Ladies of the Mist

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A supernatural drama which centres around two 15 year old New England schoolgirls, both of whom have suffered tragic loss in the past This loss, which pushed them together, helps bond their friendship as they are forced to confront the supernatural world of a mist covered cemetery at night and the dangerous intentions of a pair of deviant accounts out to do them harm.

Sorry to all accountants out there. Its nothing personal - just a story.

Submitted: June 14, 2014

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Submitted: June 14, 2014





H Harkins

scene 1



The town was like many others the world over; certainly it was a typical New England small town. It had its good people, its bad people; it had its share of extroverts and its introverts, and some who just wanted to be left alone. The Earls were one such family who kept pretty much to themselves. Oh they exchanged pleasantries with the everyday town’s folk and functioned within the community, at least after a fashion.

Fifteen year old Jenny Earl, who went to the local high school, had long flowing golden hair which complemented her beautiful face and magnetic smile. She had a few friends, but, despite her genial personality, was pretty much shunned by many of her peers because of the Caltary; her home, which lay on the edge of the Cemetery situated in the low lying ground not too far from the local marshlands. It was for many nights of the year enveloped in an eerie mist, ethereal at times and thick at other times, that saw the town’s folk shun the place, particularly after dark. Of course that was their official reason, but for many the tales of the spooks and Ghouls that resided there was their main reason; not, of course, that many normal people have reason to go to the Cemetery after dark. The Earls however were not entirely like most people; besides through the Cemetery was the shortest route to their home from the town. The alternative was a drive of a few miles around the town to come into the property from the opposite side.

Chris Earl, Jenny’s father, was reticent in the extreme. He had become somewhat of a loner since the tragic death of his beautiful wife Susan, Jenny’s mother, some six years previous. Widowed at the age of 37 was something he, as no one does, expected and he had found it hard to come to terms with it. Jenny was his one beacon of light in what he now viewed as an otherwise dark World.

A columnist for a national magazine, Chris worked from home, most days only leaving the house to pick Jenny up from School or perhaps a friend’s house. None of Jenny’s friends ever came to stay over at her house; not that any were ever invited.

Today, like most Fridays after School, Jenny had netball practice, after which she walked the half mile or so with her friend Lisa to the local Café, which was owned by Lisa’s father. Lisa was in the same year at school as Jenny, and like Jenny she had lost her mother, whom, had been separated from Lisa’s father, in tragic circumstances some years earlier. She was equally as attractive as Jenny, perhaps more so, with long straight Raven colored hair which contrasted deeply with her pale complexion and light blue eyes. While Jenny was confident in the extreme, Lisa could be described as her contrary, certainly being diametrically different; easily frightened or intimidated and lacking in confidence, whereas Jenny had a copious supply of the latter which was invariable regardless of circumstance. Opposites, however, in this case did attract; on a friendship level at least, each complementing the other. So close in fact were Jenny and Lisa becoming that it inevitably led to teasing by their peers, many of whom subscribed to rumors that they were gay, not that the girls did anything to discourage this; Jenny in particular simply smiling and raising her eyebrows when she was occasionally asked about it. This, as Jenny had planned, left her peers more than a little perplexed, knowing it probably wasn’t true, but wondering why it wasn’t being denied. This teasing only drove Jenny and Lisa closer, but this relationship was purely platonic.

Jenny and Lisa worked as waitresses at the Café from 5 O’clock until 9 O’clock when Chris would arrive to pick Jenny up. This routine, which had played itself out for the past six months or so, had enabled Jenny and Lisa to bond, each being the others only close friend.

For the most part today would be as mundane as any other day the girls had worked at the Café. About an hour or so before their shift was due to end, two strangers; ordinary in appearance; certainly nothing out of the ordinary, had come into the cafe. Ordering coffee, the men, for the most part, behaved in a normal manner; that is until it was time to leave. One of the men beckoned Jenny to their table. She politely inquired how she could help them, to which the more dominant of the two men stated that he was planning to leave a tip, but was undecided on how much. He explained to a rather bored looking Jenny, who was clearly suffering from the man’s veracious personality, how he was an accountant and that accountants like to account for what money has been used for. This prosaic speech continued for a minute or so, then, Jenny, in as polite a way as she could, interrupted and said she was far too busy and hadn’t time to spend listening to him. To help with their dilemma she suggested that they should forgo the tip and that would solve their problem. She then smiled and turned to leave when suddenly the more dominant of the two men grabbed her wrist to stop her. Shocked at first Jenny quickly composed herself and politely told the man to let go of her of arm. With a look of anger on his face the man reluctantly let her arm go with a half hearted apology, his acerbic tone doing nothing to disguise his anger.

