Blood on Their Hands

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After reading a book called The Picture Bride i wrote this poem for all the japanese that were hurt during a war they had no part in. To them they were americans.

Submitted: June 06, 2008

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Submitted: June 06, 2008



Blood on Their Hands

They march with such certainty, conceit, and prestige Taking lives with their artillery Tarnishing families as they please

Heads held high They stride past us in a trance With the wind at their back And foreign blood on their hands

Two brave men Who had done no wrong With the pull of a trigger Both men were gone

We remember them with honor And thank God for their birth They represent what could have benn And show us all that hate can hurt

All the while the militia carries on With their nicely creased slacks And their chests puffed out Guns slung over their backs

To this day the memory haunts me But I still don't understand Japs they say? I don't know I just see blood on their hands

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