Hard Lessons for a Bully - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
continuation of Hard Lessons for A Bully

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



Jerrod walks the halls of his high school searching for the perfect kid to pick on for the day. Randy happens to be walking through the halls one morning on his way to class, he is late because his mom was stuck in traffic trying to get him to school that morning. Randy is a very nervous boy and he hates school too very much like Jerrod but for a different reason, not because he is mean but because everyone is mean to him. Randy was running through the hall and he happened upon Jerrod one morning. Jerrod was feeling particularly evil that morning, so first he tripped Randy. When Randy got up Jerrod pulled him by his hair and threw him face first into a locker. Randy recovering from this got up and just as he started to make his get away Jerrod pulled him up the rest of the way by his shirt. “Stupid retard why are you running, don’t you know it is dangerous to run in the hallway, you could fall and hurt yourself. Give me your money retard and get out of my sight.”

Randy shaking, grabbed his wallet from his back pocket and gave him the two dollars his mom had given him since she didn’t have time to make his lunch that morning before school, so he could get something from the cafeteria. “Here you go, please just take it and leave me alone.”

“Retards aren’t supposed to talk and what is this crap, two bucks, I did all of that for two bucks? Get out of here but be aware we will meet again.”

Randy wiped the blood that was dribbling down his chin and picked up all his books that he dropped when Jerrod tripped him and he didn’t hesitate one bit, he ran off.

Jerrod looked at the two bucks and said, “Broke retard” he mumbled as he places the bills in his pocket.

Jerrod stumbled into class late as usual and Mrs. Bell said, “Jerrod this is the fifth time this week, what is your excuse today?” Jerrod always came up with excuses why he was late to class. “I fell on my way to class, why does it matter you don’t really teach me anything anyway.” Jerrod strutted off to his seat in the back where he would torment the lonely girl sitting in the corner. “Well hey there little girl. What are you doing all the way back here, you stupid or something?” With that he knocked her books on the floor.

She bent down from her seat to pick them up. “That wasn’t very nice”

“Didn’t say it was but stuff happens. Why don’t you go cry to the teacher, and tell her how I am picking on you.”

Grace was the girl’s name and she wasn’t stupid in fact she had the highest IQ in the class. Grace didn’t acknowledge Jerrod because she figured he would do something else mean to her again. Grace was maybe quiet but if she wanted to talk, Jerrod would be blown away with what she would say to him. Many of the students he picked on and bullied would have a lot to say, but they learned with him if they didn’t fight back, he soon would get bored and leave him alone, as the challenge was eliminated.

All through class Jerrod would make noises and laugh at kids as they would participate in class discussions. Mrs. Bell was very used to stopping class while she demanded he go to the principal’s office. Jerrod spent a lot of his time in the principal’s office. So much so he had memorized everything on his desk. The teachers and the principal didn’t know what to do with Jerrod, they couldn’t reach him and the students were all afraid of him. His mom let him get away with whatever because she didn’t want to punish him because she felt guilty that he had no dad. Who could reach him? He tormented everyone he met, never had a kind word to say to anyone. Jerrod was just awful it would seem. The principal hated to admit it but they had given up with his grades and figured they should just let him coast by so he could graduate and then he would be someone else’s problem. They cared but he was impossible. He just rebelled against any authority and he idolized the wrong role models, like Hitler and those two kids at Columbine who shot up their school. He thought that could be him but then again everyone liked him in his school why would he kill them other watching them suffer which he got an evil thrill from.

There had to be something and some way to reach him after all he was a kid and kids were harmless, or were they? Jerrod had no real goals other than graduating and being free of all authority, or at least that was how he saw it. Adults just held him back from having fun. So he tormented kids and caused trouble. Parents would call the school daily and complain about Jerrod and how he treated their kids and the school would have meetings with his mom but she never did anything about it other than tell him he needed to be nicer and maybe ground him here and there. It was okay he snuck out and did what he wanted. No one was going to stop him. He just seemed to the outside world to be evil and mean.

Jerrod had a thing for messing with the law. He liked to know he was doing something risky which would have the cops after him. One day he decided after school on his way home to terrorize one of the local police officers, Pete who had been with the Oak County Police department for 17 years and was very familiar with Jerrod and also Jason as they had had their run-ins several times when Jerrod shoplifted and when he would verbally assault store clerks and many of the suburban parents in the community which he lived. Pete had just got done having his dinner before he started his shift for the night, when he was walking to his car and soon had to step back as this black Trans Am came rushing by him so quickly he almost was blown over. Pete couldn’t clock the car but knew the driver had to be way over the speed limit. So Pete got in his car and chased Jerrod down. Jerrod just smiled as he saw the cherries in his rearview mirror. He liked defying the law, it was a rush and he did it often. He finally pulled over on the side of the road

Pete got out of his car and approached Jerrod’s window. There sat Jerrod laid back in his seat puffing on a cigarette. Pete could smell booze on his breath and asked Jerrod to step out of the car.

