Education for the Ignorant

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Ignorance is around us daily and, for many of us it is a form of not understanding or fear of that which we don't know. To some it is an excuse to remain uneducated while forcing judgment on something they have no backing or support on, other than what they have been told or what they have heard. This is a poem in response to a speech Huckabee gave at a Unvieristy expressing his stance on same sex marriage and the homosexual lifestlye.

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012



Education on Ignorance


Take a seat and listen up because what I have to say is going to shock

You want to preach your uneducated views while knowledge you still block

You need to realize America is about being open and free

Somewhere we all can just simply embrace what we feel and just be


What a joke this society is when it comes down to the reality

We boost about what a great country we are but where is the validity?

We listen to this person and that person blast ignorance and we ignore

We watch as people are beaten and killed because of who they really are


We say people make choices and they choose to be a certain way

The problem with that belief is who we are is not a choice to this day

But you sit there and judge and compare people to rapists or killers

Wake up listen and learn, remove from your brain those large pillars


Ignorance is no excuse to spread hate and ridiculous truths which are only lies

If you want to get up and make your views public look at all which truly denies

You have your religious views and you seem to think everyone should feel the same

I have some views for you and if you actually listen they will leave you feeling only shame


You want to live up to the Bible’s teachings and tell me that certain lifestyles are such a sin

Well than you best look in the mirror as you too have went against those glorious religious men

Tell me that my happiness and who I am will leave me nowhere else other than burning in hell

In that case I will save you a seat because the hate you speak will assure you a spot there as well


Hitler brainwashed many Germans into believing Jews were a disgraceful and horrible group

Where is the difference in your lies and hate? Sorry, his level you truly have managed to stoop

We are fighting a war and trying to change others into what we think they should ultimately be

What makes us the almighty power of this world when acceptance and tolerance we don’t even see?


I think we missed something along the way, maybe the fact this country was never truly ours

We stole it from the Native Americans, wielded our riffles and said bow to our mighty powers

But now you mister political man can stand here and say this is right and that is truly wrong

What gives you that right, I mean I have committed no crime only followed my heart after so long


You are one of the reasons that people are victims of horrible and brutal hate crimes

Oh yes society would have you believe that change has come to these new times

People are victims of rape and crimes because of who they are and you support that?

Thanks Mr. Huckabee I love that you welcome hate and think it is okay to pick up that bat


Well sir I wish to tell you that if you do run for office you have lost at least one vote

You really should consider what you say speaking to your character and take note

Yes there are people that support your views and believe homosexuality to be a mortal sin

There are also people that see your ignorance and know that your ridicule is just around the bin



I grew up with two parents and in a loving home as an American and am still proud to be

Now as I stand here to know that there are men like you that can say I have no right being me

So God told you himself he did not wish for me to be happy have a family and maybe one day marry

Congratulations for talking to God one night apparently when you were drunk his word you did so carry


I bet you wake up every morning never knowing what it was like to feel hated

You probably see that thought as being way out there and so utterly over-rated

Someday when you go home to your multi-million dollar mansion in your expensive beamer

I hope you think about these words, realize hate is wrong and you a mere hate streamer












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