Lavender Morris

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is written on a haunted house in a locality. None ever dared to enter into it when a local chap saw this as a mode of earning few dollars. A family of four shown interest to enter into it and the story gradually unfolds the events after they did.





Everyone was scared of the house ‘Lavender Morris’ located in the heart of ‘Lautrec Valley’, 150 km north of Texas in the U.S.A. It looked like a deserted bungalow which has hardly seen any visitor in last 5 years or so. In its surrounding, long parch trees successfully challenging the height of sky, barred sunlight to enter in the house. At night, many say to have heard of a groaning noise coming out of the house, to add a fear factor among people living in the close vicinity. Inhabitants of the locality claim to have not seen anyone living in the house that could make such noise out of any persistent and perennial ailment. Being led by a complete doubt, they have always lived in bewilderment as to what could be inside which caused the sound and made the house completely abandoned in the locality.

In a complete abandonment, a group of local youths was reported to have gone inside one night to scale the reason of its isolation. But at dismay of their parents and neighbors, they have never returned or any report was ever received to have found their bodies inside, when Police entered into the house to evacuate them. Ever since then, the house stood tall amidst various rumors which relentlessly loomed large by the locals. Anyone passing by the street would glare at the house but even in wild dreams, no one could have ever thought of venturing into it.

Soon after the news of this house and its weird mystery spread across other far flung areas, people started flocking towards it. While many would come to just see the house from its corners, a few was fascinated by its haunted look and thereby wished if they could venture into it, to spend a night alone or together with friends. Though, local administration was tough on this, citing the rumors that have been believed by locals for past few years nevertheless, allowed it on indemnifying themselves to any uncanny outcome possibly may arise of this venture. At same time, few unemployed youths saw this fad as a potential tool to earn some dollars, being guides to those people.

Samuel Gordon, a young lad of twenty-two years was a car mechanic lived in that area in a small family of two, with his mother. A robust and healthy physique and an ardent fan of American Baseball Team, Red Bull, he found this opportunity as a tool to earn few more dollars to support his mother who used to sell vegetables in the local market. He felt a best way to reach the mass willing to venture inside ‘Lavender Morris’ to spend a night, by putting a kiosk at the turn of the road for a paltry charge of 200 dollars towards his role, as a guide.

Billy John and his family of four from Baltimore came in an evening to experience the adventure of ‘Lavender Morris’ when he saw an advertisement, in a daily. In his childhood, Billy loved to trek in hilly terrains across the country and his wife, Catherina was mother of their three children, William, Ben and cuddly Kate was an amateur story teller. Before she got married, Catherina was involved in serving various orphanages as a story teller in night and loved her role in doing this activity. When Billy told her about ‘Lavender Morris’, she felt this adventure possibly would add to her stock of stories for she earlier planned to compile them in a book. Sooner they packed their bags and left Baltimore in the morning and reached Texas on next day morning. They boarded on a nearby Motel and called on the number of Samuel which he gave on the kiosk.

Samuel was too punctual in reaching his client, on time and so he did. After an hour long discussion about the adventure, Samuel suggested them to arrange a pass from the Sheriff’s office at cost of 25 dollars which Billy agreed. Billy succeeded in obtaining it in no time and they were all ready by 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Billy upon Samuel’s suggestion arranged everything necessary to spend that night in ‘Lavender Morris’. Samuel reported at 4 o’clock and all of them were ready by then, to move on.

It was a clear sky above and the sun was about to set when they entered into the house. A huge lawn encircled the house and the house seemed to have been built as a mini Scottish castle of 18th century. A two storied structure built on rock bricks has given it a decent look though, in absence of any upkeep, the building stood still in despair. The lawn looked like a field ideal for grazing with grass grown enough with a bronze color. The door of the house had a cowbell hanging downwards as a sign of good luck. Billy, Catherine and their children with Samuel were starring at the house, before they stepped inside. Billy was feeling a sense of escapade within from his daily routine since Samuel told him enough about the vacation of a night which could also turn a memory worth to be cherished forever. Finally they dodged the door to move inside.

In the house, they saw a relatively bigger drawing room which was a complete semi circle in shape. There were three rooms big enough to accommodate even a bigger family of Billy. Billy and Samuel moved inside the rooms to see how big they were and saw standard furniture gave each of those rooms a decent look. In the southern most corner of the drawing room, a wooden stair having a perfect corkscrew look led to the first floor while a similar stair to the second floor. However, the second floor had only a room big enough, a copy of ground floor. Billy and Samuel had taken a tour to all the floors while Catherine and their three children simply stood downstairs. All the rooms had identical furniture inside but the only disconnect was found in the second floor. In that large drawing room, they saw a huge table just ideal to hold a family milieu and a dinner party. The chairs were also seen but quite amazing it was to see that a portrait of an old man, perhaps in his 80’s was throwing a septuagenarian look with a pair of cruel eyes. In her eyes, a reddish patch could be seen just similar to someone who not has slept for a couple of days. In her eyes, anyone could gauge a fury though his attire was completely a formal one. A hat also gave him a Texan look.