Jerrod made smart-ass remarks to him, “Oh yeah Pete you gonna make me? I know you couldn’t have clocked me because you weren’t even in your car, so you are wasting your time officer.”

Pete upon approaching Jerrod’s car, could immediately smell alcohol in the car and on Jerrod’s breath as he rolled down his window and said, “Good day Officer Hummel.”

Pete was quite familiar with Jerrod as he had many run-ins with the teen and it all started when Jerrod was around 9 or 10, little stuff like once, he shoplifted a pack of gum and the crimes only escalated as Jerrod was getting older.

Pete shook his head, because once again Jerrod was breaking the law, “Jerrod please step out of the car.”

Jerrod questioned Pete. ”What for? I wasn’t doing anything wrong?”

“Nonetheless, please just step out of the car, don’t fight me on this young man.”

Jerrod was resisting as Pete forced his hands behind his back. “You know this is harassment I can file charges.”

“Go ahead kid your record is as long as the richest kid’s Christmas list, you won’t have any standing.”

Jerrod reluctantly stepped out of the car. “Whatever this is dumb and I don’t have time for it.”

“I will be taking this for now.” Pete said as he patted Jerrod’s pants down and found his cell phone and also a half-size bottle of vodka.

“Dammit! I have to call my mom, you can’t take that.” Jerrod tried to get his phone back.

“You can call her from the station which is where we are headed right now.”

Pete loaded Jerrod up in his car and they headed down to the county jail where Jerrod was unloaded and hauled inside where he called his mom.

Mrs. Haskle was used to the routine she had been to the station so many times to pick up Jerrod after he was caught by the police. “Mrs. Haskle so we meet again. Jerrod is in the other room. I want to talk to you for a second before you take him home. I think Jerrod needs to be charged here. He is never going to learn and he has gotten off way too easily in the past. This time I am charging him with speeding and also MIP.”

“MIP?” Mrs. Haskle said acting shocked. “Yes your son clearly had alcohol on his breath, and I found a half of bottle of vodka in his jeans pocket.  I am really left with no choice legally I have to charge him ma’am.”

Mrs. Haskle pleaded with Pete. “Please Pete I know Jerrod has issues but please don’t punish him so severely. He is getting better and I know he is a good kid. He just doesn’t have a dad and it is hard on him.”

“I feel for him I really do but he has to learn and he can’t keep getting in trouble breaking the law like this.” Pete stopped, he had an idea. “Unless, well there is one other option.”

Mrs. Haskle nodded her head, “What? He will do it, whatever it is, he will do it as long as you don’t charge him?”

“He needs to complete 6 months of community service, starting next week and he can’t miss one day, because if he does I will charge him.”

Mrs. Haskle was relieved that her son was not having charges pressed on him. ‘Yes, yes he will, I will make sure of it. I appreciate this so much Pete.”

Pete gave her a serious face, letting her know this was the last straw, “I am serious Mrs. Haskle, he needs to complete this program and if he doesn’t I will be charging him and with his record the way it is, Jerrod doesn’t have a hopeful future. IF he completes this I will work on clearing his record so he has a real shot once he graduates. Believe it or not I am not all about the “job” and I do think Jerrod is a bright kid. I have hope that he can be reached.”

Mrs. Haskle nodded, half embarrassed and half grateful to Pete, “he is a brilliant kid and I know he can do this. We won’t disappoint you Pete.”

Jerrod impatiently sat out and waited for his mom so he could go home as he knew they couldn’t really do anything to him. He was invincible, or at least he thought he was.

On the car ride home he and his mom didn’t talk much. He watched as they passed all the nice suburban homes and saw the dads out playing ball and running around their yards with their kids. He frowned at the sight of them smiling and enjoying themselves. Lame, he thought. Who needs it. I have my own fun and I am better than all of these worthless saps in this town. I do it all on my own and I need no one.

As they rounded the corner to their home his mom was crying and it was the first time he noticed. Was he supposed to feel bad, because he didn’t. Why was she crying, she didn’t really care about him because if she did she would have not let his dad run out on them. It was her fault he was gone and it made him angry. While he was wrapped in his anger she spoke, “Well Officer Kale said they won’t press charges if you do community service. You should feel lucky because otherwise we would be paying large fines for all the trouble you have caused.”

