A teenage life

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Avery ,is an average sixteen year old teenager , but trouble seems to be always coming her way. With her mother on the verge of sending her to boarding school and her principal planning her suspension . Avery and her best friend Madelyn most prove to them that Avery is just in the wrong place at the wrong time . So when the opportunity arises , Avery must plan carefully to show her innocence.

Submitted: April 15, 2015

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Submitted: April 15, 2015



Part 1


Anger is filling up inside me waiting to escape. It tries to creep up to my lungs wanting me to scream until my chest starts to hurt and my ears begin to pound. It begs me to get anything my fingers can reach and clutch, to throw across the room so it will make the loud pounding sound it desires. It is now starting to tell me say every word I can think of under the sun, but I know better, I have met anger before; this is its plan to release the satisfaction that is running through my veins. It wants to me to go to its dark side, to face trouble with it. Anger knows I have been hurt, it knows I want revenge, so it stays inside me until I tell it to come out.




I find myself again standing against the cool stone wall, awaiting the headmaster who shall deliver my punishment.  Anger got me in trouble again; it went frantic when its owner was kicked by its enemy.  I do thank my friend anger for slapping her, but I wish it could have controlled itself until the teacher was out of sight.


“Avery Adams, back so soon, what have you done this time, broke a window? Killed a bird? Wait I know, you fell on a first year”.  My headmaster has a smug look on his face as he spoke. He was a heavy man with thick black eyebrows and cold beady eyes.

“Sir, they were all accidents, I told you I am sorry” ( They were not accidents but iccidents planned by Kaylee )

“Yah, Yah sure, now I have thought about your punishment and I have decided on a whole week of staying back for detention…..”

“Sir, please don’t do this”

“Do not interrupt me , the other teachers and I have enough of you , if it weren’t for your excellent grades or the funding  from your  father , we would have made you leave this school two years ago , now two weeks of detention because of your bad manners. I will be ringing your parents, go back to class now Avery” With that I leave the office and I slam the door, leaving the principal with his work and a loud bang.

 I don’t go back to class; I go to the girls bathrooms while texting my best friend Madelyn to meet me. Starring back at me in the mirror was a version of myself, but she was thinner than me, her sea blue eyes were wetter than mine and her black hair was way too long.  She takes out a small bag from her Jan sport pink schoolbag, and starts to apply a new layer of mac foundation; she was finishing her eyeliner when Madelyn walks in, with the biggest grin in her face.

“Avery, oh my god, you should have seen Kaylee after you slapped her, she went crazy, she was saying who the hell does Avery think she is , and does she know who I am . She went home because she fell in puddle after chasing Zoe around the yard with a stick; Zoe said she wished she was Avery and that we should slap Kaylee more often.  I wish you saw it”

“Yah me too, Mr Smith gave me two weeks dentition, I hate him” I groan.

“Well I suppose you learned not to slap someone when the teacher is there” Madelyn says between a set of giggles.

 “Thanks Madelyn, that makes me feel so much better” I say sarcastically, but I couldn’t stop smiling.

We leave the bathrooms five minutes before school was over and head to the buses outside the school.  Madelyn’s’ long blonde hair was blowing softly in the breeze; I had to jog to keep up with her long strides.  With her perfect tanned skin, waist long hair, and her height, Madelyn was like a model.

We sit down at the back of the bus together, and start to talk about the incident that had occurred but all I can think about, is what my mother will say to me when I get home. The bus starts to fill up and within minutes we are driving out of the school grounds and in through the town, towards the outskirts where I live.




The bus stops at the gate to my house, I jump out, and knowing what awaits me is not going to be pleasant , I run to a nearby field and jump the fence  ,so my mother will not see me coming . I was so wrong; she stands at the door with her arms crossed. She has a stern look on her face; I know she is shouting at me before I can hear her. Mum is mad; all her good, kind natured personalities are gone. She has one thought in her mind; giving out to me, anger is now controlling her, like it controlled me today.

“AVERY , I am so disappointed in you , your father and I have enough of this outrageous behaviour , you’re going to be the talk of the town , people will begin to think were raising  a monster , first the window , then that bird , just recently the incident with the first year and now this. You step one foot out of line and we will be shipping you off to boarding school.  You are sixteen years old, yet are too immature and to incompetent to act your age.  Your ten your old sister Elena is more tactful and sensible than you.…..”