It was seven in the evening when Catherine opened the flask to offer a cup of coffee to each. It was moderately cold outside and Billy thought of burning the fireplace with some tender woods that he bought from outside before entering the house. Burning of tender woods caused a smoke inside and soon everyone was found with tears in their eyes and coughing, as a result of burning. So Billy told William, “Willy, go and open the windows”. The only source of light inside the whole building was a battery operated light box which Samuel hired from a local merchant. The light box once fully charged could give an uninterrupted service for 15 hours. Billy had given everyone a battery operated mini torch as it was understood by everyone, there would be no electricity inside. But Samuel’s light box was enough to enlighten the entire space and especially in winter days, this kind of light helps to warm the room with little thermal energy which it generates. 

It was 8 o’clock when Catherine called everyone for dinner. She had brought a big box, full of butter loaf cut in pieces to offer to everyone. And in a separate box, there was beef marinated in white wine and oyster sauce, just as a true companion to the loaf. Catherine started putting stuffs in everyone’s plate and Billy took out glasses that he carried all the way, to serve Red Wine that he got as a gift from one of his colleagues who came after visiting Belgium, on a business trip. The wine was matured for more than 25 years and what’s more, it was preserved very carefully in a willow cascade for the period. Samuel tasted the wine for the first time in his life to find himself as if he was lost elsewhere. The dinner ended with a vote of thanks to God, as always.

It was at 9 when they decided to hit bed. There was a huge bed inside with no cot and Billy thought, it would be perfect to accommodate Catherine with their three children. And he himself managed to put on a single bed, set aside the bigger one. Samuel chose to spend the night leaning himself completely on an easy chair which he thought, would refresh his memory of doing same when he was a child and that he used to choose a similar chair which was ordered after his father’s wish. Samuel chose not to put off the lamp completely but he reduced the light a bit to go well with the environment.

Everyone fell asleep soon they hit beds, except Billy while he was thinking of an issue which popped up in his office, last week. Billy’s immediate boss, gave him a royalty document to study and check the feasibility of the proposal that their company was about to proceed further on it. It was approximately 11 o’clock, when he heard a noise coming out from outside. It looked like to hear as if someone was weeping and within a moment the sound turned to be a roaring one as if it was expressing one’s anger with a subtle voice. Within next few minutes, the sound earned its intensity to turn Billy identify as if the sound was becoming very near to that room. Suddenly, Billy heard a big bang on the door and taking no time, everyone awakened. It was then, when everyone found that there is a blood stain on one wall of the room. The blood stain looked like as someone threw a handful of colour on the wall and it was flowing downwards.

Suddenly everyone was scared and none of them really expected it. Catherine was completely spellbound so as their children. Samuel was found to be completely dumbstruck. Billy got up from his bed and increased the power of the lamp and took it to that wall, to see the color. Samuel too, inched himself towards doing the same. It was then, when Catherine found that Kate was seating completely standstill and her eyes were fixed to that stain. She was also murmuring an unknown rhyme, language of which was completely unknown to them. Catherine drew herself near to her to identify as to what could have made her doing this. Billy and Samuel did the same. But Kate was completely unaware of anyone’s movement inside the room but repeating the rhyme, time and again.

Samuel thought it could be a reason which made her to react like this as everyone acts different in case of sudden outburst of a bizarre incident. He offered a glass of water to Kate while others were watching her, doing this abnormal behavior. Kate took the glass and threw a glance when everyone saw; the glass was not full of water but blood. Catherine took her hands out to snatch the glass from her but Kate suddenly caught her hand. Suddenly Catherine felt as if someone with a power of a beast had caught her with full strength and she was not able to open it. Kate continued to chirping the rhyme relentlessly but looked indifferent. Her eyes were glued on that wall. However, after a short struggle, Catherine succeeded in removing her hands from the mighty feast.

Everyone was so scared that none could have managed to say anything, on this. Samuel broke the silence suddenly to inform that in his neighborhood, there lived a doctor and if Billy would want, he could go and call him to see Kate. Catherine shouted to Samuel, ‘Go at once; go now!’ Samuel rushed out while others tried to gauge the situation. Everyone was so scared to have seen this uncanny incident which left them completely shut.

