8 vs 100's

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This boy Mike lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere, nothing ever happens here until she came running through town one day. He couldn't help but go after her but like they say curiosity killed the cat...

Submitted: February 14, 2014

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Submitted: February 14, 2014



In a dark forest somewhere unknown two men with chains are walking about the area. The taller one Brock is smart not too ugly about average, you wouldn't notice him if you passed him on the street. The shorter but not tiny man Bud is far from smart but the most handsome man you'll ever lay eyes on, he appears kind so children and women love him well at least until they know him.

 As these men stumble around in the dark with weak flash lights at their sides, Bud begins to yell out Mia over and over as loud as he possibly could without being over heard. Bud screams out Mia loud enough to make Brock jump like a high jumper at a track meet, Bud continues by promising out loud that he won’t hurt this Mia again. Brock elbows him in the ribs saying that Mia is Buds’ daughter Bud laughs at him and asks in a sassy way what the girl who they were looking for name was. Lilith is all Brock said as Bud mumbles to himself that he thinks it’s a stupid name. They walked around for 30 more minutes, then came a proud UN shaken voice of the five year old Lilith “You really promise no more pain?”  Her voice sounds as if she is everywhere at once Bud yells back in his sweetened tone “where are you dear?” A masculine voice came from deeper in the forest saying the men lied and spelt out the word run for Lilith, Brock nor Bud could spell in the English language they we puzzled by what he had spelt out thought the girl Lilith was not. Those men searched the forest for hours after that but dawn came near they gave up not finding that young girl…

Ten Years later...


Mike peeked open his eyes as his shut off his ever so annoying beeping alarm clock, oh great another boring day begins he thought. He wasn’t even at home he was at his uncles this week with his younger sister and brother who were twins. Mikes' parents went on trips a lot sometimes with him and his siblings Mat and Cat other times no they liked their alone time. It helped that they were rich, Mikes' family had always been rich he didn't bother to learn why. Down stairs he hears the twins at 12 years old making a lot of noise yelling at their uncle R. something about being treated too young, Mike smiled at the very thought they were always pulling child-like pranks on everyone they still hated scary movies and thought of nothing but fantasy never did their homework on time but they were brilliant kids just like everyone in their whole family. As Mike lazed in his bed listening to the three fight he jumped like a mad man, today was Tuesday he had basketball practice at 7 this morning he looked at his clock-6:30 great just great he thought out loud. Rushing Mike gathered up his basketball gear threw on clothes and ran out his room and down the steps passing a mirror on the way. Mike stopped dead backed up a few feet and looked in the mirror someone had drawn new eyebrows on his face making him look as if he had very high arched brows. He sighed because his nose was also colored red... the twins again. He started to laugh and laugh until his sides hurt he only stopped when his uncles' fierce expression started at him. "I didn't do it" Shrugged Mike. Uncle R. spun at the twins who had high-tailed it out of there leaving behind their pancakes."What can I do with those kids?"Sighed Uncle R."You are asking me-a 16 year old...What has gotten into you uncle."Laughed Mike"Get to school, Mike" Mike grabbed a cereal bar and started to head out-"Get that marker off your face too “Uncle R. called after him."Can't you know the twins they only use non-wash markers"


Mike is an athletic teen tall well build-your average jock guy plays on all the school teams and so on. Mike is different though he is kind and treats everyone equal no matter what he is friends with everyone he doesn't spread gossip or say bad things about someone innless they are in the room to defend them self. Mikes school is in the middle of a tree patch in town, this town had nature surrounding it on all ends dangerous animals lived there. The towns named Daisy lake, after the lake in the middle of town which was named after one of the first settlers daughter after she died trying to save her brother who also died, their bodies never found. The girl was 14, the boy was 5. Some say they lived just got lost. The school is old but well-built it has 3 floors: the basement(grades jk/sk to 4) the main floor (grades 5 to 9) and the top floor & the roof with the green house only grades 9 to 12 are able to enter the top  floor. In the summer the teachers would let the younger grades walk through the greenhouse. The building is green head to toe but the window ledges are white. Mike has three guys he hangs out with the most, Shawn, Derek, and Jeremiah. Most of the children lived here since birth.

It was about lunch time when it happened, up until that very moment the day had big like another Tuesday, basketball practice at 7am, math first period, English second, gym next and finally art. Exciting things were rare in Daisy Lake they had a movie store a food shop that sold anything from salads & subs to burgers & fries and packaged goods, a hardware store, ice cream parlor and a small clothes shop. So when something happened in town everyone knew right away. Well today something did happen...

