jacob made a fire and Steven and him layed below the stars. The moonlight shined perfectly on their new campsite. Steven dozed off during a conversation with his dad. "Get up!! Get up Steven!!! We need to leave now!" Jacob exlaimed. Steven woke up in confusion but he quickly grasped the situation. Jacob grabbed a piece of parchment off of the ground and lead Steven behind a tree. Jacob showed him the piece of parchment and asked Steven, "do you know what this is?" Steven looked down to see the swastika patch in his father's hand. He replied, "that is the patch the germans wore during world war two." His dad whispered, "yeah, and those people about fourty feet away from us are Nazi. I saw them wearing the swastika patches and staring at the rifle I hold in my hand." The group walked closer and saw that Steven's rifle was made during WWII and that it was an american one. The group was only a group of five but they were dangerous. One of the men of the group started to raise his gun, so Steven and Jacob started to run behind thicker trees. The bullet soared right pass Jacob's arm. Steven saw the group gaining up on them so he grabbed a rock and chucked it into some bushes. A few people of the group shot at the bush but two were too smart. Jacob and Steven took off, dissapearing into the forest. Steven ran until he heard a gunshot and the falling of a body. He turned around to find his dad lying on the dirt path. Steven grabbed the rifle and raised it up toward the group quickly. His tears fell as Steven pulled the trigger with vengeance. The bullet flew straight into the forehead of one of the Nazis. Steven jumped to his right,behind a tree as a chain of bullets flew toward him. He felt a sharp pain surge through his leg. Steven looked down at his leg to find it pierced with a bullet. He blocked out the pain by thinking of his dad. The forest grew silent and stayed that way until Steven thought up a plan. He grabbed a stick sitting by his foot and took off his white shirt. He tied his shirt to the stick to make a white flag. He raised it out enough for them to see it. When the group spotted it they started laughing harshly. Steven smiled because his plan was working. They were no longer paying attention to him so he stuck the flag in the dirt and started to sneak away behind some thick bushes. Steven looked at the group and realized that one of them had a grenade attached to his belt. Steven raised his rifle as he started to shake. He looked at his dad's corpse so he started to tense up. Before the bullet left the chamber, Steven yelled, "this is for Jacob!!!" The bullet speared the grenade leaving none of the Nazi group alive. Steven walked over to his dad, crying next to him. He said, "I know what you want me to do and I will fulfill it." When Steven grew twenty years old he had a kid named Joey and he passed the rifle down to him. Steven also taught Joey the skill of being a hunter with the rifle.

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