“Mum, I’m sorry, but…..” I begin

“Don’t you dare interrupt me young lady, I did not ask for you to speak you selfish……”

My dad came out to the porch, to rescue me”

“Rosie, darling, maybe your been a bit harsh on Avery, I very much agree with you for been angry at her, and I also I cannot believed our daughter who we raised to become a lady slapped a girl; no matter what the reason was and I am very disappointed in you Avery, but I know the principal does not like Avery very much, so I would not be surprised if he exaggerated a bit.” My dad concludes

“Mathew, this is not the point, in my strongest opinion, I believe our child is going out of control, the headmaster has ringed us five times just in this year and it’s only the end of September. I thought Julianna was wild, but Mr Smith never rang us about her. I don’t know Mathew, but if he rings us one more time I’m her sending her to boarding school” after a long  sigh , my mum goes inside.

My day looks at me “I’m so sorry dad, Kaylee keeps insulting me, she said that  I was born on the highway because that is where most of the accidents happen, that it looks like my face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork and that I should realise that there is enough people to hate in the world already , without me putting in so much effort to give us another and she kept going on and on with insults like them and then she kicked me.  So I slapped her, and I realise know that I shouldn’t have and it was really dumb of me, I’m really sorry dad.”

“I believe you Avery, but that’s no excuse for what you did, Kaylee may be a bully and she may have kicked but that does not mean you go down to her level. I really am disappointed in you, and your mother said you are grounded for two weeks” he adds as he follows my mother into the house.




Lying on the soft covers of my bed, I begin my homework, with the events of today running wildly through my memory. I have my favourite music playing and my fairy lights are on.  After a long two hours, I was just finishing my English essay when my phone started to bleep. I picked it up and click my phone to see it flashing MADELYN RINGING.I slide my finger across the screen and I answer it.

“Hey Madelyn, what is up?”

“Avery, you will never guess what happened today on the bus”

“Go on, tell me”

“I was sitting behind Evelyn, and she was on the phone to Kaylee, I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop but I heard most of their conversation. They were talking about stealing all the money from the school fundraiser in aid of skin cancer, that’s over fifty thousand euro. I heard Evelyn mention Kaylee’s boyfriend, Josh, they need money to bail him out of jail. Then the two of them are going ditch school and leave for New York to join some criminal gang, which Josh used to belong to.”

“Madelyn that’s crazy, we need to tell the headmaster before its stolen”

“We don’t have enough time, they have planned to take tonight at twelve” Madelyn tells me

“ Madelyn , you and I will have to stop them , because we both know I will be blamed if its stolen and mum will send me to boarding school if I do anything wrong” I inform her

“OK, I have a plan; meet me at the community centre in an hour” Madelyn confirms

“See you then” I answer

I end the call and get up; I walk towards my wardrobe and pull it open. Carefully going through my clothes I pick out a pair of black high waist leather jeans, a comfortable midnight blue hoodie and a pair of slate grey nike free runs.  I dress and collect some items, a flashlight, some money, keys of the front door and my phone. I check the time, it was ten thirty, and my parents should be in their bedroom. I stuff some teddies under my covers to make it look like I am still there .I write a note to them , just in case they come in and find out I am not here,.  It states that I am ok, I have money and I will be back soon and they do not need to ring the police.

I quickly turn off the music, but leave the lights on. I go into the hallway and I leave my bedroom door ajar, like I always leave it, to avoid any suspicion. I walk carefully down the stairs; I am leaning on the banister, trying not to make any noise, watching carefully for the stairs that creek. After what felt like a light-year, I reach the front door, it is open. I open a window in the back kitchen just in case my parents lock the door tonight and I am not able to find my key that I’m bringing.

I creep into the cool night air through the window.  I run swiftly through the back lawn to the garage. I turn on the switch to the light and grabbed my new racing bike; it was tall sleek black bike.  I hop onto the saddle and ride into the night.

I reach the community centre at twenty five minutes past eleven. Madelyn is not here yet so I put my bike at the bicycle rack and wait for Madelyn at the entrance of the centre. Five minutes have passed and there is still no sign of Madelyn. I hear movement near the side entrances, I turn and see the outline of two figures from the moonlight, and I can hear the sound of distant chatter. They start to walk towards me, I run to hide behind the bins, and I kneel behind the large black’s bins and listen tentatively.

“Are sure it’s hidden in there Kaylee?” a voice asks

“Yes, I am sure; when I rang home today I was sitting in the headmaster’s office as he wanted to ask me about the incident that happened today. Before I walked into the office, I saw him hide the bucket in this compartment, I left a screwdriver outside his office and I opened the window, but I doubt it will be open” Kaylee responded

" Well , I think we should go there , and check , it might be a good place to start" the voice answered in a deep smug voice

With that ,the two figures turned around just as they were about to pass me and headed back towards the school.


Part 2 is coming 




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