Hard Lessons for a Bully - Part 5 (END)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Contiuation of Hard Lessons for a Bully

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



The next day Jerrod returned to the home this time with a huge smile on his face. He was happy and he wasn’t ashamed to show it. He hadn’t felt happy in a long time. When he entered the room where for weeks he had met with Frederick, he noticed the corner where he always was seated reading every afternoon, was vacant. Jerrod asked the other residents and no one had seen Frederick. Jerrod could feel a sense of worry come over him and he wasn’t used to that feeling. The last time he felt worried like that was when his dad left.

He ran to the administration office, “Nancy where is Frederick, did his family come and pick him up or something?”

Nancy who usually was grinning ear-to-ear couldn’t bring a smile to her face, “Jerrod sit down I have something to tell you.”

Jerrod sat down and impatiently asked, ‘Well where is he?”

Nancy after a bit of a pause said, “Frederick had a really bad night last night and he was rushed to the ER around mid-night.”

Jerrod was so scared and he could feel the tears ready to explode out of his eyes, “Is he okay? I mean he is okay right?”

Nancy shook her head reluctantly, “I am sorry Jerrod, he didn’t make it.”

Jerrod was all of sudden taken back over with anger and he screamed, “No! NO! He was just here yesterday and he was fine. There has to be some sort of mistake, he can’t be gone! NO NO!”

Nancy went to hug Jerrod and he pushed her away. “You killed him. It is your fault he is dead. He was my only friend!”

Nancy asked to call Jerrod’s mom. Jerrod refused to give her the number. “Jerrod I don’t think you should be alone right now, please let me call your mom?”

He walked to the door, ‘No, I want to be alone. I don’t want or need anyone, not you not my mom not anyone. I am outta here!”

Jerrod walked out of the door of the home and ran as fast as he could as far as he could away from the home. He was happy and it felt good and Frederick was the reason. He was the first person to make Jerrod see all he had and the first person to really get through to him. Everyone else had no clue and they couldn’t touch his life like Frederick had and now he was gone, forever. This world hated Jerrod he kept thinking why would they take the one person that he finally cared about away from him? This world had to hate him and be laughing at him right now.

Mrs. Haskle was getting worried about Jerrod he should have been home hours ago and she hadn’t heard from him and Officer Tull went to the home to pick him up and he never came out. After awhile of waiting Officer Tull had went up to talk to Nancy to see where Jerrod was?

Nancy told Officer Tull that he took off and was very upset because one of the residents passed away last night. She told Officer Tull she wasn’t for sure where he would have gone. “Well I have to call his mom maybe he went home.”

Officer Tull called Pete to get Mrs. Haskle’s number and Pete wondered what was wrong and why he was calling Jerrod’s mom. “He ran away from the nursing home and no one knows where he is so I am hoping his mom did.”

If only Jerrod knew how much all these people cared about him and how worried they all were.

Mrs. Haskle was pacing the floor and then she got the call from Officer Tull, “Mrs. Haskle this is Officer Tull I came to up your son Jerrod the nursing home where your son has been doing community service and he isn’t here, did he by chance come home?”

Mrs. Haskle was now thoroughly worried and she told the officer no she had not seen him. Nancy grabbed the Officer’s phone so she could talk to Jerrod’s mom. “Mrs. Haskle, is it?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“My name is Nancy Hopkins and I am the administrator here at the nursing home there is something you need to know. Jerrod was here this afternoon”

Mrs. Haskle was panicking, “Well if he was there why don’t you know where he is?”

Nancy tried to calm down Mrs. Haskle but Nancy was not calm herself, she liked Jerrod and was worried just like the rest, “One of the patient’s here passed away last night and Jerrod and him had grown very close over the past month.”

Mrs. Haskle thought for a second, “Was his name by chance Frederick?”

Nancy was surprised Mrs. Haskle knew of him, “Why yes, yes his name was Frederick, how did you know?”

Mrs. Haskle started to cry, “Because he saved my son that is why.”

Nancy was touched to hear Frederick had had such a positive influence on such a troubled young man. “I am happy to hear that Mrs. Haskle, Jerrod is a bright and good kid I think he really made Frederick’s last few weeks here special. He really liked your son and though he was hard on him, he and your son had a special bond. So, your son is very very upset about his passing and we are all going to help you find him, please don’t worry Mrs. Haskle we will find Jerrod, I promise you.”

Mrs Haskle immediately hung up the phone and she didn’t hesitate at all she got in her car and just started driving, She drove to Jason’s house. Jason hadn’t seen him. She drove to the school, none of the boys outside on the basketball court had seen him. She went to the arcade and the owner said he hadn’t seen Jerrod in days. Mrs. Haskle was past panicking now, where was Jerrod?

Jerrod approached a door and he knocked, a younger lady opened the door. He smiled through his tears, “You must be Anne.”

The girl looked at him puzzled, who was he and how did he know her name, better yet what was he doing there. “Yes I am Anne, and who are you?”

Jerrod looked up at her and smiled, “I am Jerrod Haskle, I knew your grand father, Frederick.”