‘Ok. I’ll get straight to the point,’ he said arrogantly, continuing, ‘I’ve got a two hundred Dollar tip for you… but you’re gonna have to do more than serve me coffee to get it. Do we understand each other?’

Jenny was definitely her father’s daughter, and like Chris she never allowed anyone to intimidate her; an innate trait she had without doubt inherited from him. ‘I understand you perfectly well… but I wouldn’t touch a sleaze ball like you if you were the last person on Earth. Besides, I’m only fifteen years old. So fuck off! Do you understand me?’ she replied, all the while retaining a politeness in her tone.

With a retort that was impossible to make out the man stood up very suddenly and pushed his chair away before he stormed out of the Café, closely followed by the other man, both drawing the attention of other customers. This pair of miscreants were certainly the type that could turn an ordinary cheerful person into a misanthrope; certainly they had blackened Jenny’s day.

‘Did you hear what that trollop said to me?’ the man scowled at the other man once outside the café, unable to hide his scathing anger at his utter humiliation at the hands of Jenny.


‘Yeah. Forget it. She’s way too young anyway’, replied the other man followed by a snigger.

‘Yeah. Too old more like’, scoffed the arrogant man.

After some persuasion, more like threats, the less dominant of the two men, who we shall now refer to as Deviant 2, agreed to stay with the more dominant man, who we shall now refer to as Deviant 1; both laying in wait a short distance from the Café so as to watch for Jenny leaving. Then she would be taught a lesson; so thought the twisted minds of these miscreants.

Her shift over, Jenny, right on time, left the Café a few minutes after 9 O’clock, waiting outside to be picked up by her father Chris, who was not there waiting as he normally was. Jenny walked ten or so yards to stand in a deep doorway for shelter from the brisk wind that was now getting up. Suddenly she was aware of someone standing right next to her as the deviants appeared from the alley next to the doorway.

‘I decided to give you a chance to change your mind’ said Deviant 1 in a very harsh tone. Jenny, without saying a word, turned to walk back to the Café, when Deviant 1, quickly followed by Deviant 2, grabbed her and dragged her into the alley, just as her father showed up.

What happened next was anything but pretty. Incensed at the sight of his daughter being attacked, Chris, vexed being an understatement as his temper boiled over, was on the men in a flash, beating both men senseless. Standing over the beaten piles of garbage that were these poor excuses for men, Chris told Jenny to go back to the Café and call the Cops. Suddenly Deviant 2 pulled out a handgun which he pointed at Chris, hands shaking as he tried to speak.

‘Look minster. No harms done. Just let us leave and you’ll never see us again’ he whimpered in a tone becoming of his cowardly character. Holding the gun on Chris, they both struggled to their feet and disappeared into the darkness of the alleyway.


The Cops for their part were as useless as was to be expected of them, not even interviewing other people in the Café to try and identify Jenny’s assailants; justice it seemed would not be served.












A month had now passed since that fateful night when Jenny had been attacked and she and Chris had to all intents and purposes resumed their normal routines. Chris had unfortunately broken his ankle in a fall, not that it hampered him much as he barely left home in any case.  The dark incident of the previous month had all but left their thoughts. Jenny had a new addition to her school kit; a pepper spray that Chris had thoughtfully bought her, making light of the incident the month before while telling her to always be prepared for any eventuality.

While Jenny and Chris had all to all intents and purposes put the incident to the back of their minds, the deviant accountants had not. In their collective execrable twisted minds, the beautiful young girl they had seen in Jenny had not settled her account; or rather they felt they had an account to settle with her.

Unbeknownst to Jenny or her father Chris, Deviant 1 had been hatching a plan to collect from her what he considered she owed him, or rather what he, with his avaricious appetite for revenge, knew he wanted from her. For revenge for his humiliation at the hands of Jenny and her father was the crux of Deviant 1’s plans. His sick twisted mind had been on nothing but Jenny since that night at the Café. In reality, he was surprised at himself, for Jenny at fully fifteen years old had already developed and was looking every inch the beautiful young woman she was becoming. For this monster, Jenny may have been considered too old as he normally preyed on younger girls and boys, of which he had abused many over the years, always undetected as he was meticulous in his planning, grooming and execution of his attacks on his helpless victims, always in different towns, never striking in the same place twice. However, such was his appetite for revenge he was about break that rule.

His fellow accountant, Deviant 2, was in many ways a willing accomplice, although not actually taking part in the attacks except on one or two occasions. He, the more timid of the two, felt that to pursue Jenny was madness as she was older than previous victims and may well be more capable of identifying them. Although he was unaware of it, it was this fear that put the suggestion of murder into the plot. Following the planned attack on Jenny she was to be disposed off.