Mike was at the back of the school eating at the outdoor tables. Derek was walking by with a group of girls like always thought Mike, he called them over anyway. Derek is a ladies’ man but all the girls fall for Mike at first sight he is muscular, tall, dark curly hair, and bright green eyes. His only fault is how pale he looks. His mother father and the twins were like him pale skin darker hair bright eyes; his uncle is around the same too but his hair blond. While Derek wasn’t too bad looking he was skinny way to skinny he had a health problem that kept him that way, his hair was straight as a board coming down almost to his shoulders it was the color of the sunset-red, his eyes were a dull blue almost gray, his smile is what made the girls want him his smile was brighter then heaven so the girls say. The girls’ whispers and giggles pull Mike out of his day dreams. "Hey broskie what’s up?"Derek yells into his ear “you there? You called me over and now I’m fighting for your attention? Come on man! Not cool” “Shut up Derek” Mike screams while he tackles him to the ground. The girls all scream some sort of nonsense Jeremiah comes running silencing the girls.” OMG I got some big news guys” Jeremiah whispered to the guys so no one could over hear. Derek and Mike look at each other then back at Jeremiah urging him to continue with his news. “Those girls are so hot over Mike right now” He said loud enough for everyone around could hear the girls all go red and stomp off towards the front of the school. Mike leaned over and thumped Jeremiah in the arm hard as he laughed and thanked him for getting rid of the girls."Okay I had that coming “Laughed Jeremiah. Jeremiah was a short boy fast as lightning too, his fuzzy brown hair was always in his eyes which were brown, he wore big glasses and always dark colors, he was a cheerful boy around Mike and them at least, he always got bullied until Mike put an end to it one summer ever since then he just stuck with them almost like their little pet he was the smartest out of the guys. Shawn came running. "Hey guys come check this out!" Now Shawn was dark in skin, hair and eyes. He was what they call a geek too always on games or something but, he does enjoy the outdoors quite a lot. He wasn’t tall nor short he was about average. His hair came halfway down his back he braided it more often than not."I'll thump you too!" Grumbled Mike.

When the boys got out front they were shocked a girl they had never seen was 'running' down the street she was too tired to run fast she had no shoes, a torn dirty shirt and shorts to match her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Mike stared at her as she tried to run forward not once did she look back just in front of her."Come on you want her? She’s dirty Mike “Giggled a group of girls."Back off “Huffed Mike then he left running after the girl “Cover me Jeri He yelled back.

Mike followed the strange girl not too close though she didn't look back any way. When she stopped running it was two hours after he started following her she had run in the forest and sat by a stream huffing and puffing he sat down beside her breathing even heavier than her. "I thought I was in shape!" He whizzed "I thought I was alone" strange girl turned to him her eyes looked brown but Mike had an odd feeling like maybe color contacts he thought but his demised the idea shaking his head  knowing no person would put brown color eye contacts in."Sorry about that but I want to know your name, why you are running, why you came here, how can you run that long, why didn't you look back and will you let to get something to eat you can come to my house well my uncles, my parents are out of town so my house is off limits because it’s in the middle of the forest." Mike didn’t want to give her time to think grabbing her arm he led her to his uncles."I could go for some food...please?"She was laughing so hard he couldn’t understand what was so funny but he started laughing to anyway. “Your name first!” Laughed Mike."Lilith yours?""Wow pretty name mines Mike""Can I call you Mikey?" smiled Lilith “Yes come on my sisters clothes should fit you “Mike hated people calling Mikey but when she said it he didn’t mind.

Lilith followed Mike for about 5 minutes before she blacked-out. Mike carried Lilith all the way to his uncle's house. He set her on the couch covered her up  in a blanket put a pillow under her head turned on the T.V. just in case she woke up, he then set out to make her something to hot eat and get her clothes from cats room.

Mike had just finished making homemade pancakes and hash browns like who doesn't like that right? "That smells really good, have any ketchup?"She came out of nowhere startling Mike."Yes of course silly here eat up" Mike gave her the food and sort of forced her to sit in his chair that he claimed when they first started coming to their uncles since then no one but him has sat there. "My sister is 12 but that’s only two years older than you her clothes should fit""I am 15 Mikey! Look at these!" Lilith showed her chest that proved she was 15 not 10 without a care in the world."Oh well I thought because you are small...” Mike was not use to girls calling him 'Mikey' he was blushing he was grateful she kept her clothes on."It’s alright, this food is great! Can I take a bath later? Oh and sorry you had to carry me “Lilith seemed right at home to him which made him smile."Yes I'll start your bath now, and don't worry I'm a strong boy I don't mind carrying passed out girls to safety “At that statement Lilith blushed making Mike laugh.


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