Samuel knocked the door of the doctor and narrated him of everything. But the doctor refused to enter the house and hence said that he could not go to cure the child. Samuel could see a pair of eyes full of fear enough to refuse his call. Knowing not what to do next, Samuel rushed out from there to a friend who he knew serving the church in his locality as a priest. His name was Phillip and both of them were friends for years. Upon knocking, Phillip woke up and in great surprise, found Samuel at his door. Samuel narrated to him the incident briefly and asked for his intervention to know as to what went wrong with that little girl, completely unknown to everyone.

But Phillip insisted Samuel to describe the incident in its full length and breadth. Samuel then, did so in order to make Phillip to find out a remedy within the ambit of his knowledge and practice. Phillip took him inside of his house and gave Samuel a book to identify, the design of the blood clot that all have found on that wall. Samuel kept turning on the pages of the book and while doing that, his eyes were stuck on a design which was titled ‘Fist of wolf’. He showed it to Phillip only to discover the latter in a complete shock. Phillip was looking as completely shattered at its magnitude but quickly arranged some tools of his practice and left with Samuel.

It took nearly an hour when Samuel was back to the house and this time, Phillip was accompanying him. But before they could enter, Phillip smelt something wrong as he tried to sniff something in air just to ascertain the cause. Suddenly he turned to Samuel and his eyes were completely red. In a broken tone, he confirmed Samuel to have something found which proves an existence of an evil inside. Phillip was wearing a crucifix around his neck and marked a holy sign of it in air, prior to entering the house.

It was then they heard the groaning sound once more. But this time, it was more clear and loud. Both of them, rushed into the room and they found, Kate was lying on the bed. Her eyes were closed. Phillip gently moved near to the bed and took out his crucifix by holding the pot of holy water on other hand. He gently touched the crucifix onto her forehead and saw her eyes were suddenly opened. A pair of red eyes and Kate suddenly started chirping the rhyme all again. Phillip inched himself a little more to her when he found, Kate has caught his hand in which the crucifix was tightly held. On other hand, Phillip was holding the pot and he tried to splash holy water onto her when Kate took her other hand out to resist it. Both the hold were so tight, Phillip was unable to open in order to free himself. Billy and Samuel joined him and somehow they managed to open the fists.

Phillip dodged himself a bit away of the bed and asked all to assemble in order to touch the Bible that he always carries. He ordered them to chant the section where resurrection of Holy Spirit of Jesus was narrated. And he confirmed that to get rid of this evil spirit, exorcism was the only savior which can save Kate’s life. Though, to exercise an exorcism, a priest had to sought a special permission of the church every time, but saving Kate was so important to him that he did not have time to obey the law of cardinal.

In order to invoke supreme intervention, Phillip took himself near to Kate once more holding the crucifix tight in right hand, chanting the sections. And everyone saw, all the doors and windows of the room were suddenly open led by a strong a wind as a storm raging inside. Phillip tried to fix the crucifix onto her forehead with great difficulty as someone invisible was trying to resist that. All of a sudden, Kate was found completely lifted up from the bed and in her eyes, hatred to the metal was clearly visible. Phillip on other hand was engaged in splashing the holy water throughout her body. The wind was unabatedly blowing inside the room but could not deter anyone to act on their part, just exactly Phillip asked them to do. Kate was then thrown onto the bed and she was louder in chirping the rhyme. Amidst all these, finally Phillip was able to place the crucifix on her forehead and shouted as if he was ordering the spirit to be out of her body. After an hour long struggle, he was successful and Kate was completely out-of-sense.

Phillip, then at last advised Billy to leave the house without wasting a minute further and that he advised until they leave, he will be there with them. Phillip narrated as to how the spirit was glued on Kate and that it was about to take her life. Upon his advice, Billy decided to leave the house even in the midnight when Phillip offered them to spend the remaining hours till dawn breaks, in his tiny little place.

By not wasting time any further, Billy and his family with Samuel came out of the house and took shelter in Phillip’s house.

As dawn broke, Billy woke up and found Kate was absolutely fine and sleeping as if she had not slept for last few years. Phillip threw a breakfast in their honor and everyone was happy to see Kate’s recovery from the ordeal. In late morning, Billy and Catherine with their children left for Baltimore. Before leaving, Billy expressed his thanks to Phillip for saving his daughter’s life and paid Samuel his fees.

On the other side, ‘Lavender Morris’ continued to be standing still, amidst a spectrum of rumors, until the city administration decided to scrap the house in order to support a missionary to build an orphanage for physically challenged and abandoned children of the city and its adjacent areas.

(The End)

Submitted: February 12, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Shrimoyee Chowdhury. All rights reserved.

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