As the days following the attack passed the men noticed a pattern emerging from the second week. Jenny, at last, was becoming more accepted by her peers; the story of her being attacked had gone down well, portraying her as a normal girl from a normal household that was as vulnerable to criminals as the next one. Jenny, feeling that it was time that her close friend at least got over the fact that she lived on the border of the Cemetery, had invited Lisa to stay over after work on Fridays. The only change to their work pattern was that they now finished at 8 pm as the nights were drawing in and it was getting darker earlier. Unbeknown to Chris, who with his broken ankle in was unable to pick his daughter and her friend up from work, the pair had been walking home through the Cemetery, telling Chris that Lisa’s older brother was dropping them off down the road from the house.

 Their pattern over the past few weeks had been noted; tonight the accountants would have their bills settled in full.


It had been a busy night and Lisa was not looking forward to the walk back to Jenny’s after their shift at the Café, not least because it was now getting dark, whereas the previous few weeks they had walked it was light enough for Lisa at least to not feel too frightened. Jenny was perceptive enough to sense Lisa’s apprehension, not at going to stay over at Jenny’s, but the walk home through the Cemetery. While it was obvious that Lisa was concerned about the Cemetery, Jenny, blithe, but in an attempt to reassure Lisa, explained that the myth of the Ghoul that trolled around the Cemetery was just that; a myth. For her part Lisa acted nonchalant, stating that she did not believe the myth even when she was a child. But her exterior act was not convincing her inner self, whom was extremely unsettled. The sickening feeling she felt in her stomach, she wondered, was it fear or was she coming down with something as she had been feeling peculiar to say the least for several days previous.

Characteristically, the Cemetery was shrouded by a layer of mist, thick in places and wispy in other less low lying areas. As they reached the gates to the Cemetery, Jenny and Lisa stopped, staring into the darkness that had already enveloped this spooky place which was the known haunt of the mythical Ghoul. Slowly they turned and looked at each other, then, almost simultaneously, they both started to giggle for a few seconds. Taking a collective deep breath, Jenny and Lisa instinctively took hands as they eased through the slightly ajar Cemetery gate which creaked and screeched eerily as Lisa nudged it with her shoulder. 

The two Deviant accountants did not follow the girls to the Cemetery, for they had gone ahead, surreptitiously selecting their position to strike some days before. Their lair, where they had holed up for the past 40 minutes or so, consisted of a thick crop of bushes, of which there were many throughout the Cemetery. This particular crop of bushes was ideally placed, a few feet from and running almost perfectly parallel to the footpath that ran through the Cemetery. The footpath was such in name only, but was more a trodden path through the ground. Although the narrow roadway which ran through the Cemetery was more in the open and went almost the entire way to Jenny’s house, the straight track lopped about two hundred meters off their walk and was therefore inviting for that purpose. Besides, it avoided the most recently dug graves in the newest part of the Cemetery and it was these graves in particular that were giving Lisa the willies.


Lisa had been afraid of Cemetery’s for as long as she could remember; still able to conjure up images of grey, somber, ghost like faces at her mother’s funeral some ten years before when she was a child. She barely remembered her mother, whom had been killed in an unfortunate accident; drowning in the local pond which lay in the marshy area adjacent to the Cemetery. She had apparently slipped on ice, falling into the water and hitting her head on a rock. Although a verdict of accidental death had been returned by the Coroner, as with most small towns, everyone had their own opinions of how she had died; some subscribed to the official accident verdict, others alluded to theories that she had committed suicide, others still mentioned murder, while the more imaginative even suggested that the mythical Ghoul had somehow been involved. The truth was simply that she had accidentally fallen in whilst indulging in her passion for wildlife; in this case feeding Ducks.

It was the tragedies of losing their mothers that had in many ways pushed Jenny and Lisa together as friends. Pure chance had led them both to meet unfortunate accidents not too far from one another. Jenny’s mother had fallen off the cliffs around a water filled sinkhole to the northern side of the Cemetery, around three hundred meters from the Caltary. Jenny had just started school and her mother was walking the normal scenic route she took most days. It was a beautiful Fall day when Jenny’s mother stopped for a second to go into her bag for her gloves; leaning on the long neglected hand rail that ran along the cliff-top, which, being very old, simply gave way and she went over. This accident was witnessed by two separate local couples, but despite this the small town gossip mongers and tattle tellers put forward their own theories of murder and suicide; the latter in particular being touted as fact by many of the towns folk, whose kids grew up knowing only their parents false version of events.

