Chosen By Zureal

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I wrote this and didn't know what to do with it and then thought, why not let people read it? Sorry if too long. I just hope you like it!!

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




There are things that, in this world, are called fairy tales, folklore or myths and legends. But what happens when fairy tale and reality meet in a head on collision forcing us to question deep rooted beliefs? My name is Renata, it means reborn so I'm told, I was the person stuck in the middle and here's my story.
It started when I was walking home from school on my 16th birthday March 14th, so far it had been a pleasant but mildly embarrassing day. My best friend - Erica, had got the whole class to sing happy birthday. As I walked home I got nervous, I felt like I was being studied or watched. I forgot about it by the time I got back. My mum had plastered banners everywhere, to accompany these balloons hung about whipping around in the breeze. I wasn't looking forward to a party, it was my mum's idea, if I had my way it would've been a quite evening maybe watching a movie with friends. But my mum was the sort of person who loved going over the top and having lots of drama. I was the opposite. As I stepped in the door, I could've walked into a different house all together! Everything was coated with neon colours and glittery sequins, and to top it off mum had got dressed up to match the furniture.
"Mum, what have you done!?"I gasped. Mum replied with a childish giggle,
"For your party numbskull!"
I made up a resolution, next year I'm planning!
When my friends arrived I was feeling pessimistic but was greatly relieved when they complemented me on the decor. Everyone was having a great time, we danced, we played games and we had a huge meal. The food was amazing, there where giant pizzas, delectable cakes, all sorts if crisps and plenty more. The party was just coming to an end when a quick rasping was heard at the door. Mum trotted of, unsteady in her heels, and came back with two people. One was a boy just older than me and the other was a man a good few years older than my mum who was 31. I looked at mum puzzled, were they some distant cousins and uncles or someone mum knew a while back? But mum had the same perplexed look as me. It was obvious she didn't know them, and being a bit of a gossip, she knew nearly everyone around. I could hear a murmur pass around my friends. 
"Renata, these two gentlemen are new around and are a bit lost. I thought they could come inside for a bit, do you mind?" mum asked.
"No, I don't mind," I replied, not wanting to be rude.
"Ok then have fun!" mum beamed.
The man whispered something to the boy, and with a slight hesitation he spoke,
"Hello, I am ... um ... Marco and this is my son Shane. As this kind lady said we are new here and a bit lost. I hope you don't mind the intrusion."  
Marco shot a glance at me and then whispered to Shane again. Shane stepped forward, he had dark brown hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a brown leather jacket over a green top and he had black trousers. 
"Well, Shane don't be afraid to join the party. My daughter, Renata is 16 today, and I'm sure she is having a wonderful time!"mum said enthusiastically "Marco, would you like a drink? Follow me to the kitchen." 
Marco followed mum leaving Shane stood by the door. I stood up and spoke
"Well ... uh ... I'm Renata and these are friends, you can join if you wish, we were just about to play some games." 
I smiled at him, he carefully sat down near us but it was evident he was wary and cautious as if we might bite him...
Marco and Shane stayed longer than we expected and the other guest were long gone by the time mum and Marco emerged from the kitchen. 
"Thank you for your hospitality Mam. We appreciate it, we should be on our way though, I'm sure you're very busy. What with all the decorations around here."
"We are glad you could stop by," mum began "If you are ever in the neighbourhood feel free to stop by!"
She walked Shane and Marco to the door and said some farewells. I trudged up to my room, what was it that I found so odd about them? Was it Marco's formality that seemed to unnerved you? Or was it how Shane had undoubtedly kept looking at me like a snack? I let it go and got ready for bed. It was only 6:00pm but I still felt like a long snooze. I wanted to ask mum what she had talked to Marco about but I could hear her dismantling my decorations and knew I would have to help if I went downstairs. 