‘How did you know my grandpa?” Jerrod wa still fighting back teqars which made it difficult for him to talk, “He was my friend and I am so sorry for your loss. I have been walking around in a daze since I got the news, could I come in.”

Anne was creeped out by this strange boy, though he seemed sincere she figured she best have her mom handle this. “Mom! Can you come here for a second, please?”

Anne’s mom cane to the door and it was weird but Jerrod could tell without really knowing this lady was Frederick’s daughter. “Yes Anne?”

Anne pointed at Jerrod standing in the doorway, “Anne who is this?” Anne shrugged.

“Young man, what can we do for you? It is a very bad day for us right now so if you are selling something I don’t have the time?”

Jerrod stopped her from shutting the door, “Please ma’am I am not selling anything . Are you Frederick’s daughter?”

The lady nodded, “Yes, Frederick was my father and how do you know my father?”

Jerrod sighed, “I was doing community service at the home he was staying in and I got to know him very well over the past month. I just found out today he died and I wanted to stop by and tell you that during our conversations he talked very highly of his family and said he knew you were the reason he had to be a survivor.”

“That is very kind of you and yes my father passed last night and we are trying to deal with everything right now. So I don’t mean to be rude but we do need to go now.”

“I am not here to bother you I just figured you had a right to know how he felt and the kind things he said about his family. I know that before I lost my dad if someone let me know all the kind things he said about me before he died I would appreciate it.”

Both Anne and her mom smiled, “Mom, can we invite him in, please I want to hear about grandpa, please mom, please?”

Her mom smiled and sighed, “Young man would you like to come in I just made a fresh batch of cookies and Anne certainly can’t eat them all on our own, so come in and sit down for awhile we would love to hear stories about Frederick.”

Jerrod happily accepted the invitation and joined the two in their kitchen. Anne asked him about him how his dad died and where his mom was. He told them both the story of his dad and how he missed him terribly and how he never treated his mom right but how Frederick changed his life and his mind about a lot of things. They smiled through their sadness to know that Frederick had helped this young man out so much.

“He was the first real friend I have had since my dad died. He made me realize a lot and he will be my hero forever. I am really going to miss him.”

Both Anne’s mom and her hugged Jerrod and it was comforting for him to meet Frederick’s family and see that he lived on in them. When he was done hugging them, he told them he needed to make a call.

Meanwhile Mrs. Haskle was just sitting in her car praying her son was okay and that she would find him soon. Her phone rang and she thought maybe it was someone who had found Jerrod.


Mrs. Haskle sighed the biggest sigh of relief, “Jerrod is that you?”

“Yeah mom it is me, can you come pick me up?”

Mrs. Haskle was so happy he called and she didn’t need to worry about him being all alone someone where. She couldn’t wait to get over to pick up here son and meet the man’s family who saved her son’s life.

Jerrod's mom showed up over at Frederick's daughter's place and for the next couple of hours thee four sat around and got to know each other.

This story does have a somewhat happy ending, anyway according to Jerrod it does. Jerrod went onto graduate high school and upon his senior year was elected class president and most-improved student. you see everyone has the ability to change and Jerrod never truly believed that until he met Frederick. The while experience forced Jerrod to look at his own life and determine if he wasnted to be one of the hated or if he wanted to be a survivor. Jerrod chose to help sponsor programs and help others, rather than torment and bully them any further. He basically did a 360 from the kid you first got to know at the beginning of this story. Jerrod never looked back either, he knew that the experience with Frederick had given him a second chance to do things right and he took that chance very seriously.

How do I know so much about Jerrod Haskle you ask? Why was I so eager to tellhis story? Well other than it just being an uplifting tale, I guess I can go ahead and reveal mytrue identity.My name is David and I just told you the powerful story of my son Jerrod. Jerrod and I reunited a few years later when he set out to find me. At firstI was ashamed and embaressed that I had abandoned him so long ago, but this story was one of the first things he told me, and how could I not want to be part of such an AMAZING guy's life. Jerrod hasn't completely forgiven me but we are working at it. My wife and I did mend our fences and I was very honest as to why I left and I admitted to being a huge coward for abandoning my family. I had lost my job, owwed so much money and I couldn't provide for my son at the tiem, so I ran and once I got everything under control which I would stop at nothign to do. I was lonely because I had left everything I loved and cherished, my reasons to wake up every morning, behind. I was so happy when Jerrod found me and made me realize, everyone deserves a second chance and we all do have the ability to change. the great thing is after my son told me his story I agreed every year we would visit Frederick's grave on the anniversarydate of hisdeath, because it is mostly because of Frederick's presence in my son's life thatI was reunited with my family andto him I am forever grateful, because hereached my son when no one else could.If there is one thing you can learn from my son's story, let it be this, the struggles in our lives are never impossible and once we have overcome them, thereis so much we gain and so much we can show those who are still struggling. Never give up the ability to reach someone, because you may just bewhat that person needs.Never give up on life and always know, we are all meant to be survivors.

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