Children being among the cruelest species on the planet, these fallacies concerning the circumstances of their respective mother’s deaths had led to much torment over the years for Jenny and Lisa by their peers.












Scene 3



Now in the Cemetery and having gone only ten or so paces, so thick was the unearthly mist that had appeared that the lights from the nearest buildings of the town, only some few hundred yards or so from the entrance to the Cemetery, had been obscured from sight. This caused a feeling of isolation adding greatly to Lisa’s already hefty weight of apprehension. The girls were used to the low lying mist that often lingered in areas of the Cemetery, but tonight the spirits which lay within were cloaked in a thick autumn fog; thicker than the mists that normally shrouded the Cemetery.

Often the light from a Gibbous or full Moon would reflect off the mist giving one the willies, appearing to be a ghostly aberration slowly moving across the sepulchre covered ground. This phenomenon had frightened many a townsfolk through countless generations, but Jenny knew better, having often watched such false aberrations from her room window; but there would be no such false aberrations tonight as the Moon was obscured from view by cloud and fog.

The silent still of the night was broken only by the muffled crump of their shoes on the ground as they tread the path, which wound down hill in semi-circle for a distance of about two hundred yards. A few tree’s, Oak, Elm, or something similar graced the sides of the pathway, which was only some four or five feet wide.

Suddenly Lisa stopped, simultaneously grabbing Jenny’s arm with her free hand. ‘What’s the matter’ asked Jenny, her voice barely audible, barely a whisper as she looked at Lisa, the fear on whose face was in-disguisable.

‘I… I thought I heard something. I… I’m sure I did,’ replied Lisa, her voice ever so shaky.

‘I didn’t hear anything. It’s just your imagination. Come on,’ said Jenny. Still holding Lisa’s hand, Jenny started to walk again, more or less pulling Lisa from the spot she had stopped on.  

The pair had covered only a few more tens of yards when suddenly Lisa screamed, stopped and tightened up rigid all at once. Jumping half out of her skin, Jenny, with Lisa squeezing her hand almost to the point of cutting off circulation, screamed at Lisa, ‘Fuck! What’s wrong? What’s the matter? You’re scaring the shit out of me.’

In an attempt to speak, Lisa at first could only get out very heavy hard breaths, then ‘I… It… It… It’s touching me’, she said, her heart racing almost to the point of giving out.

‘Lisa. There’s nothing there. You’re imagining it’, replied Jenny, all the while the shivers running through her body with fear lest Lisa was right and some otherworldly thing; at least not of this mortal world, was present with them.

Calming down slightly as she tried to compose herself, Lisa, able to speak between deep breaths, replied, ‘Jenny. You have to do something. It’s touching the back of my head right now. I feel it.’

‘Ok turn around and I’ll look,’ said Jenny, the apprehension in her voice in-disguisable.

‘Are you fricken nuts? It’s behind me. I’m not turning round,’ replied the petrified Lisa.

‘Ok. Stand still’, said Jenny as she now stood face to face with Lisa, put her right hand up and reached round to the back of Lisa’s head. Suddenly she burst out laughing, much to Lisa’s consternation. Pulling her hand back round she held it up in front of Lisa to reveal a large leaf that had fallen from an overhanging tree. Suddenly both started to laugh uncontrollably just as a heavy gust of wind came from nowhere in the otherwise still air of the night. Blowing over the two girls, they stood for a few seconds rooted to the spot holding hands very tightly.

Suddenly Lisa screamed again as something darted out of the undergrowth, stopped, turned and ran in the opposite direction. ‘Jesus Christ!’ Screamed Lisa, ‘I need to get out of here’, she continued as Jenny, shocked at first, started to laugh heavily. ‘What the fucks so funny?’ shouted Lisa as she punched Jenny on the arm’.

‘Awww! That was sore’, retorted Jenny who had painfully had the laughter knocked from her.

‘I’m sorry, but what the fucks so funny? I’m shitting myself here’, said a genuinely frightened Lisa.

‘It was just a little Rabbit Lisa; a baby one. It got a bigger fright than you did when you screamed.’

‘I seriously doubt that. I kid you not Jenny, I almost fucking shit myself’, replied Lisa comically, although it was not her intention.

Taking a number of deep breaths Lisa composed herself as Jenny stared further down the path. ‘What is it?’ asked Lisa, receiving no reply from Jenny. ‘Jenny’ said Lisa, but again no reply. ‘Jenny’ said Lisa again. This time shaking her arm, this causing a startled Jenny to turn round very fast.

