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Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



When this morning I got up saw something amazing “was it something?” No it was many consecutive events that brought back my heart that had gone years before in the search of peace. Or it had gone to touch the untouched virgin earth, to turn every unturned corner just in the search of a five lettered word called peace. Or was I so fed up of this daily soap opera that I had send my heart to search peace, may be but this morning I realized that peace is my shadow that all this while peace was here…………
It so happened that I unusually got up early and as a usual habit went near the window to see that Mr. Valmik who every day threw stone at the tree In front of my house was to my utter amazement cum amusement watering this dying plant, something stroke me but brave me, I held myself thinking it must be “show off!” and I went straight to Mr. Valmik. Seeing my approach, he again picked up a stone threw it on the tree and ran away, “FUCK OFF!” I said this, is something I am so accustomed to, but no now it was just the beginning of changes.
As I returned home I saw the daily soap opera I was talking about at my place. Mom grumbling and yelling at my pretty maid servant (MAN A SECRET SHE IS HOT) and even at dad for he was into his news papers “cool I thought at least something similar but utter nonsense was, what I was thinking, all of a sudden maid fell down, mom rushed to her in no time and dad was holding my terrified mom with all his love, what is this I thought not even a scratch on the maids body yet mom was shaken to hell I just couldn’t understand the concept that if we have so much grudge for someone than how come if he/she is hurt we feel the burden and how come life partners who always fight without speaking know each others state and plight.
But friends it wasn’t over the real shock yet to come, my dog who had his personal knockouts with my cat (They are the live wires of my house, they are the two in house who never leave any chance of teasing the other) but today I saw something very peculiar my dog was in pain as he had stamped a nail and see my cat whom I thought: must have been the happiest creature for having received peace for a moment but no this bloody cat was sobbing crying and making desperate efforts to remove the nail and "god he removed it ", why was he not peaceful seeing his birth enemy in trouble.

These events were just so confusing the man who I thought was peace less, for he was throwing stone at trees and seeing it bleed, was watering it when it was dying, my mom whom I thought was loosing peace by yelling at maid and even on dad when he reads newspaper, was in grief seeing the maid just fall, wereas my dad without speaking was holding her when he also knew that moms yelling made him loose his peace, then this cat of mine who could have danced in peace seeing his enemy in pain was crying as if someone was snatching his peace.

Questions were arising like a storm, what the fuck is this? Why am I not being able to satisfy myself over my conception my theories of peace? Am I wrong? I had to bring back my heart and combine it to my soul to understand this very five-lettered word called peace and yes at last I understood what is peace. I realized peace is here we need not send our minds any were else to search it, peace is satisfaction, releasing of stress, peace is the word referring to your habit that brings a smile, peace is a conception that makes you realize that you are living and in this mad race of world you have time for smiling, peace is that work after doing which you feel angels exist and others believe god exists. Peace is the first question that a child asks to increase his knowledge; peace is the first gulp of milk that a child takes from his mother.Peace wen passes from one to other it satifies both, its the other name of hope.

 That was why the man threw stones it was his peace, his satisfaction to see the fruits, the leaves, fall it was his way of releasing stress.It was also the trees satisfaction, that it faced stone as by nature, a fruit bearing tree loves facing stones but when this tree was dying, the reason for the satisfaction of the man was withering. Also the soul of tree was dying, for it was realizing it wont bear fruits any more, so the man was saving his peace by watering the plant and threw stone to make the tree feel that someone believed it could bear fruit again there by giving it peace and giving it hope.

Whereas this maid of mine was aware of moms love, so she was satisfied when mom released her stress on her, she was at peace for seeing my mom smiling after scolding her, it was her feed, in the other hand mom yelled at dad and her just to make her existence felt, which gave her satisfaction which gave her face that brightness, but when maid fell mom felt as if her peace was gone and my dad held mom as her smile was his peace. These petty quarrels are only the mode in which mom dad relaxed and got peace. The same was the case with my cat it made efforts to save his habit,not to make my dog feel miserable but to make him feel god exists, so that everything could be normal and he could tease my dog yet again. So that he could be happy by seeing the dog grumble at it when it slept by my side.
Peace is that which gave every person related or not related a reason to be themselves. So from then I have realized. I needn’t turn the world upside down to search peace, but I have to look in my heart and find am I satisfied with the daily soap opera at my place, yes for any changes and my peace is haywire this is what I realized lets see what you feel?
Adios I think all this is confusing just see your shadow it will give.........................................

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