“Lame, what am I going to have to do pick up trash from the side of the road? Big deal. The cops in this town suck and they target me.”

“You know what Jerrod I can’t make you see what you are doing is wrong and you won’t listen to anything I try to tell you. You misbehave all the time and I don’t have time nor energy to keep going through this with you.”

“Oh it is okay mom I do just fine and I don’t need anyone. I am not like the babies in this town my age who can’t do anything without their parents. I never have needed anyone.”

“Well all I can tell you is Officer Hummel is giving you one last chance to clean up your act. You need to be thankful because after all you have done wrong, he could throw the book at you. You realize, you will be graduating in less than two years and what do you plan to do?”

Jerrod smiled on of his smart-ass smirks. “Who cares, I will be out of this town and away from you. I won’t have anyone standing in my way or looking over my shoulder to tell me what to do. I will be happy.”

His mom didn’t know what to say she was embarrassed and sad because she felt she had failed. I mean her husband had left her, she worked all she could to provide for her only son and he hated her. She couldn’t even reach her own kid, who she gave birth to and for the first few years of his life he was normal and happy. Now though he was miserable and resented everyone. He took no interest in sports or hobbies. He didn’t try to make anything in his life work. He didn’t care about anything. How could she make him understand anything?

When they got home and parked the car in the garage she was so angry and upset at Jerrod’s defiance. “Jerrod I want you to go in the living room and just sit there, no tv, no phone and no video games. You need to think about things and realize what you have done.”

“Little late mom I am who I am and it is the son you raised, look at me mom are you proud?”

She shook her head in disappointment of his constant back talk and rebellion. “No you do as I say I am still your mother even if you do hate me. You need to straighten up and for the next few nights I want you home right after school, no going out with Jason or to that arcade, you are to be home immediately after school.”

He laughed at his mom’s sudden attempt at control, ‘Whatever mom, this town bores me anyway. So yeah, your son will be a perfect angel and do exactly what his mother tells him.”

He reluctantly went into the house and smiled as he knew he wasn’t going to listen to a word she said. His mom didn’t know him and she had no clue that she had no power over him. He would do what he wanted and no one would stop him because they never did.

The next day at school Jerrod was called to the principal’s officer to meet with Officer Kale. He didn’t care and was just looking forward to them telling him what he needed to do so he could be done with it. As he walked in the principal’s office, a place he of course frequented daily he saw Officer Hummel standing by the principal’s desk. “Jerrod as you know your mom and I talked last night and I have gotten the support of your school, you will be doing community service for the next 6 months, and I made this deal at giving you one last chance to clean up your act. This way you still have a real shot at a future. I need you to read over this statement and then sign at the bottom, keep in mind once you sign this you are committing to this for 6 months and if you default you will be charged, are we clear?”

“Clear as ever Pete. So where will I be picking up garbage, some place cool I hope?”

Officer Hummel laughed, “No, no you are not picking up garbage you are going to be working with the citizens at Rock County Retirement Community every day after school for the next 6 months.”

“Old people? Really? Can’t I pick up garbage instead at least I can get a workout doing that?”

Officer Hummel again laughed, “No this is the deal either take it or leave it but, this is what I am offering you and after everything you have done, I think you should find it fair and reasonable, after all I can still file charges.”

‘Yeah, whatever I just want to be done with it and you, so all I have to do is go hang out with a bunch of old fogies after school for a few months and then you will call us even?”

“Yep look at it this way, maybe you will gain something from this experience and you will learn something from this folks, after all, they have been through a lot more of life than you have. You will be helping out with serving meals, cleaning and planning activities for the patrons.”

“Lame but whatever, when do I start?”

“Funny you should ask, it starts tomorrow immediately following your last class and don’t worry your school will be sure you make it in time.” Officer Hummel was trying to ignore his back talk.

“How do you figure? They can’t make me go . . . I will be driving myself.”

“Oh no you won’t your car has been impounded and your mom is picking it up in a couple of days, but no worries we will have an officer here every day to escort you to the home, that way we are sure you make it. You are to report to the parking lot every afternoon after your last class and Jerrod if you aren’t in the officer’s car by 3:45 every afternoon I will see you in court, got it?”

Jerrod threw the paper on the principal’s desk, “Whatever, can I go now?”

“Yep, I look forward to seeing a huge improvement in you in the next few months and the other part of that is, if I don’t I will also be pressing charges. Look at this way it is a win-win.”

