Skarlets wish

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Its about Skarlets little cousin being diagnosed with Cancer, and since he is younger then her she desides she wants the cancer instead of him and she wishes on a shooting star.

A young girl had a great life, she had a great mother n step father 
with a big sister, she also had a great boyfriend. She longed for 
their first kiss, but waited paicently. One night her mother and step 
father were talking, she over heard them over her music, her baby 
cussin Brian had been diagnosed with cancer. She got very upset. When 
she got home she prayd, she prayed for days, but nothing changed he 
accualy got worse. She got very upset, then as she looked out the. 
Window a shooting star flew by, she closed her eyes and wished " I 
wish me an Brian could switch places, let me have the cancer and him 
be okay!" she fell asleep after that. About a week later her cousin 
Brian's cancer had disapeard! A week after that, she was diagnosed 
with cancer, 2 years later after she was diagnosed, she past away. She 
dint leave her family all the way, she drifted as a ghost taking care 
of her family. As a ghost she disided to visit her boyfriend. For 
nights he cryed never slept. She'd hold his hand or arm like she did 
before she died. He told his friends who thought he was crazy. He 
desided to go to her house and get her witch craft book. And he did. 
When we got back to his house, he did everything she ever taught him 
on witch craft, he called for her spiret. She light up before his 
eyes. He went to get up she said "wait" she closed her eyes, she 
begain to look human. She grabed his hand and brang him over to his 
bed. They hugged on his bed till finaly he turned and kissed her, as 
they kissed she slightly begain to disapear till she begain to say 
"Jock" over and over. He opens his eyes she was gone, and her voice 
had fadded. A white ball was near the cealing and out came outthe 
nacless he gave her when they first started to date. It landed in his 
lap, as the orb flew away, he smiled "iloveyou" he said. Years passed 
and he grew older and around his neck is the neclass!

Submitted: January 14, 2011

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