Love hurts by shakirra watt

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Ever fallen in love with someone it hurts soo much and you don't notice the things they do will hurt you

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



Now I find myself laying half-conscious I see a small red dribble on the road and from a distance out of a blur come two flickering lights, red, blue, red, blue that is all I can see but the light is slowly starting to fade away and I can no longer see.


Here I am just sitting in my room all alone. Not a friend in the world, not even a family, they all left, they all said I was crazy.
My life so boring and ordinary everyday it is the same thing over and over again
I get up.
I get dressed.
I go to work even though I hate it.
I go for a walk in the forest.
I come home and go to sleep.
Wake up and do the same thing over and over.
Then one day as I was going for a walk after work I came across a girl. She is more beautiful than any rose and the sunset put together. I hide I feel ashamed I don’t want her to see my hideous face, I just hide there and watch her from behind a tree and hope she doesn’t see me.


I come out just as she leaves but then she looks back at me she smiles and says hello I stand there speechless as she walks away, I run out after her and ask her name. “Evette” she says in her gorgeous French accent.  She hands me a piece of folded paper. I look down and read it and when I look up she was gone just like that within the blink of an eye.


I was walking back though the forest just as it was starting to get dark the wind started to pick up I was kind of frightened by the sound of the wind howling and the trees throwing their branches around. I started to run eventually I got out of the forest and into the town again. I walked around town for a while I decided that I would go and get some take away for dinner as it was already late and I didn’t really have the time to cook some dinner. “May I help you “ the worker at the take away said “can I please get some fish and chips” said I “sure that will take a few minutes” said the worker


I waited and waited eventually the worker came out and gave me my dinner I paid them then I walked out and down the street. Someone was following me, had been following me this whole time, I got back to my apartment ran inside and locked the door. I was sitting down in silence eating my tea then all of a sudden I heard “knock, knock” at the door, I walked to the door and put my ear against it and said “who is it” I waited a few minuted but there was no reply I opened the door and looked around but there was no one to be seen. I went back to eating my dinner then went to bed.

A few days after I found that piece of folded paper that Evette had given me I had left it in my jeans pocket lucky I didn’t wash them I thought to myself. I looked at the paper then the phone then back at the paper, maybe I should call her, maybe she has been wondering why I hadn’t already. I picked up the phone and dialled the numbers on that piece of paper. I took a while for her to answer but when I heard her voice I knew somehow it would all be ok.



“hello” Evette said
“hey it’s me, sorry I didn’t call you sooner I lost your number well actually I left it in my pants” I said
we both laughed for a while 
“why don’t we meet up somewhere” Evette said
“ that’s a great idea “ I replied.
we just sat there talking on the phone to each other about our lives and what we had been though, she was an immigrant from France she used to be a reporter there but things got hard for her so she decided to come over to Australia for a better life a new start this must have been a huge journey for her adjusting to a whole new country. Before I knew it we had been talking on the phone for hours.


We decided that we would get off the phone and go see a movie together.
Love story it was called, we meet at the movies brought our tickets, popcorn and our drinks. We went and sat down in the cinema together and waited for the movie to start. She didn’t really say much to me but she kept moving closer and closer. I didn’t mind though I kind of enjoyed it. Just being with her, being this close to someone. I’ve never been like this before with a girl it was all knew to me, my whole life I had been alone with no one to hug me, to hold me. About half way through the movie she was leaning on my shoulder looking up at me I looked down at her and smiled. Suddenly our lips were locked, this had never happened to me before. I pulled away she looked into my eyes and just smiled at me.


The movie had finished before I had even realised it started, I was too busy looking at her and holding her in my arms to even realise the movie was playing. Everyone got up and walked out of the cinema, but not me and not Evette we just sat there for a while hugging and kissing I wasn’t really sure why we didn’t get up and leave, I didn’t mind though I liked being there just me and her. Until a security guard came in and told us to get out, the next movie was about to start.


We got up and walked out of the cinemas holding hands and laughing. Her smile so beautiful like no other. We just walked and walked like there was no one else in the world, as if it was just me and her. We walked into the forest were we had first met we decided that we would meet in that exact spot each day. We hugged goodbye and went in opposite directions.

I went back to my apartment and sat on the lounge just looking at the ceiling thinking about her perfection; her beauty; her smile and the way she smells like roses. I thought to myself I wish everyday could be like today. I wish I could spend every day with her. I may have only met her a week ago but it feels like I’ve known her forever.


A few months have passed now Evette and I have gotten much, much closer. We decided that we would move in together, this is no longer just my apartment it is now mine and hers together we will never a alone again. I feel like she is my destiny. I’ve never believed in destiny before I used to believe life just blew us around like a feather with no real purpose in life.


Evette and I have decided that we want to adopt a child one we could call our own to cherish and love. We sat down at the dinner table together
“If we are going to adopt a child what gender should it be” Evette said
“Depends on what gender you want, I only want what you want” I replied to her
She smiles and blushes.
“Well I think we should get a boy, a real man in the house would be great” Evette says whilst trying not to laugh
“what age should he be, should he be a teen or a child or a baby?” I asked her
“Stop worrying, we will go down to the adoption service tomorrow and have a look around” Evette says.
“I think it’s time we both went to bed don’t you think” Said I.
We both stood up and went to bed.


We wake the next morning to a big BANG we run outside to see what all the noise and commotion is about, I look down the road and there has been a crash just outside our apartment. “No one died but 8 people were injured” said the person in the apartment next to mine. I looked back to check were Evette was but she was gone nowhere to be seen I went back to our apartment to look for her but she wasn’t their either.


I waited alone in the apartment for hours and hours she didn’t return, it was starting to get late and we were supposed to go see the adoption service today. I decided to get up and go look for her the first place I thought of was the forest were we had first met. I went there and there she was sitting on the ground crying.


“What happened, where have you been all day” I asked.
“I went to the adoption service without you today, they rejected our claim they won’t let us raise a child on my own I think we should go to the court about this, it is discrimination just because we are both female they won’t let us adopt its bull I say” Evette says in reply
“What! How could they do this to us how could they reject us” I say
“Let’s just go home and sort this all out tomorrow please” Says Evette
I help her up and wipe the tears from her eyes and tell her “ it’s all going to be okay”


We walk through the forest as the sun starts to set “you know the sun setting is the second most beautiful thing in the world” I say to Evette
“Really, I thought it was the first, what could possibly more beautiful than the sun set?” Evette replies. I look at her and smile for a while “you are” I say to her
She starts to blush and smile. Before we knew it we were already home. Ah home the one place we are free from discriminators and judgemental idiots.


We get home and have a nice cup of coffee before going to bed. The next morning I get up and realise that we have no milk or eggs left. “Evette I have to go to the shop I’ll be back in a few minutes” I say. There was no reply from the bedroom but I go anyway.


I walked across and down the street into the shop. I Just as I was about the walk out of a shop I see a beautiful punch of roses on sale I decide to buy them for Evette. Just as I was almost home I was struck down by a car. Milk and eggs and roses went everywhere. I see Evette get out of the car pick up the roses get back into the car and drive away. That’s when I started to lose consciousness.

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