The law's audition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Group of judge's face redundancy when they start loosing cases and decide to audition for the X-Factor. But have they got it, or does just one?

~~It all started on the morning of July the 15th 2014, as usual the judges came to work for a seemingly normal day, but that all changed when the boss called us in for a meeting, that all changed when he started to form his words. ‘’I am disappointed to inform you that we have not been winning cases lately’’ he said ‘’so if this continues I will have to take extreme measures’’. There was a great silence until he dismissed us.

I was the first one to break the silence ‘’so basically were screwed’’. There was an awkward laugh, then Harry suggested that we try for the X-Factor, at first everyone  thought that it was a crazy idea but then slowly it started to grow on all of us and one by one we all said ‘’I’m in’’.

After we decided that we were going to audition we had mini auditions, me being the coach. When the auditions were over it too ten minutes to decide who was in and who was out, then it was time to break peoples hearts and fulfil some people dreams, well on a smaller scale. After everyone had been told we began a gruelling half an hour rehearsal and a break. If were this lazy during rehearsal, no wonder were being made redundant.

When we finished rehearsing we realised that we needed a costume. This took about an hour and after long debates and deliberation we came to a decision that really shouldn’t have taken an hour, but to be fair we were playing cards for 50 minutes so is actually sent ten minutes but an hour sounds better. After this we went home to look up he auditions.
While looking up the auditions some news came up on news site came on saying that Simon Cowell was going to be judging. When I saw this I called the team, but they didn’t seem to mind so I just continued signing us up. We now have an audition on the 6th of August at 10:00 on the dot.

The next few weeks were full of constant auditioning as none of us really had solid jobs, so we had a lot of time on our hands. After rehearsing we normally went to the Starbucks across the road from where we rehearse and talked about the worst case scenarios, like if Simon wanted someone to be a solo artist. Little did we know it that would come back to haunt us
On the day of August the 6th we were all up early and ready to go until we saw the entry line to the O2 , one hour passed (it was now 10:00) and we got our numbers 4310-4320, and go ready for more waiting. Then when the time came, there wasn’t anything more we could do we had do deliver a good performance apart from one thing. Simon wanted Harry to be a solo artist. After a group huddle we told Harry that if he wanted to could solo.

And that was the last time I heard from him, it’s been 5 long years since that audition and it now 2019 and still we have no flying cars or hover boards like we were promised in back to the future, but I turned out boss didn’t mean the Brentford judges he meant the Brent judges so we all have jobs and are happy.

Submitted: June 15, 2014

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Awesome work! Nicely written :)

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Mon, June 16th, 2014 11:14am

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