Because I loved you

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And girl gets killed in the place of her soldier fiancee by Russian.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



It was a normal day. Waking up, going to work, waiting for him to call..who was Meg trying to kid. She said she was doing okay, but we all knew she was lying. I was with her when it happened. We had come back from work, celebrating our first successful week at work. We were laughing,  drinking, talking about how we could work our way up the job ladder. She kept looking at the phone, as if staring at it would make it ring. I knew that she was waiting for him to call. They had been engaged for 2 months, her and Mason, and she loved him so much.

The night dragged on, and eventually, she was crying.'I, just miss him so much, God look at me, I'm a mess' she managed to say through her tears. 'I know. But look on the bright side, when he comes back, you can get married!'. 'What if he doesn't?' and there was a breif silence. Her face all of a sudden widened and she opened her mouth. I felt a hard bang on the back of my head and it all went black.

I opened my eyes and saw where I was.  I was in a room that looked like a prison cell. My hands were bound behind my back with rope and I was leaning against the wall. A man walked in, and he spoke a pile of jibber jabber to me. He had a very thick Russian accent, so yeah, he was probably Russian. Another guy came in with Meg. She was out cold. He told me, in English, 'Never fall in love with a soldier, look where it has put you' . I drifted off afterwards. I woke up and Meg was sitting in a chair. There was a guy holding a camera, recording what was happening and the other had a gun, and was holding it to Meg's head. He said something in Russian and pulled the trigger. There was a bang,and a silence. I looked away, a tear fell down my cheek.

They don't keep prisoners, turns out. I was rescued by some undercover soldiers and I was able to go home. But I'll never forget what happened that day, and what happened after. Mason was greif-stricken, and begged God to bring her back, to take the pain away. I remember that he started on drugs, to get rid of the pain. I also know that he became a drunk, and the army told him to go. He died just a year after marrying a girl called Alice, a nurse. She was pregnant at the time. No you know what happened, because she loved him.

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