‘What is it?’ asked Jenny, her voice barely a whisper.

‘What is it’ retorted Lisa with much consternation, ‘You were just staring down the path and wouldn’t answer me. What were you looking at? Is something there?’ she asked in an increasingly shaky voice that was clearly filled with apprehension, at the same time grasping Jenny’s hand tightly.

‘I dunno. I thought I heard something move’ replied Jenny. ‘It’s nothing. Come on’ she continued as she pulled Lisa by the hand in an effort to start her walking again. Lisa, however, was rooted to the spot.

‘Aw fuck this Jenny. Let’s go back. I’m really scared.’

‘Go back! Lisa if we go back we’ll be scared of this place for the rest of our lives’.

‘Yeah, I’m fine with that’.

‘Well I’m not. Besides there’s nothing in here but us and the Rabbits; and Rabbits can’t harm us.’

‘You mean us the Rabbits and a couple of thousand dead people.’

‘Ok. And the dead people… but as my dad always said, the dead can’t hurt you, it’s the living you have to watch out for,’ replied Jenny in a facetious tone.

‘I dunno. I think we should go back. Your place is still about half a mile away. And look, the mist down there is getting really thick.’

‘I know you’re scared. I am too…’

‘You! But you live here!’ exclaimed Lisa.

‘No, I live near here’, retorted Jenny emphatically. I don’t walk around the Cemetery at night like some Ghoul’, she continued, again changing to a facetious tone. ‘Look, take this, she continued, reaching into her pocket and producing the pepper spray her father had insisted she carry with her.

‘What’s that?’ asked Lisa curiously.

‘Pepper spray. Dad made me carry it after… You know…. You take it. It’ll make you feel safer. Not that you would need it cause I won’t let anyone or anything harm you’, she continued as a smile came over Lisa’s face, a welcome change from the frown that had been ever present since before they reached the Cemetery. This change in attitude was not only brought on by her new accessory, the pepper spray, but equally, if not more so, by Jenny stating that she would not allow anyone or anything to harm her; words she knew in her heart that Jenny meant. Her Friend, she knew would protect her if it was at all possible for her to do so.

‘Ok,’ said Lisa jovially as she took the Pepper Spray, ‘Then let’s get this over with’, she continued as she started to walk, leaving Jenny stunned at her sudden willingness to continue their short journey downhill into the thickening mist, fog or whatever lay there. As they neared the area where the deviant accountants were waiting to spring their murderous plan, an Owl in a nearby tree suddenly hooted very loudly. Startled, Jenny and Lisa, more or less in unison, swung around very fast. Lisa tripped over Jenny’s foot causing her to fall backwards, still holding Jenny’s hand with an iron grip causing her to pull Jenny down face first. The back of Lisa’s head smashed against the ground knocking her cold instantly, followed a second or so later by Jenny hitting the ground; her forehead taking the brunt of the blow. As Lisa lay unconscious, Jenny lay motionless, extremely groggy, but still conscious, although barely just.

A mere twenty five feet or so away, the deviant accountants were about to spring their attack just as the girls met with their unfortunate accident. Walking out from the mist shrouded bushes; they both looked at each other and started to laugh for a few seconds.

‘Fuck! Can you believe this?’ Deviant 1 said to Deviant 2 as they reached the girls.

‘I know. They’re out cold’, replied Deviant 2 followed by a snigger as they both started to laugh again. Suddenly Jenny groaned.

‘Wow. This one’s coming round said Deviant 1.

Groaning as she mustered every ounce of strength she could in her struggle to try and get up, Jenny looked up at the blurry figures before her, too groggy to be frightened of what they could be, Ghosts, Ghoul’s, Spirits good or bad, or worse, mortal humans with all the malevolence hidden within. ‘Ca… Can you help me?’ Jenny asked aloud, the words coming out muffled as she continued her struggle to try and get up.

‘Sure. I can help you’, said Deviant 1 as he suddenly leapt into violence kicking Jenny full force in the face, seeming to knock her cold. As Jenny lay motionless, still conscious, groggy, but all too aware that she was being attacked and was in danger, she felt a sense of helplessness as she lay on her back closing her eyes lest she see what monster was about to do its worst. That monster was Deviant 1; worse than any fictional ghoul of local folklore.

‘Ok. They’re unconscious let’s get on with this and…..’ As he spoke, Deviant 1 was cut off mid-sentence by Deviant 2 who grabbed his arm very forcefully. ‘We don’t have to kill them. They can’t identify us. Hell they won’t even know what’s happened to them’, continued Deviant 2.

