Fallen One (forsaken)

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It seems that my mind seems to escalate into a seemingly endless turmoil of which there is no escape. I woke up one morning crying. I had a nightmare of a person's life. And i couldn't believe how close my life was to the one i saw. And so I wrote this. I only wish the person in my dream could see this. But then again, dreams are just dreams.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



I remember as I child

How much I loved going to church

But now
It means nothing to me
For you have abandoned me
Ever since I was little
I was alone
Without your guidance
Without your love
And without you grace
You were never there for me
And you never will

I only asked a few things from you

Life, happiness, and peace
But no
Not that or the other

Where were you when I was being beaten?

Where were you when I was being tortured?

Where were you when my innocence was taken away?

Where are you now when I’m holding this gun close to my head?

It is selfish for me to believe

That you will be there for me

I wish I was born atheist

But all I ever knew was your love

Now I realize
That it wasn’t love

It was something that I craved

And deep inside I knew
I couldn’t have it

Maybe I will find peace with your once loved brother

Good bye

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