I slid into bed and flipped on my TV, not much was in but I looked all the same. I found a half-decent channel and watched blankly as the actors pranced around in a lively musical. I lay like that until my eyes grew heavy and I drifted into the respite of sleep. 
That night I had a weird dream, I was walking but I didn't know where to or where from. All I knew is that the path loomed over the horizon no matter how far or fast I went, then the floor disappeared and I was falling deeper and deeper. When I slowed someone caught me, I gasped as their grip tightened. It was dark, so I had no way of seeing who it was. Then a light buzzed on and everything became clear. The person - man holding me was my dad! I squirmed but he had an iron grip. Suddenly we were running. I kept struggling, begging for mum, I did not want to be here with him. He was the bad one who left me and my mum for someone half his age. He was the one . . .
I woke screaming and crying, mum darted to my room. When she saw me she looked worried and confused. What had sent me into hysterics and was I going to be alright? It took me awhile to recover but when I did I was exhausted and slept until morning. Luckily it was the weekend so I had a long rest. When I woke mum was sat at the table reading a letter. When she saw me her eyes where full of concern and excitement.
"Morning mum," I said, curious.
"I have some news," she began "I have been offered a job, in Paris!"
"That's great," I mused.
"But there is one problem, I only have enough money for a single ticket."
She bit her lip, I knew this day would come, this was the job that could get us a better life.
"You go mum, I can stay," I said.
"No! Who will look after you?!" Mum howled.
"The lady next door can check while I'm at school and I can be here on weekends and after school." I suggested. I could see her considering it, finding pros and cons.
"Will you be alright?" She asked.
"How long are you gone for?" 
"It says ... um ... 2-3yrs depending on my skill." Mum answered.
I thought about it, I could've moved out before she got back.
"Well it's not like you're gone for ages, the time will fly by!" I said.
Again she had a mini argument in her head.
"If you will be ok, I leave in 2 days," she declared.
The days seemed like minutes in the rush to pack. In no time at all I was waving goodbye to mum as she boarded the plane. I took the taxi home and paid him, as I shut the door I began sobbing, I have to be strong I said to myself. For mum.
The first night was not as bad as I thought. I ordered a pizza, it was too late to cook. Then I went to bed, I had a dream where I was flying, looking over the town's and cities. I kept shuddering every now and then. I must be tossing and turning. When I woke it was dark, but not nighttime dark, more of a eyes being covered dark. I tried turning over but I was confined I pinched myself to check I was awake, sure enough I was. I realized as I moved I was bumping against something. I squirmed about to try and break free but it was fruitless. After what seemed like ages we stopped. A light shone in disturbing my vision for a while but it cleared and looking in on me was none other than Marco.
I stared in astonishment, he kidnapped me! I tried to scream but something stopped me, a small hand cupped around my mouth. I was hauled out of a giant sack and sat on some dry earth. I began to move but a hand flexed out to stop me. My muscles cramped and I winced at the pain. 
"Where am I?" I demanded. 
"You are in a forest, Renata," explained Marco softly.
"Let me go, you, you beast!" I screeched.
A hand cupped my face again, I did not know who it was and tried to look, staring back at me was Shane. It was obvious but still shocking.
"Shane, grab her we must be going, you're hungry and Ren is to valuable." Marco said.
What was he going on about? Why was I important? Where was he taking me?
Soon as I was slung over Shane's shoulder they were running, but the world blurred around us, what were they? We stopped in a small barn, Marco and Shane disappeared and reappeared like a flash. 
"What were you doing?" I asked
"Drinking," Shane muttered.
"What?" I said, worried.
"Blood," Marco said teasingly.
I felt sick and decided I would have to be careful with Marco. Soon we were running again, at the inhumane speed at which they travelled, when they stopped it was in a small field far from any track or road. I was tired but didn't want to sleep, I couldn't know what they would do while I dozed. I lay there and got thinking about what Marco said 'blood' did they really drink blood?