As Deviant 2 let go of his arm, Deviant 1 reached up and grabbed Deviant 2 by the neck. ‘Do you think I do that because I need to? I do it because I want to. When we’re finished having our fun, they die. Have you got it now?’

‘Yeah, I've got it. So let’s get on with it’, was the cold reply from Deviant 2.

As the two deviants had argued amongst themselves for a moment or so, Lisa, laying a few feet from Jenny, had started to come around. Seeing the blurry figures standing over her she started to scream, Deviant 1 immediately leaping on her and punching her around the head several times. Knowing what was going on, Jenny, though still very groggy, her face battered and bleeding, knew she had to try and fight, her instinct being to try and protect Lisa and of course herself, swinging a kick from the laying position hitting Deviant 1 on the back as he straddled Lisa who was sobbing hard while Deviant 1 lay into her punch after punch, much of the force thankfully being taken on Lisa’s arms as she had put them over her head to protect herself.

‘Leave her alone you bastard!’ Jenny cried out in an effort to protect Lisa. ‘If you have to beat on someone, then beat on me’, she screamed angrily as she struggled to get up.

Deviant 1 got off Lisa and stood over Jenny as she continued her struggle to get to her feet. Onto one knee, Jenny suddenly winced as Deviant 1 grabbed her by the hair dragging her to her feet where she stood face to face with him.

‘Do you remember me?’ asked Deviant 1 in a very low voice as Jenny, still very groggy, looked at him without speaking. ‘Do you?’ he screamed at her as he pulled her hair hard, pulling her head back. Jenny recognized her assailant all too well, but continued with her silence. ‘Wouldn’t touch me if I was the last man on Earth. That’s what you said wasn’t it?’ said Deviant 1, still pulling hard on Jenny’s hair. ‘Well you’re going to touch me tonight’, he continued with a look of glee on his face.

‘I’d rather die than touch a dick-less moron like you’, said Jenny defiantly as Lisa continued to sob on the ground.

‘Don’t worry darling. You’ll get your wish. When I’m finished with you you’re going in the fucking ground. And so is your little friend.’

On hearing what was planned, Lisa, more or less recovered from her fall and beating from Deviant 1, began to weep heavily before suddenly springing into action; having lifted a fist sized stone she, almost in an instant, bounced to her feet, smashed the stone into the head of Deviant 2, who had been standing watching Deviant 1’s attack on Jenny. Deviant 1 threw Jenny to the ground, turning almost as he did, facing Lisa just in time to take the full force of a squirt from the pepper spray she had recovered from her pocket. Rendered temporarily helpless Deviant 1 rubbed frantically at his eyes, cursing and threatening all the while when Lisa smashed him on the head with the fist sized stone. This caused him to stumble forward a few steps before he fell over the worthless sack of shit that was Deviant 2, who had hit the ground a few seconds before.

‘Maybe that will fucking shut you up’ Lisa screamed at Deviant 1. Following those few action packed seconds Lisa was the only one of the four still on her feet. ‘Jenny, she said over and over three or four times without response. Then, again, ‘Jenny’, she said, ‘Are you ok? We have to go’, she continued as she tried to help a still groggy Jenny to her feet, when suddenly, a hand grabbed her feet as Deviant 1 had reached over and grabbed her. ‘Fuck you!’ she shouted aloud as she stomped her free foot into Deviant 1’s face, forcing the release of his grip. Deviant 2 meanwhile was starting to struggle to his feet when Lisa turned her attention to him kicking him in the balls, forcing him to crumple to his knees as Lisa screamed ‘That’s what you get for attacking my friend you bastard.’

Crumpled over on his knees with his head bowed over towards the ground the despondent Deviant 2 remonstrated that he hadn’t attacked anyone that he just liked to watch. Lisa’s apathetic response to this was swift and violent as she kicked him in the face, shouting at him as he fell over to one side, hitting the ground with a thump. ‘Just watch! You think that makes you any better that that pile of shit lying next to you’, she screamed at Deviant 2, ‘You sick fucks! Both of you,’ she continued while lashing out with one last kick. Lisa had acted with a dexterity for violence she never in her wildest dreams thought she could possess; a sea change from despondent teenage girl who had lain on the ground sobbing a few moments before after she was attacked. In her now apoplectic mind she was determined that if anyone was coming to harm tonight it was not going to be Jenny or her.

Turning her attention back to Jenny, Lisa helped her to her feet, an easier task this time as Jenny was a little more composed. ‘Jesus Lisa. I didn’t think you had it in you’, said Jenny, trying to force out a smile from her blood stained face.

‘Jenny we have to get away quick. Those sick fucks planned to rape and then kill us.’

