The woeful business

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Never mix business and pleasure.

The sun had risen, the birds were chirping and Mr. X was snoring loudly while James was wide awake. He never sleeps on such special nights. He didn’t have any bothersome thoughts which kept him up all night; it was just plain sleeplessness and the urge to just run away, far far away from there that which kept him awake. Such special nights were a rare thing for him.
‘Once in a month,’ he thought to himself, 'well, I'm not that famous.’ James was pretty happy and satisfied.
As the sun rays lit the room, James could see and notice the things in the room now. Modern comfortable furniture, old rustic paintings on the decorative walls, ''he's got quite a decent place here, I got lucky last night I guess!” He did not like the loud snoring but he just couldn't help the big smile on his face.
'Should I wake him up? Or should I just wait?'
James had cancelled the couple of meetings he had that day because he wanted to be well-rested, and was in no hurry to reach home. But he just had this urge to run away, once again.
He was getting restless; he turned to face Mr. X and was taken aback instantly. 'He has such beautiful lips, he's gorgeous,’ James did not want to run away anymore. 'Yeah, he snores, but who cares, with a gorgeous and rich guy like this, I wouldn't mind doing it every night!'
He lay there for another hour or so, just staring at that gorgeous face. He had noticed the wallet and gold watch on the side table. He had the urge, a couple of times, to steal them and leave, but he resisted patiently, this time.
'I am no thief, I got this under control,' he reminded himself. He knew he was running out of patience, but it happened again and he needed the money. He knew he'd give in to his feelings soon, he just couldn't take it anymore, so he decided to wake Mr. X up. After all, it was not James' fault that he falls in love every time he has such sleepovers. 'Once in a month', he thought. 'I go through this every month, why?'
James was wondering how he should wake the guy up, he seemed so peaceful and gorgeous sleeping. 
'Wake him up? It's criminal!'
His thoughts suddenly returned to last night. How they met, how they kissed, how they made love! 'He was moaning pretty loud!' and the smile returned. He knew he made Mr. X a very happy man last night.
Mr. X stirred, got up and without saying anything, left the room. James could feel his stomach wrenching, his heart breaking.
'Why do I do this?'
He waited patiently for Mr. X to return, he couldn't keep his thoughts clear now, he was just lost in love with that gorgeous face of Mr. X and he knew it meant nothing.
Now, James wanted to cry, 'Why?'
 Mr. X came back after a while, James had dressed up by then, he saw Mr. X check his wallet and take out the money. 

James' business, Mr. X's pleasure. 
James took the money, and left the room. He got more than what he had charged for. He felt sad and content at the same time.
'Why do I do this?' 'Because, I need this money,’ he thought.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 ShreyS. All rights reserved.

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