I could hear snoring coming from Shane and Marco. I sat up and crawled towards Shane. In a swift movement I leapt and landed on his chest covering his mouth. His eyes flew open and he hissed at me, it was loud but muffled. 
"What are you?" I spat. He grabbed my wrist and pulled my hands away,
"What are you playing at?! Are you nuts?!" He growled.
"No, I'm just trying to get out of here and back to my house! Now tell me what you are!" I said, accusingly. 
"We are immortal souls, the humans that can never be human." He snarled. I pondered on what he said then it struck me,
"Vampire?!" I said, falling onto the floor. I lay there in shock, Marco had obviously heard and awoken. 
"What's going on!?" He demanded.
"She attacked me, that's what!" Shane barked.
Marco seemed more impressed than angry.
"She attacked you? " He said chuckling, "I'd say that's quite brave."
I didn't feel brave, anything but brave. I had been kidnapped by vampires.
"He's a vampire," I whispered. Marco stopped laughing. He looked at Shane and said something to him.
"I see our secret is out." Marco said.
I stood up and looked at them with a cold expression. 
"You, him, vampires!" I said icily.
"I'm afraid so," Marco commented.
"Why did you take me?" I asked dryly.
"You are the one chosen by Zureal, vampire Lord. He believes you have a certain ability beyond your human nature. Let's say - the will of a vampire."
The words sunk in, did I want to be a vampire - no it was absurd people would be looking for me and what about mum? Mum isn't there though, nobody is, I'm on my own. Dad is a mystery and mum is in France. Could I do it.
"How do you become a vampire?" I asked nervously.
"A vampire has to get its venom into your system through any main arteries." Shane explained
"Who would do it?" I asked.
"The vampire you choose." Shane added.
"When?" I whispered.
"When you feel ready and have the courage," Marco said reasonably.
"I'm ready," I whispered, "this may be the only chance though."
Marco looked at Shane and nodded. He hovered a hand over her neck and then her elbow.
"It will be the arm," Shane decided. I nodded. He lowered his head to my arm and made a small cut in the skin, he clamped his lips around the cut and began to inject venom...
I was drowsy when he finished and slept for s long time, I awoke and immediately checked my arm, all that was left was a small scar. I didn't feel different, but I could see clearer and further, I could hear better and I could smell each individual thing. I sat up, Marco was gone but Shane rested a few meters away. When Marco returned he had a small glass, inside was a red liquid, it smelt sweet and made my throat burn. Thirst. I looked at the glass, I then snatched it and drained its contents. Marco smiled in approval. He woke Shane and we began out journey to the mountain palace of Zureal...
For a while we walked but I felt like flexing my muscles, so began to run. I ran for a while before realizing the speed I was going at, everything went fuzzy as I passed. I stopped, I didn't know where I was going! I looked around, no mountains not even a hill.
"Where is it?" I asked when Marco appeared next to me.
"Just keep going that way, we will be there soon." Marco said, pointing north. I kept to a steady jog this time, taking in the rolling countryside. All around were fields full of sheep and cattle, trees that had shimmering green leaves on it and after a few miles a mountain engulfed the sky. It was huge and we still had a long way to travel still, the mountain had giant points and crags jutting out everywhere. As we drew closer I was aware of two people standing by a cave. It would've been impossible for human eyes to see, but my eyes could spot it with ease.
We drew closer, we scaled a path that lead to the cave. In many places, thick bushes blocked the path but we got round them quickly. Marco was friends with the guards so did not waste time getting us in, even me.
I gasped at the decor in the castle, sculptures of famous vampires lined up in the hall,  portraits of everyone loyal to Zureal including Marco and Shane. The thing that stood out most was the giant throne that was surrounded by jagged rocks and fiery torches, in it sat a man about Marco's age. He had clothes darker than his coal black eyes and hair dark and tatty. He wore large black clothes and a black and red cape that was draped around him. Finally my time had come, it was my turn to meet Zureal...


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