‘I know. I heard them talking. It’s the same cowardly morons who attacked me last month.’

‘Feck me!’ exclaimed Lisa, ‘Are you kidding?’ she continued as she continued to help the struggling Jenny who was too weak to answer as she turned her remaining strength to the task at hand; getting the hell away from danger as fast as they could.

The girls had covered about ten to fifteen yards when suddenly Lisa stopped, forcing Jenny to stop also. ‘Wait here I’m going to photograph them with my phone so we can give it to the Police’ said Lisa as she rested Jenny against a tree before she ran back to where they had left the Deviants, covering the distance in a few seconds. Now out of sight of Jenny, Lisa shouted ‘They’re gone! They’re not here! As Lisa walked back up to Jenny, who barely able to stand, even with the support of the trunk of the tree, suddenly heard footsteps; noisy footsteps like someone deliberately stamping their feet, one a few seconds after the other, on the ground. Then a few seconds later similar foot stamping on the ground could be heard from the other end ahead of Lisa, where the attack had taken place. Lisa, now back with Jenny took her hand. ‘We have to go. They’re on both ends of the path. We have to go down through the graves’, she whispered, receiving a nod from Jenny, who while being very aware of the danger they were in, was barely capable of following Lisa’s instructions. One minute she seemed ok, then she would falter, almost falling over as they headed into the interior of the Cemetery, losing themselves among the gravestones, bushes, trees and of course the fog, which had metamorphosed from their enemy to their friend, shrouding them from view.

After a few minutes, Jenny staggered and fell to her knees. ‘My heads spinning. I can’t go on’, she said as Lisa looked at her, worried not only that the Deviants may find them or hear them, but worried that Jenny may have been injured worse than she had thought.

‘Ok. Look. There are some bushes over there. We’ll hide here’, Lisa said as she tried to force Jenny to her feet, but to no avail.

‘I don’t think I can Lisa’ said Jenny, ‘I think I’m dying’ she continued, as Lisa having gotten down to her knees realized that Jenny was indeed in dire straits as Jenny’s slumped forward, her head landing on Lisa’s shoulder as Lisa cradled her and lay her down flat on the ground, all the while crying as she now felt in her heart that her friend’s life was slipping away before her eyes.

‘Don’t cry’, said Jenny, barely able to speak as the tears from Lisa’s eyes fell on her face. ‘You should leave Lisa’, continued Jenny as Lisa squeezed her hand, all the while the voices and crashing around of the Deviants getting closer and closer resounding in their ears.

‘No. I’m staying with you’ replied Lisa as Jenny’s eyes closed. ‘Jenny, Jenny’, she said over and over as she shook her, but knew in her heart that her friend was gone. Weeping uncontrollably, louder and louder, Lisa cared little that her noise was possibly leading the Deviants to her, for she had transmuted from the shy unassuming girl she had been to a teenager with murderous revenge in her mind as the attack of apoplexy that had previously struck her increased in intensity She picked up a Graar, which held freshly cut flowers, from the nearest graveside. Emptying the flowers out, Lisa apologized to the grave and the spirit which lay within before turning so she stood facing the direction of the noise being made by the deviants. Suddenly a great crashing and screaming came from the direction the Deviants were coming from, then, they tumultuously hove into view at speed, running right through the position occupied by Lisa, and Jenny’s resting place. So sudden had they appeared and disappeared that Jenny, far from being able to smash at least one of them with her improvised weapon, was knocked to the ground herself. Picking herself up more or less immediately, she wondered what had scared the Deviants so much that they had run away, rather than continue their attack. Reaching her feet, looking in the direction the Deviants had gone, she could see nothing but the mist or fog which had swallowed them up leaving only the noise of their panic stricken screams. Suddenly, shivers ran up her back as she instinctively swung round in the direction the Deviants had emerged from. Frozen with fear, she saw them in all their splendid beauty and yet with a clear malevolence as they passed right through Lisa and over where Jenny lay. The Ladies of the Mist! The incandescent glow of their astral beings continued on to be swallowed by the mist, fog, or whatever now lay on the ground in the same direction as they had gone in pursuit of cowardly Deviants, whom, unbeknown to Lisa, were being herded by the astral beings of the Ladies of the Mist! 

‘Aww fuck! Ghosts!’ Lisa exclaimed aloud as she stood staring at the mist or fog into which they had disappeared, when suddenly she heard the most horrendous screams; loud at first but then fading over the course of a few seconds.

