Past, Future or Present

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Short Story/Flash Fiction romance

Submitted: March 18, 2014

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Submitted: March 18, 2014





Sitting alone in the inky blackness, that was the early hours of a bleak, cold New-Years morning, Chris found his thoughts wandering back to the events of the year before; a year during which he had found love and romance in a foreign land. It was just after twelve thirty am 1st of January in Scotland and just after six thirty in the evening 31st of December in Oklahoma, USA, where darkness had just arrived.


Some six months had now passed since he had said a sad farewell to Kimberly that hot summer night in June, atop the Eiffel tower in Paris. Theirs had been a whirlwind romance. A romance that both knew would be hard to continue once both returned home, Chris to Scotland, and Kimberly to America.

That night, like tonight, the sky was clear. In the darkness the trees were full of starlight, so far away and seemingly so insignificant. Atop the Eiffel Tower, Chris was standing behind Kim holding her tight; her long golden hair flowing over his face in the light breeze as he smelt her. As they observed the beauty of Paris by Moonlight, both wished that time could stand still for them and the night would never end. As their hands brushed together, as they had done the first time that they had met at Charles de Gaulle airport a few days before, Chris pointed out the Pole star and told Kim to make a wish. ‘A wish,’ exclaimed Kim. ‘Okay I'll wish for...’

‘Wow! Don't tell, or it won't come true,’ Chris said, putting a finger up to Kimberly's mouth.

‘Okay. I won’t tell, but I don’t really have to do I? Cause you already know what it is,’ she said with an almost wicked looking smile and piercing stare of those ocean blue eyes that had drawn Chris to her like a supernatural magnet.

‘From this night on, the Pole star’s our star,’ Chris said as he stared into those same ocean blue eyes that had captivated him only days previous.

‘Why?’ asked Kimberly, all the time knowing what Chris meant, but still wanting to hear him say the words.

‘Well, once we both return home, if you look up and see the star about nine O'clock Oklahoma time, and I look up and see it about three O'clock in the morning British time, then we'll both be looking at the star together. Even though we'll be five thousand miles apart.’

‘Chris', said Kim excitedly, nervously, nah, a combination of both, ‘let's make a promise right now. Let’s promise that if we can't be together at New Year’s, we'll both look at the star at the same time,’ suggested Kimberly, now facing Chris, holding him tightly around the waist as she spoke.

'Okay, it’s a promise,' replied Chris, as he took Kimberly's hand and squeezed hard, almost to the point of hurting her.

Now it was the New Year’s morning in Scotland, soon it would be 1998 all over this small planet. 1997 would be gone, but not forgotten. As he sat there on the garden bench, a white icy frosting covering the lawn, Chris wondered would Kim keep her promise to look at the star together. He in 1998 and she still in 1997; past and future, linked by this one tiny point of light almost 300 light years away in deep space. Five thousand miles apart they may have been, yet both would be bonded together in this most unique fashion by something mystically magical linking them through time and space. Staring out at the blackness of the night sky, Chris could almost sense that somewhere out there, thousands of miles distant, Kimberly was linked to him through the stars. At that moment, he felt closer to Kimberly than at any time since Paris. He almost felt capable of reaching out and touching her, embracing and loving her. In this brief moment, the barriers of time had been brought tumbling down as time itself had lost all perspective for Chris.

‘I wish I were with you Kimberly,’ he said aloud wishing she could somehow hear his words; all the while wondering had she kept her promise?

‘Well I’m here with you,’ said the softest sounding voice from the stars, so real to Chris as if she were there, in the garden with him. Thinking him maybe just a little drunk, Chris knew he must surely have imagined hearing those words, but then, ‘I love you Chris.’ This time he knew the words were real as he turned to see Kimberly before him. She had indeed kept her promise to look at the Pole Star together, but she was not in the past anymore than Chris was in the future; they were both in the present and together, for Kimberly’s wish had indeed come true. For Chris and Kimberly, the place would always be here and the time would always be now.

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