Jerrod rolled his eyes, “More like a lose-lose.”

“Well, you better hope, for your sake it isn’t. Otherwise, I can guarantee you after you graduate high school your life will be spent behind bars at the rate you are going.”

Jerrod thought to himself as he was leaving the principal’s office he could fake his way through all of this. I mean there was no way spending 6 months with old people was going to change anything. He was who he was and that was that. He could definitely fool them though. You see, Jerrod may not have really cared about anything but he didn’t want to be spending his life in jail either.

Jason met Jerrod after school quick, “So, man what happened?”

Jerrod laughed, “Nothing really, going to go hang out at a nursing home with old people for 6 months, talk about lame. I thought they would have me picking up trash from the side of the road. Oh well. Hey you want to go to the arcade?”

Jason, “Yeah sure man, just let me call my mom and tell her where I am going.”

Jerrod laughed at him and mocked him, “Mama’s baby. Yeah let me call mine too, NOT!”

Jerrod and Jason headed to the arcade even though Jerrod’s mom had told him to be right home after school he didn’t care and he would just yell at her and make her feel guilty if she gave him any shit about not doing what he was told. He had a way with his mom and he controlled her basically because she would set rules but he would always break them.

Two kids were standing outside the arcade, Jerrod lightly hit Jason on the arm, ‘Hey, look at those losers bet we can get some money out of them, come on buddy.”

They approached the two kids and Jerrod immediately started in making fun of the one’s clothes, “Where did you get those clothes the dumpster? You punks are going to give us your money?”

One of the two kids felt brave, he had a backwards hat and puffed his chest out, it made Jerrod laugh, “Oh yeah well make us.”

Jerrod looked at Jason and thought to himself this kid was feisty, he didn’t mind he would still beat the shit out of him and not care. “Ah, Jay we got a tough guy here. What did you say to me kid, you know I am going to have to teach you a lesson!”

Jerrod began punching the kid in the stomach and the force after while knocked him to the ground. Jason joined in and they had both the kids on the ground where they swiped their billfolds from their back pockets as the kids lay on the ground moaning in pain. Jerrod looked at the one lifted his head from the ground by his hair and spit in his face. “Teach you to mouth off losers!”

Jason and Jerrod stepped over them and walked into the arcade. Jerrod felt energized from beating the crap out of those kids. Again it was the only thing that made him feel good, beating others down so he could feel tough and better than everyone. Jason, you could tell it bothered him, and when Jerrod would fight or bully Jason never really joined in he would encourage him but that was only because Jerrod scared him. He feared one day Jerrod would turn on him because it wasn’t like he really cared about him. He just liked that he fueled his ego by being his sidekick but Jason always thought it was better than the alternative which is Jerrod would bully him.

After the arcade and the boys were walking back to Jason’s car Jerrod’s eye caught a kid struggling in a wheel chair. The boy was trying to wheel his chair up the walk but kept getting the wheel caught on the curb each time he tried. Jerrod saw this and most would go over and help but Jerrod saw it as an opportunity to bully. He walked over to the kid and Jason even begged him to leave him alone. “Jerrod come on man let’s go I have to get home, I am late.”

‘Screw you man. I am just going to help him, he seems to be struggling.”

Jason tried to stop Jerrod by grabbing him by the shoulder, but Jerrod pushed his hand off of him and shoved him backward with great force. He then continued toward the kid who was still struggling and didn’t notice Jerrod quickly walking toward him, ‘Hey cripple, you need some help?”

Jerrod grabbed the wheel chair and instead of pushing it over the curb he pushed the kid backward so he lost his balance in his chair and as the chair tipped backward the kid fell out. He lay on the ground helpless as Jerrod came up and with his hard soled shoes, stepped on the boy’s fingers crushing them into the cement on the sidewalk. The boy was crying and screaming for Jerrod to help him up as he wasn’t capable of getting back in his chair.

Jerrod just laughed and as he was walking away he turned around to holler back, “Ha, there ya go cripple.”

Jason by this time was stunned by what he had just witnessed and couldn’t believe he had stood there and let Jerrod torture that poor innocent handicapped kid. He felt so guilty and he couldn’t believe Jerrod thought it was funny and was still laughing.

Jerrod could see it bothered Jason, “Ah Jason are you sad for him. Cripples don’t have any place in this world. Come on you probably have to get home to your mommy now .”

