The Addict

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The lust for blood could always be fun.

I love redheads. So tinkerish, I must say almost like a suave animated idol. They generally tend to be soft-spoken with a  honey coated voice, perfect in every sense. I love it.
Her hair was red too, tied up in a bun. That was the first thing I noticed about her and I wanted to grab that hair while she begs for It. From where I sat, I could see her eye to eye, if only she had looked away just once from the computer screen which had her gaze locked on itself. Her skin was glossy, vitreous-like, exactly like barbie's. I wondered if my scratches on her skin while I do It, would make her skin more beautiful. The stlylish frames set on her nose, I did not know they were for to help her read or to just make her look more sincere. Her lips were gleaming with that red lipstick she wore, and the occassional lip biting made me want to throw her against the wall and eat those lips. She was wearing a white blouse, with a couple of buttons on the top open. It showed her cleavage and I am guessing that was the part of her job. 
'Oh, redheads are fun! She's so damn fine!', I thought to myself, imagining the things I would do to her. I had gone there for a job interview, my sixth in a month. Not that I was jobless, I just needed to go to the interviews. I am in a constant state of evolution, improving my ways always, the interviews are just a medium to achieve it. And also because I have a thing for receptionists at such places. I must accept they are one of my weaknesses, and this one is a redhead too!
I was almost lost in my fantasies when she her phone rang. I gathered my thoughts and surfed back to the present.
She picked up the receiver, seemed a little startled and began talking in an inaudible voice. Soft-spoken. The time had come. She called out my name and I jumped from my seat instantly. Honey coated voice, bingo.
'Now's my chance.', I reminded myself.
I walked to her, almost pranced towards her. I knew it, It was going to happen soon!
'Miss, you said my name wrong, but it's ok.'

'Oh, I'm sorry, Sir. You have to go to the room 15, please take your belongings with yourself.'

'It's ok, a pretty girl like you should never apologise. Room number 15? Got it, thanks.'
She chuckled lightly, perhaps afraid some authority figure might see her. 'Thank you, you're way too kind. Yes, room 15. All the best.'
I smiled back and turned away, looking for a door that said room 15.
'Sir, that would be straight from there.', she said pointing towards her left and I noticed no ring on her finger. 
'Yes!', I thought aloud.
'Excuse me?'
'Oh, sorry, just couldn't keep my excitement to myself. I didn't notice any ring on your finger.'
Her fair cheeks turned rosy red instantly. She looked down and tried to conceal her smile.
'I'm sorry, that was inappropriate, I just have been noticing you for a while. You're very pretty, miss.'
'Thank you sir, but you'll get late for your interview, you should go.'
'I would leave everything to have a conversation with you, the interview can definitely wait.'
'Yes, miss. Shall I prove it? Come with me right now.', I said smiling. I knew it was hard for her to resist my virile physique, handsome face and utterly mesmerising voice. I knew she would say yes.
But she said nothing. She took the receiver of her phone, dialed a number and waited for someone to answer, while still smiling at me.
'Hello ma'am? I need a 15 minute break, can I go?'
'15 minutes? Yes, that's what I need!', I thought to myself, trying to contain my grin but failed miserably.

The next thing that happened was that I was following her out of the building. She walked like an angel. Her butt jiggled while she moved and that was exciting me. Way too much. It was time for me to take the lead, I held her hand, took her to my special room where I do It. It's never that far away, thankfully.

'Yes, It's gonna happen soon!', I told her, pushing her on the naked floor.
She burst out in laughter, showing her precious perfect white teeth.
'You seem very excited!', she said with a mouth full of giggles as I took my knuckles out of my pocket.
This is it.
I punched her perfect teeth with the knuckles on my fist and it knocked out two of her teeth. Blood, I saw it and I felt good.
She was in too much pain to react in anyway. I didn't see fear in her eyes, so I punched again. This time her glasses broke and flew across the floor. It cut her nose and scarred her face. More blood!
I grabbed her bun and threw her head on the floor multiple times. I saw blood everywhere and fear in her eyes. It was enough to make me hard then.
'What pleasure!', I thought to myself whileI kicked her in the gut a few times. She had fallen unconscious then. It was time, so I did it. I choked her on her breasts. That broke her neck and it helped it make it easy. Alas, I didn't like it because my orgasm wasn't that strong, but I was satisfied nevertheless. Good woman.
I cleaned the room, wiped the floor and dragged her beautiful dead body to the  freezer, so it remains that beautiful forever.
'Haah, I need coffee now!', I reminded myself and decided to go to a cafe just across the road. They know what I want in my coffee.

I had just entered the cafe when her light hit my face and I was awestruck. Pale, blonde and a barista she was. She was new there I assumed. I have a thing for beautiful baristas. I also have a thing for blonde girls. I have a thing for her now.

Submitted: March 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 ShreyS. All rights reserved.

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