Technical Blessing

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One cowboy gets the surprise of his life after praying to the Lord.

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



Technical Blessing

Mark is a Gulf War veteran. While a Marine his military occupational specialty had just been a grunt. He has been bull riding since he made it back from the Gulf War.

Mark quickly strode over to the man standing guard at the gate to the county fair grounds.

"Mister, do you all have a rodeo tonight?"

"Oh sir, we get started after the homemade art contest ends."

"Huh, you mean I still got to wait after my long drive into town?"

"Sir I'm not even one of the clowns. We all got to wait until the truck which is hauling the bulls makes it in. I hear that most of the rodeo riders kick back on a pickup tailgate over there under that pine tree."

Mark calmly took that guidance and moved his three quarter ton Chevy step side over amongst all the other rodeo cowboys.

He pulled out some Coors and switched the AM radio on.

Just as he got a dip of snuff the radio news told him that Oklahoma Supreme Court no longer allows the ten commandments to be displayed at any public location. In that ruling it was declared the ten commandments only help Christians and Jews.

The reporter stated, "Any thing that is pro religion is against the Oklahoma constitution."

Mark couldn't help thinking about how his faith had kept him alive back when he carried a M-16 rifle for his income.

Mark prayed. "God please forgive me my sins. Please bless Oklahoma. In Jesus' name amen."

"Union County now begins the county rodeo. We got some large bulls that the average cowboy can not ride. First off we have that large black bull which is supposed to be ridden by a Marine Corps veteran. Tonight his courage counts."

"Mark yelled uh rah as the gate was opened."

The fans cheered as he rode the bull around the arena. Once his time had maxed out the clown helped him dismount.

The award gave Mark plenty of gas to make the drive over to Boise City Oklahoma for that county fair rodeo.

Just as his pickup crossed the state line out of New Mexico into Oklahoma his cell phone buzzed. Mark went ahead and clicked answer. The cell phone started reading the ten commandments out to him.

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