Jason dropped Jerrod off at his house and as Jason watched him walk up to the front door so nonchalant like nothing bothered him, like what he just did was totally acceptable and just part of his everyday Jason decided he couldn’t be a part of Jerrod’s miserable life any longer. He was going to distance himself because the things Jerrod did sometimes literally made him sick and even though he never really stood up to him he never agreed with most of ti. Sometimes when it was meaningless pranks or making fun of someone he didn’t mind so much but Jerrod was abusive and he was physically hurting people now. It started out with just pranks and as Jerrod’s anger had grown and developed more, he wasn’t satisfied with just pranks and merely mocking other kids he needed to cause physical pain. Jason couldn’t be a part of it any longer. Jerrod was going to have to find someone else to be hiss sidekick, after all Jason had a conscience and he wasn’t evil like Jerrod.

As Jerrod walked in the front door of his house, he knew his mom would be upset and probably yell at him but oh well, he didn’t care. She wouldn’t enforce anything because even the night before when she tried he still didn’t obey. As predicted she came out of the kitchen and there was deep disappointment and anger in her eyes. “Jerrod where the hell have you been? Did I not tell you to come home directly from school?”

“Yeah, sorry I went to the arcade with Jason and now I am going to watch tv.” Jerrod said trying to avoid any further confrontation with his mom.

“No young man, you are going to go in that living room and sit and stare at the damn wall for awhile. I can’t take this! I really hope this community service does something for you because I am this close to kicking you out of this house.”

“Yeah maybe you should then it would be no worse than what you did to dad. I mean you can drive me away just like you did him. It is because of you he left. It is because of you I am so messed up. You did this to me mom, you did it, so go ahead and play victim of the demonic son I don’t care because I hate you.”

She started crying, he was so mean to her and she tried so hard to give him a good life and make up for what she thought was her fault. “Yes Jerrod that is right you have a horrible mom and it is my fault you hate everything and yes, it is my fault you hate me. Just go to your room you have said and done enough.”

“Whatever at least I can get away from you and your constant role as the victim.” Jerrod angrily went up to his room and his mom could hear him slam his door so hard the whole house shook. Was this really her son? The same kid who used to laugh and play so happily all the time. He used to be content and he used to look forward to things. He used to play tee-ball and he loved it. He loved riding his bike and showing off to his parents. Everything changed the day his dad walked out. He was sad for quite awhile and then he chose to deal with his pain by hurting everyone he could just like his dad hurt him when he left. Over the years it had gotten worse. When he was younger it was just little stuff, funny boy mischief but now it was real pain and the phone calls she received from the parents where they confronted her about her son needing help and telling her she was a bad mom.  She couldn’t shake that and after everything that had happened she did believe she was a bad mom and that she didn’t deserve Jerrod because she had turned him into this mean and terribly evil boy. She wished her husband was still there because dealing with this all on her own was impossible. She worked and tried to make time for Jerrod but he was always so resentful toward her and never wanted to spend time with her. He would make fun of the stuff she would plan for them to do and tell her he wasn’t a baby anymore and movies, miniature golf and skating were all for babies. That night she sat in her kitchen for a very long time grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge pulled the cork and before she knew it she had finished the whole thing. It felt good though to feel nothing and to know that no one could hurt her at that point. Jerrod was up in his room or maybe he had snuck out, he did that often and she was powerless to stop him. It was too late for him she kept thinking. He is ruined forever. I should have put my foot down the first year he started acting out. I should have established myself as his parent by not allowing him to make me feel guilty for him not having a father. She had dated a few times and every guy she did have around for a few months, seemed like it may stick but they couldn’t handle Jerrod and so they gave up after while. He didn’t like any guy she ever dated and he definitely would never call one of them dad. He had a dad and though he walked out that was his dad.

The next day 3:45 rolled around quickly and Jerrod could see the squad car waiting for him out in the parking lot. He thought about ditching out but remembered the deal he had made with Officer Kale. He needed to follow through with this so he could clean up his record. He opened the door to the squad car , the officer smiled and said “You must be Jerrod Haskle.”

Jerrod nodded “Yeah.”

The officer extended his hand out to shake Jerrod’s, “I am Officer Tull and I am here to take you for your first day of community service and you understand how this is all going to work right.”

Jerrod pushed his hand away, “Yeah, yeah can we go and get this over with, I am not one for chit-chat officer.”

The officer was disappointed in his piss-poor attitude but was used to kids like him. “So you are one of those kids.”

Jerrod said, “One of those kids, yeah I am a menace to society what of it.”

The officer chuckled, “Yeah well just remember you are also in big trouble so I advise you to drop the attitude and take this seriously kid.”

Jerrod laughed, “Yep I assure you officer I take everything seriously.”

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