‘The fucking dead can’t hurt you. My ass’, she said aloud as she considered running for her life. Shaking like a leaf, she walked the few yards to where Jenny lay, dropped to her knees and leant over and kissed her on the forehead. She checked for a pulse but could find nothing, nor a heartbeat, not that she had any real idea of how to do it. She knew in her heart that Jenny was dead, and realizing that staying to fight the Deviants was one thing, but how could she fight these astral beings, which, however beautiful they may have looked, it was obvious to Lisa that they were malevolent forces as she was in little doubt that the Deviants had come to some harm.

Holding Jenny’s hand, Lisa found herself unwilling or unable to let go. Shaking like a leaf with fear, she was chilled to the bone as a wind got up from nowhere, appearing to pass through her rather than over her. The effects of this supernatural wind seemed to calm Lisa who lay down next to Jenny, knowing all too well that she was not alone.

‘I won’t let you take her,’ Lisa said solemnly, but in earnest, without even looking up, no longer the nervous schoolgirl frightened of her own shadow of only an hour or so before.

‘I’m not here to take her’, was the soft reply as though the air itself was speaking.

Still lying on the ground hugging Jenny’s body, Lisa looked round and up to be confronted by an Angel like figure, not floating like she expected, but standing, feet on the ground like a mortal body rather than the astral body it so obviously was. ‘Is it me you want?’ Lisa asked nervously, but no longer frightened as she gazed on the astral figure of a Lady before her, resplendent it her opalescent beauty.

‘No’, came the one word reply as the astral being moved forward, to which Lisa stood up to confront it, standing between Jenny’s body and the astral being. Suddenly she turned around very quickly as she sensed another presence just as the other astral being took Lisa’s place and lay alongside Jenny.

‘What’s happening? What are you doing?’ she asked, motioning towards the astral being with Jenny, but unable to move, when, just then she felt something touch her as the first astral being took her hand. Lisa shuddered as it all became clear to her. This was the astral body of her mother, the electric energy connection between them being used to tell Lisa what had happened to her all those years before was indeed a tragic accident. It became clear to Lisa also what had happened to the Deviants, a vision of them running as hard as they could with fear of the ghosts chasing them, not stopping when they reached the cliff’s edge, going right over. These malefactors had reaped their just desserts at their own hands by their own cowardliness.

As she was stood with her eyes closed Lisa was filled with sadness as she was given the vision of Jenny being greeted by her mother in the afterlife as her life had ebbed from her mortal body. True to her promise in life that she would not let anything happen to Lisa, Jenny invoked her mother and Lisa’s mother’s astral beings to protect her. Opening her eyes, Lisa, weeping uncontrollably, told her astral mother that Jenny had tried to protect her, but that Lisa, although she had tried had been unable to save Jenny.

Almost pleading, Lisa asked if it was possible to communicate with Jenny’s astral being to which her astral mother shook her head in silence. ‘It’s not her time’ came the voice from Jenny’s astral mother behind Lisa, who turned very quickly just as Jenny’s astral mother reappeared from within Jenny’s body, whom she had merged with while Lisa was talking with her astral mother.

‘What do you mean? I don’t understand’, said a confused Lisa.

‘You don’t have to understand’ came the soft reply as Jenny’s astral mother walked off into the mist. Lisa then turned to her own astral mother just in time for her to say goodbye as she also disappeared into the mist.

As she stood staring at the mist, wondering if she would ever see her astral mother again, Lisa, an air of serenity having come over her, sensed another presence and turned around slowly to be confronted not by an astral being, but only the sight of Jenny where she lay. She knelt down beside her and took her hand, to which Jenny took a tight grip. While she should have been frightened, Lisa, instead felt a sense of euphoria. ‘It wasn’t your time’, she said with a laugh as Jenny struggled to sit up, helped by Lisa who hugged her almost to the point of squeezing the breath from her.

‘Is it over Lisa?’ asked Jenny.

‘The nightmares over. Yes. But for us the rest is just beginning’ replied Lisa as she motherly wiped the blood from Jenny’s face.

‘I had the strangest fricken dream Lisa’ said Jenny. ‘I was dead and my mother met me on the other side, I thought she was greeting me, but she said…’ Lisa put her finger to Jenny’s lips to stop her speaking.

‘I know about your dream. I bet it had your mum, my mum, me and you in it. And your mum, she turned you back because it wasn’t your time,’ said Lisa appearing to glow with the new found feeling of serenity bestowed upon her by the Ladies of the Mist.

‘Yes… but how could you. Jeesee… It was real!’ exclaimed Jenny as it dawned on her that the events she had assumed were a dream were in fact reality.

‘It sure was’, replied Lisa, unable to hide the exuberance in her tone as she continued, ‘Now can we go home? I’m beat.’

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